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  1. Yup, thanks to ChumpMonkey for getting us racing on Saturday. And a great weekend for Chump at Shannonville - I had to take back my reservations about Shannonville after watching some great racing this weekend. I really want to race it now.
  2. No Doom Cruiser? Sad to hear. I always enjoyed those last lap battles you guys had with the other teams.
  3. engsr

    Events 2017

    The Redneck Bistro in town is open for breakfast at 7. I believe they do take out as well. It's a really good place overall for food.
  4. We actually changed our suspension set up (coilovers to springs and stock shocks) for this last race on both cars. I didn't drive this event but the guys that did on the old set up versus new said they didn't notice a difference, performance wise, so, I don't think you'd have to upgrade anything at the moment. One of the keys is getting proper tire temps and air pressures, which is something we concentrated on at the lapping before Bogie. I bought a pyrometer a few years ago and it's been one of the best set up tools I've ever used.
  5. You need to run 205s on a 7" wide rim, minimum (8" would be optimal). Last year our RS3s on 8" wide faired better than the 7" we chose to go with 8" wheels all around for both cars this year (with RS4s). The wear is so good we used one set for Calabogie, Watkins, and some of Mosport. Different tire but I know the extra wheel width has helped with the longevity.
  6. Ah, I see. Yeah, Ken told me not too long ago the car is bad, so definitely no re-resurrection there. #18 was a good car to us, but I'm sure its replacement will be just as good.
  7. We do. The contact happened going into turn 2, just as the hill crests. The other driver made a really ambitious move to our inside and the contact sent our car hard right. The first thing he said to us was he knew he screwed up and it was his fault. The second was asking about our driver, which we said he was ok but at the time he was suggested to go to the hospital just to get checked out (he was fine by the way and came back after). So, I got to give him credit for admitting fault, and at the end of the day, our driver was fine and that's what really matters in my mind. poop happens, what can you do. As for the car - red E30s must not like it.
  8. engsr

    Micra cup car wanted

    Motorsports In Action (http://www.motorsportsinaction.com/) is the group that prep the cars. I imagine they can lead you in the right direction.
  9. Got to give a shout out to: - TRC for the anti fog "solution" lol - TWOth for getting us a rad for the problematic 81 - KJU for helping changing tires - Chump Monkey for the last second fire bottle attendant To me this is what makes Chump a great group of people. Thanks again, guys. Good and not so good weekend for the team but I think we're improving in some areas. Just need to work on some other things to get us better prepared.
  10. engsr

    AISA Academy at Calabogie

    The format is basically on track for ~30mins at the top of every hour (or bottom depending on your group), with a debriefing after every session which includes what was good or bad in that session. The expectation is also explained for the next session, so you know what will happen and what you can/can't do. You also have time to debrief individually with your coach as well, after the main debrief. Each session develops to the next, so it's a steady progression of learning throughout the weekend, from simple follow-the-leader to many open passing zones. The key thing is it's not a race, and the expectation is to develop everyone on track to understand the concepts of racing (flags, passing, awareness) and how everyone has to work together (again, passing and awareness). I personally think this was one of the best group of drivers that I worked with in all my times of taking this school.
  11. engsr

    AISA Academy at Calabogie

    Great weekend - awesome to see and meet other Chumps. I learned a completely new line (the Bourbonnais line) and it changed how I knew the track. I hope that I can apply that this coming weekend. Thanks to Carl, Vince, and the AISA staff for another great weekend. I can't stress enough how well this school is run and how you can learn so much. This should be a prerequisite for any Chump team that wants to get their season off to a good start.
  12. engsr

    AISA Academy at Calabogie

    See you there, team Wheelhouse. I'm looking forward to this as I've identified a lot of problems per say since the last time I took this school. The goal is to make sure I'm no longer the anchor of my team.
  13. We are adding the May 13th Calabogie race to our schedule and have seats/stints available. Please contact Ken at ken@junctionautosport.com for details.
  14. engsr

    Hankook RS4 tires out soon

    FTD - fastest time of the day. I've heard stories about Nationals where some drivers bring two new sets of tires, one set for each day. I would imagine the serious guys are doing whatever it takes to win, so if that means many new tires ... I guess you could say the same about Chump.
  15. Thanks. I don't get the emails for whatever reason so I'm out of the loop.