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  1. This has been resolved, they are now fully dioded and will not back feed the 5V or 12V circuit.
  2. Similarly looking at 350Zs and wondering about using the steering wheel mounted shift buttons from the g35.
  3. It wouldn't have been the one with the altered tank. But you may be right I could be miss remembering.
  4. That was a fuel cell that fell out of the Civic. Also I don't believe tank were literally ballooned with air but some more mechanical process
  5. I honestly thought I came across a 3 year old thread when I read this, the first question was was answered in the 2018 rulebook with 4.6.1 Platform Swap , and the second question was answered in the 2019 rules with 4.5.8
  6. No, new weights put you at New HP: 189 (190) Points Added to VPi: 58 (60) --->NEW VPI: 408(410)
  7. Some have argued that swapping then paying points for an cam and intake/header still violates the intent of the swap rule, as you can create what would have been a 300pts(or worse) engine out of a 50pts engine + 50pts cam + 25pts intake + 25pts header = 150pts. There are more extreme cases when you start head swapping the swapped motor.
  8. I'm guessing you are from the left coast or trolling or both.
  9. There were two petitions to ban free to make fit intake and exhaust manifolds on swap cars. They were both voted down and the free to make fit exhaust was clarified in the rules to allow one from another car on the vpi, I would have applied to the intake as well as the board voted this way. The opposite is true
  10. AER requires you to go to the cold pits for jacking the car up therefore limiting tire choice to ones that last the whole race. So fixing the tire thing is being more compatible with other series.
  11. Most (95%) of the cars have an opening for the clutch fork (miata pictured, mr2s have this too). On the last 5% of the cases you have to remove the starter to see it, still not a deal breaker.
  12. I can tell you how many points he had on his tech form for it
  13. Tuner may have turned it off to help give that burble everyone wants :P. What also helps cool the cylinder is air pumped through without explosions .
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