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  1. I've got some pics from Saturday. Message me your car # and your email and I'll send them off as I get them sorted.
  2. Best Father's Day ever! My wife asked me earlier in the week what I wanted to do for Father's Day to which I replied "Work on my racecar all weekend.". To which she said okay (I almost passed out because I was so shocked). Just bought our car last week off of CL in Cottonwood, AZ. Thankfully my great uncle lives in Buckeye (West of Phoenix) and is retired. I asked him to go up and check out the car for me to make sure it wasn't a total heap and then pay the guy, get the bill of sale, title, etc. So he gets all that taken care of and my cartage broker had the green light to post for my car pick up. The broker calls me Monday afternoon and says that a transporter would be picking it up Wednesday afternoon and I'm all "WOO HOO" my car will be here Friday afternoon. The guy picks up the car Wednesday afternoon and I'm stoked.... Until I get a call about 9:45 pm on Wednesday night from the owner of the cartage company telling me that his driver is broken down about two hours Northeast of Phoenix. Then he said that it would probably be Monday before the car would get here. Now I'm freaking out. I just want to get started on my car! Owner of the cartage company calls me Friday afternoon and says his driver will be here Saturday afternoon. Guy shows up at like 5:00 pm. Car is everything that I hoped and dreamed it would be! The previous owner had stripped the interior to Dynamat the whole thing then abandoned the project. Extra bonus as a huge amount of work is already finished. One of the other team owners is coming over tomorrow afternoon and we are going to start tearing into the ol' girl. High Plains here we come!!!
  3. Oh yeah, we definitely need that folding tow hook or at least an old shaved tennis ball on our non-folding tow hook.
  4. Alright, so I just read this entire thread and I just don't get it. As someone brand, brand, brand new to ChumpCar this whole thread seems so ridiculous. Are people really trying this hard to find ways to "get around the rules". WTF? I thought that the spirit of this racing series was to just go out and race? I get the whole "I want to be competitive thing" but DAMN. Maybe after I am on the inner circle of Chumpdom I will understand more clearly how to be "cheaty". For now, we're just gonna bust our asses to get our car ready in time for High Plains in September and hope we can keep it on the track long enough for everyone to get a little seat time. Then, we will have all winter to rebuild, balance, and blueprint our engine, put nanomites in our oil to ensure engine reliability (you couldn't see them during a tech inspection) and find Koni red's and repaint them so no one will know we have racing suspension on our $500 race car. Feel free to call me out if I'm just being a noob. I can take it. I'm from the mean streets of Nebraska.
  5. What a great time! Even though I was just volunteering, it was a blast!! If you were racing on Saturday I have a ton of pictures and I think that I have some of every car. PM me with your email and I'll send you the ones of your car. Thanks to Joey, Brock, Mike and Huggy for teaching me so much about ChumpCar and to the racers that I talked with too. See you all at HPR in the fall!
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