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  1. You could run no starter for free. Bump starts would be a pain but that would be the lightest and freeest performance gain.
  2. If you show it's an <$99 ebay radiator nobody will bat an eye, nobody will care, nobody will protest you, no protest would be upheld. So what does it matter? If you have an $799 C&R racing radiator and say "but the dealer charges $829" people will be more bothered. There are special cases and there are "special" cases.
  3. The answer is still buy the <$99 one on ebay and you'll be fine.
  4. Unless you reuse your popup headlight motors then it's free.
  5. Build two of these parts carts for a 240 and we'll buy one :D. https://www.advanced-autosports.com/products/spec-miata-spare-parts-cart-na-nb
  6. Class D is mostly the car with the most laps wins, If you can finish the race in class D you will usually win unless Crowd Control is there. Still 50/50 on Corvettes finishing.
  7. Not true tech desk says you can sand, cut, grind, and weld on stock parts almost beyond recognition(with pictures) for free so that they are no where near as-delivered. Ie. You can elongate holes in suspension pieces and weld left over hood material on them all for free. The only time stock/OEM means "as-delivered" is for camshafts and gas tanks. (So far)
  8. Please tell me you emailed the tech desk this as well. otherwise you are going to get 5 people with 7 guesses (tech desk will at least give you 1-2 definitive maybe, maybe not answers)
  9. So you are saying their stints are limited by tires and not fuel?
  10. Sure I know teams that have fueled in the paddock no kidding here, I am not sure why this has come up in the tire chat . Rule enforcement seems to be needed all areas. I mean to say a few minutes on top of the actual tire change time, but you're saying if the deterrent isn't large enough don't bother any at all?
  11. Any comments on this relatively simple to enforce rule that another series "successfully" implements? If you have an incident you can still change tires but its gonna cost you minutes to drive through the paddock. Only have to enforce paddock speeds. Otherwise you are mostly forced to choose tires that last the whole race.
  12. For reference, how AER avoids this issue: Some argue this would result in cars speeding in the paddock, but isn't that already policed or easier to police than the number of tires a team is using?
  13. What can they say that they haven't said a few times before? They could have a pre-written apology for every time this happens at least. Green font.
  14. You must not have rejetted a 4cyl+ bike engine or outboard, a few keystrokes is much easier than dissembling 4 Mikunis.
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