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  1. Six cars total in your class (of any make). This is for the Scca/Nasa racers where sometimes a class will only have 3-5 cars in it.
  2. You would just need a better welder and rule reader (hint: drilling holes and material reuse is free). It's funny writing a whole set of fixed point value rules that are invalidated by material reuse and drills.
  3. Something like "Non stock shock top hats are free to use other OEM top hats as camber doesn't change, non stock STRUT tops where camber is controlled by the top hot are not free,see camber plates(20pts/pair).(looking at you M3 top hats)"
  4. But if the rules change after you built it, so might the series you pick to run in.
  5. It blows my mind that rule changes and clarifications from 6/7/2019 weren't included in the 2020 rule book.
  6. I asked the tech ticket thingy on 1/10 I'll try post an answer here when I get it, Bill might think it's a competitive advantage("secret suace") and not post it to the knowledge base like the aluminum flywheel answer.
  7. That's a stock top hat, which started the whole debate. the stock spring narrows down to roughly 2.5" on the top so they were able to use 2.5" "racing" springs and considered them stock diameter, even though the shape and diameter at the other end was way off.
  8. He certainly said manifold then reiterated cast iron in reference to the manifold, but any way that's no longer valid as it's not listed in the book of rules nor the tech knowledge base.
  9. How did you interpret the words manifold to mean cylinder head
  10. Should work that's what the 2x rule says r9ght? 😜 There was a post on grm once where someone did this on a GM minivan with strut originally and they said it worked great.
  11. Lol at the 2018 part as if it was published somewhere and you should have know.
  12. There are not tools listed anywhere in the rules. Dremels, CNCs and grinders are mentioned in a clairification, it's weird.
  13. Trust me when I say if you run a 92hp zc call it 150pts Si and nobody would question you or ask to look at the engine code or anything. Points are performance based not collector car value.
  14. Clairifiacations, who needs them! At least the rule book is short so Bill doesn't use much paper when he prints it out.🙄
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