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  1. With 20 minutes to go... according to race monitor only 6 cars on track. Wow attrition must be huge in that heat. Stay safe racers
  2. Wow this post blew up!!... thanks Jaime! the reason most all of us are here is to have fun. About 99 % of us racers go to work and have real jobs. So for my team it’s about the whole race weekend experience. From showing up Friday seeing familiar faces and catching up with fellow racers to helping each other out on race day. Then bench racing in the evening at the track over a beer. Next morning day 2 and it’s another fun competitive race. I’ve learned thru the now 12 years from racing in both series that some teams lose the focus of the fun factor. Both series are non paying series so nobody’s getting prize money from winning races at either series. And bottom line is that my team has a better experience at lucky dog events. And yes I’ll say it. My wife enjoys the vibe that Kathy brings too. Sooo happy wife happy life ? Right ? Rumor has it a west coast champ car board member has entered in the lucky event at willow. Hopefully he takes note..
  3. Any peek or update for more west coast confirmed race dates? Buttonwillow? Chuckwalla? Sonoma ? Thunder hill? Laguna seca? Fontana (unlikely)? Vegas ? Spring mountain? there are plenty of teams out west that wanna race!
  4. Yes laguna is cancelled. I got my deposit refunded to me along with an email explanation. I haven’t heard anything official about Fontana. I too was wanting to race both events.
  5. Covid Crew #19 race recap: Firstly, hats off to all the class and overall winners of the race. We fought hard Saturday and ended up 2nd in class and 5 th overall. Our #19 mustang ran great. Sunday was a much different result.... About two hours into the race and for reasons still unclear to us, our driver spun in the exit of turn 2. Into the dirt and flipped once landing on its left side. Cause for a red flag . Driver radios in and said “I’m upside down but I’m ok”. Big thanks to fire and safety for responding quickly and uprighting us. Miraculously we drove it into the pits. After lots of duct tape, two tires, a quart of oil and a re-tech of the car by Champ car staff. We were back out racing in about an hour and finished the day taking the checkered. It was great seeing all the support from all the fellow teams who walked over to our pit and offered a hand and checked on our driver. We will be ready for Fontana!! Built ford tough !
  6. Sooo we are less than a month out from race day . 16 entries strong. How’s all the cars coming along? All prepped? Dyno runs and Wind tunnel tests complete? Our teams is pretty much ready To go green. We also been busy helping a fellow champ team out with a motor and trans install to help them make the race. When’s everyone arriving Friday ?
  7. You are correct the first race was Portland. However ChumpCar World Series founder John Condren was the owner of Altamont raceway in northern California. Point of the matter. Where’s the races out west? Where’s the car count ? Why has it gone down hill? Yes west has LD but when ones builds a class car for champ it hinders the competitiveness of your car in the LD series. I enjoy both series but my cars a true class D champ car built as such.
  8. Thanks for the info. Any word on other dates out west?
  9. Disappointed that only one race out west this year on the calendar. Fingers crossed that more races out west will pop up on the 2020 event calendar. Has champ car lost it’s roots? This series started in California. Spoken from a racer of champ/chump since 2011. 2019 -spring mountain in parhump Nevada was originally on the series caladar but got scratched and was promised for 2020. Bummer I dont see that in the 2020 calendar either.
  10. Yes we are in and all signed up for Fontana. After a good showing at a race at the Utah Motorsport complex last month our race budget took a bit of a hit. Although we haven’t touched the car since we will be ready in the old mustang for auto club. Is this going to be the debut of a new car for alchemy Motorsports ? Also about a month before the race myself and formula 33 team will be doing a track day to shake down the old v-8 gas guzzlers. Im also hoping for a good car count for the race. The past few west coast races have been less than stellar.
  11. Yes I get that ec car entries helps pay the bills for the series. Especially out west with low car count entries. What people are forgetting is that this is a grass roots series. Budget builds run what you brung within the set rules. Ec cars are outside the set rules and are usually cars from another racing series with bigger budgets. We are forgetting that this potentially poses a safety issue. For example: an ec car Chevy corvette (150mph top speed ) on track and racing with an A classed stock geo metro (95 mph top speed) The speed differential is huge with scary Closing rates on the high speed tracks that we visit. It’s a bad mixture that can have devastating results. This discourages the slower cars and the inexperienced drivers from entering future events. The class system keeps these speeds down to a relatively safe level. I’ve been with this series since 2011 and have seen the series change. The ec car class has exploded and needs to be addressed. My 2 cents
  12. Has this race been canceled?? I just tried to enter and I didn’t see it as an option.
  13. I’m starting to wonder about this event. Less than 60 days out and only 5 entries? Seems like t hill all over again. Wonder if a price cut is coming in order to entice more entries? I’ve been part of this series since 2011 and I’ve seen In past years events have been cancelled due to low entry numbers. I hope that’s not the case here.
  14. Unable to make this race. I live in so cal and booked another event already.
  15. I noticed this event is not on the 2019 schedule anymore. What happened?
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