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  1. We fixed our wiper arm so it wouldn't keep popping off. Drilled and tapped for bolt through the joint.
  2. The rules do say "Aerodynamic Devices : Spoiler / Wing / Splitter / Diffuser / Aero Pan / Air Dam / Side Skirts: 10 pts/ea". It's just that last year people were get away with saying my air damn is "L" shaped and goes flat back to the axle line, as in the SCCA definition.
  3. You know if you take out the appendix and devide by the number of classes, the SCCA rule book is much smaller than the champcar one.
  4. No, Bill Strong is not a bot or maybe...
  5. Yeah I would say it's funny how wrong the rules are but at this point it's just sad.
  6. Detail , details So mr2 style "electric-hydro" 10pts. I guess pure electric falls under Power steering components- 0pts right?
  7. Looks like a splitter underneather the skin at the bottom pushing it out in the horizontal direction which might be consider an airdam/splitter. But seeings as the rules are poorly written it's down to which tech guy you get and what mood they are in to determine points.
  8. Right and you would have even less time with a turbo.
  9. Yes that's right, most people have not exploited the gaping turbo loop hole because of fear it would be closed immediately and/or not enough fuel to make 2hours. Most of the Chumpcar rule book is in the top loop.
  10. Yes but I want my rule book to be 9 pages, then complain about cheaters not following nonexistent rules.
  11. Looks like the first twenty some petitions are just fixing blatant errors/mistakes in the rule book. Thanks for taking the time @Huggy P.S. Petiton 18 page 49 has a typo and should read that the IS300 has a 2JZ-GE, 1JZs were not available in north america.
  12. No, stock calipers are Nissan Parts 91 240sx caliper $137, Wilwoods retail for $188 and can be found for as little $143. Well within the 2x rule. Please read this for further instructions
  13. 120-11130 used track pack rotor we found matched the z32 rear well. The kit wilwood sells is $$ and has the next piston size up which moved the bias forward a bunch.
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