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  1. I noticed this earlier as well and found that the CCC facebook page is gone too - looks like it's finally become Canadian Endurance Racing.
  2. Hello all: With his blessing I'm passing along some news from Junction Autosport's Ken Wong. Unfortunately, Ken and his family has suffered a tragic loss this past week with the passing of Ken's brother Kevin. Kevin was an avid fisherman and went missing in Lake Ontario last Thursday and was recovered several days afterwards. It's unimaginable what the family has gone through the past week so I hope that this message can be used to offer our support during this time. There are probably a good handful of people that haven't met Ken but you may have seen him working on other's cars, usually while he's working on our own at the same time. 😀 For those interested, I will share arrangements once they are confirmed. As well, a gofundme page has been set up by the family. BFSC Kevin Wong Memorial Fund - https://www.gofundme.com/bfsckevin We will not be at Calabogie and we wish our fellow racers all the best for the weekend.
  3. Doug, that's John. 😄 Ken had to back out of Calabogie. John's a great driver, very fast.
  4. That was a crazy weekend for us. As @KSRD pointed out, we weren't even there and we had major issues. We managed to get everything figured out and eventually made it home yesterday morning. As for the track, what a fantastic facility - my first time there and I got to do the 7-9 into darkness stint and WOW that was a crazy stint for a noob. I stayed clean and on track, and I just hope that I was predictable enough for you experienced guys that were able to get around me. Certainly a new experience on many levels, and I can't wait to try it again. Thanks to the ChampCar and VIR staff and volunteers for hosting a great event.
  5. ^ Great to see you guys back on track. The new car reminds me of the old car, just different livery. Contact at the exit of turn two. It's pretty crappy because we lost the old 18 last July after it ended up in the wall at the top of 2. That's racing, I guess. Time to find the magic car wash. 🤔 Glad you guys had fun up here. As Mac said, that spin could have been worse - I'm sure it was a bit of a "brown" moment, though.
  6. engsr

    2018 schedule ??

    Should all be right here - https://www.chumpcarcanada.com/schedule/ Mosport June 30th-July 1st, Double 8s.
  7. As well as the team who lent us the hoist, and the #940 Volvo team for their drain pan, which I left in the passenger seat of the car. My first trip to the Glen and a US Champ race. Very well run, with great people and great racing. Thanks to everyone.
  8. Yup, thanks to ChumpMonkey for getting us racing on Saturday. And a great weekend for Chump at Shannonville - I had to take back my reservations about Shannonville after watching some great racing this weekend. I really want to race it now.
  9. No Doom Cruiser? Sad to hear. I always enjoyed those last lap battles you guys had with the other teams.
  10. engsr

    Events 2017

    The Redneck Bistro in town is open for breakfast at 7. I believe they do take out as well. It's a really good place overall for food.
  11. We actually changed our suspension set up (coilovers to springs and stock shocks) for this last race on both cars. I didn't drive this event but the guys that did on the old set up versus new said they didn't notice a difference, performance wise, so, I don't think you'd have to upgrade anything at the moment. One of the keys is getting proper tire temps and air pressures, which is something we concentrated on at the lapping before Bogie. I bought a pyrometer a few years ago and it's been one of the best set up tools I've ever used.
  12. You need to run 205s on a 7" wide rim, minimum (8" would be optimal). Last year our RS3s on 8" wide faired better than the 7" we chose to go with 8" wheels all around for both cars this year (with RS4s). The wear is so good we used one set for Calabogie, Watkins, and some of Mosport. Different tire but I know the extra wheel width has helped with the longevity.
  13. Ah, I see. Yeah, Ken told me not too long ago the car is bad, so definitely no re-resurrection there. #18 was a good car to us, but I'm sure its replacement will be just as good.
  14. We do. The contact happened going into turn 2, just as the hill crests. The other driver made a really ambitious move to our inside and the contact sent our car hard right. The first thing he said to us was he knew he screwed up and it was his fault. The second was asking about our driver, which we said he was ok but at the time he was suggested to go to the hospital just to get checked out (he was fine by the way and came back after). So, I got to give him credit for admitting fault, and at the end of the day, our driver was fine and that's what really matters in my mind. poop happens, what can you do. As for the car - red E30s must not like it.
  15. engsr

    Micra cup car wanted

    Motorsports In Action (http://www.motorsportsinaction.com/) is the group that prep the cars. I imagine they can lead you in the right direction.