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  1. Mount the radio in a place the driver can reach.
  2. Nothing in the rulebook says the wing can't be active or you need to reuse materials for the adjustment. You could put a $100k hydraulic Bugatti wing controlled by ten computers on there and it would still be 10pts according to the rulebook. (As long as it isn't carbon fiber)
  3. Exactly=roughly As in my car's camshaft is exactly stock.
  4. Yes it is legal just points per sq ft for non stock location lexan. It's in the rulebook directly: For Zero points lexan you must follow . The shape and location of the window covering must be exactly the same size, shape, and location of the OE window
  5. I say DOHC swap and turbo it then have a VG30DET for 200pts
  6. I think I am still thinking of the swap ecotec argument. But also coolant rerouting is free https://champcar.org/tech/knowledgebase.php?article=40 and https://champcar.org/tech/knowledgebase.php?article=51 so call the tank a wide hard coolant pipe or heater core delete bypass :).
  7. Necessary rerouting of the coolant hoses for a non-stock engine can make say the rear outlet hose of the engine the highest point in the system where the stock configuration had the radiator as the highest point. Even worst when takling FWD to RWD but just 4cyl to 6cyl could move things around a bit. I guess the precedence is now set by the headers: from another car is free, aftermarket(aluminum-should just say metal) is points. Also if Mazda ones are really that bad and say BMW ones are OK there is no rule preventing a Mazda from using a plastic BMW tank.
  8. I would argue that my engine swap needs a pressurized tank that the stock car didn't have so I should be able to get a aluminum one (because no oem exists) within the $2500 swap budget, but some how the knowledgebase is response is actually for a swapped Miata so dang.
  9. Simply because when you say "extended Ball joint" it sounds like the vertical dimension. The term used for miatas is because of the bolt in ball joint assembly being "extended" in the horizontal.
  10. Free if you do it sketchy by cutting the arm and welding in metal from else where in the car, 10 points for a bought part.
  11. This is for scca too where many classes barely have 6 cars total, 6 nissans would never work.
  12. Slingshot one is a stainless. So it looks fancy.
  13. To be fair fixing this rule would only require removing a few words. From: " Fuel cells shall be limited to the stock, OEM fuel capacity for the make/model of car, plus-or- minus (+/-) two (2) gallons." To: " Any size fuel cells must be reduced to stock fuel capacity somehow, plus-or- minus (+/-) two (2) gallons." P.S. If you think make/model is a necessary part of this rule then you better add make/model/year or did I find a loop hole?(later years of my make/model had more gallons)
  14. Agenda: Be very careful before you make a series bending statement like that. Ok now what about the heads? What if the heads of a 305 on to a 350 offered some high compression ratio advantage? (Or intakes or cams) How would you differentiate head swaps from trans swaps? "One platform all parts can be swapped" Talk about opening a huge bag of worms. P.S. Not sure about chevy but other cars on the list would benefit greatly from unlimited parts mixing and matching from a single generation, if you can do transmissions where does it stop?
  15. Hint- it's on page 23. This one worries me libel or no. The shape and location of the window covering must be exactly the same size, shape, and location of the OE window
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