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  1. Sounds like the first attempt hasn't happened yet. To be fair no one said NCM 2019, you all assumed 2019.
  2. Scca engine would cost much less than an all out champcar engine because you are limited with the amout of porting you can do in SCCA. Also many classes require stock cams.
  3. Most of that is old cars getting tired. Some of it is things like those old cars still running the stock ECU.
  4. Hey, quit making the rulebook so big. Nothing in the rules on how a wing has to be attached. But for real, people should take a hint/clue from SCCA rulebook specifically how there is a "glossary" that defines what things like wings and spoilers are and how they can mount. P.S. You could always do drs it's just that 3 years ago it had to be with headlight motors.
  5. Hey man 10pts is 10pts, are you trying to define my wings?
  6. Jay thinks the bottom one is a free air intake with an additional cold air box that cost materials?
  7. Jumbled yes, confused with First place no. 1000 laps would mean they will end the race with negative laps. EC cars are regular cars with more than a 50 lap penalty. So there would be no other cars with between negative 50 and 100 laps. 2.3.5. ChampCar also offers the “Exception Class” designated as “EC” for cars exceeding 1000 points or teams not wishing to compete for a podium position
  8. 4cyl swap would start at 550pts so no, stick with the v6 only makes 200hp shouldn't be using much gas at that rate anyway. The pick up pool would be very popular after the race though.
  9. Long bed with a 34 gallon tank would be a good start without resorting to the bed also funny when "cars" on the VPI list do not meet the rules: 2.2.4. The vehicle’s original, manufacturer-stated curb weight may not exceed 4,200 pounds.
  10. Uhh yeah "air intake" and "cold airbox" both mean the air filter before the throttle body, this like most rulings seem to make no sense. In other words this vv is replaced by this vv, it's one in the same thing.
  11. Because always everyone always says every time to "stay on the racing line and be predictable and let the fast car figure out how to go around you" ie don't stay to the far right when the fast car is thinking you are taking the racing line and expects you to track out left.
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