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  1. Our team brought our new build out that we just finished after totaling our last car at this event last year (2018). Not having a lot of time to test and tune it, we were definitely back of the pack, but happy to walk away with our car intact at the end with some lessons learned and ideas for improvement. Apparently we had to take points (1) for a safety pin I put on our torsion bars in the unlikely event they might back out. I don't even know what to say to that. Does anyone know how the drivers of the more serious wrecks are doing? I heard rumors the two cars involved in th
  2. I will be there. Our team hasnt had any chance to test so the plan is just to stay out of trouble and hope nothing catastrophic breaks.
  3. We run one, and are building our second one. You can have fun with them in stock 8V NA form, but its going to be really hard to be in the top 25% unless you have a lot of experience with the car. The teams doing well with the 944 run the S2 engine.
  4. Let me know what you find. We looked around for awhile and never found anyone. Ended up buying already caged shells, but have still been curious. At this point I could probably weld a cage myself but only from a kit of pre-bent parts.
  5. During my first stint, around 11am or so, there were several caution laps where that Boxster was getting pulled out of the tire wall and loaded onto a flatbed near turn 6.
  6. After having lived the experience in our 944 at Sebring in December last year, I am always looking out for snap back from a spin. From the photo it looks like all you needed was a wheel. Was there other damage?
  7. There was a turbo rolling chassis for sale here recently that we actually bought. You probably saw it. I think they were prepping it for champ but my guess is blew an engine and decided it wasn't cost effective to keep rebuilding them and went with something else. The shell we'll eventually build into our next car (later hopefully rather than sooner). It wont be a turbo though.
  8. To clarify, the 87 944 (non-S) is not much different than the 86 and 85.5 944. The 87 was the first year of the 944S (as an option) which gives you an additional 40HP through the 16V head. You could get either the 944 or the 944S in 87. The 89 944 (non-S) had a unique 2.7L engine available only that year. I do not know how much power that engine produced off the top of my head but I am sure its on clarks-garage. It was still an 8V.
  9. No relation, sorry. Ive talked with a few people with my same last name around the country as our emails have been mixed up on a regular basis. Never a deanna though.
  10. I saw their car at impound at Sebring in December and they do not run springs in the rear. I don't know what size torsion bar they run as they were available in many sizes from the factory (but it would make sense to run one on the thicker end of what is available).
  11. True (and a turbo S as well) although I've never seen a 951 in champ. If there is one, I'd love to see how they do.
  12. It was a fun, but long day for me. Since I still haven't finished welding up the repair of our 944 after our race-ending contact at Sebring, and because the rest of my team couldn't make it, I decided to head up and volunteer for the race. Left south florida at 4am, headed up and worked the race from the start until the finish at 11, saw the dyno runs, left Daytona a little after midnight and returning home at 3am. Almost a 24 hour day. Most of you all saw me at pit-out, so I had a pretty nice view of turn 1. My favorite was the guy that blew past me at pit out witho
  13. 83-85.5 is commonly called 1st gen that had 2.5L 8V engines (making 140-ish HP to the crank) and a 16.5 gallon fuel tank. 85.5-87 are known as the late cars and were still 2.5L 8V with a small compression bump in 87 and a 19-ish gallon fuel tank. 87 was the start of the 944S, which has a 2.5L block but a 16V head for a nice HP improvement in the top end. Same fuel tank as the late 944. S2 was a 3.0L block with a 16V head.
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