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  1. An american endurance type series makes you go the the cold pits to jack your car. It essentially makes hot pits for fuel and fluids only. This adds a bit more of a benefit to having tires that last the whole race.
  2. If any one has a spare cigarette lighter or USB port PM me to test out a Flagtronics flagging box this weekend we have 3 more boxes to install for testing. lmgtfy https://www.flagtronics.com/
  3. Remember to read all the various rule books/forum search/Facebook search.
  4. This is mainly how they are entered for timing and scoring's benefit when identifying cars, number and color are most useful.
  5. Aftermarket hubs are 2.5 pts why question the gray area that is the chumpcar rule book. P.s. I also posed this question a few posts back.
  6. As much as brakes discs, adapters, and wheels?
  7. Has this been run by Mike/board? Would love to know if this is really official before we start buying stuff.
  8. Another one of those longer rule book things, do I get bigger bearings too what about 4 to 5 lug?
  9. their own point value. Thanks for sharing, we should put together some kind of mid season rules interpretation document.
  10. Based on what? 10 point per suspension item for all 4 corners?
  11. This forum is the longest rule book I have ever had to read and keep up with out of all the racing organizations.
  12. What if I want an "aero pan" but no "splitter", can I go to the front bumper with it?
  13. So what are you doing with the other 220pts? Or 720pts to force you into EC.
  14. This is good, in the "How to Handle EC cars" Thread someone looked at the NCM results and asked how it got a body swap done for points. You cann't see right away that first place was an EC car. .
  15. Sounds like the first attempt hasn't happened yet. To be fair no one said NCM 2019, you all assumed 2019.
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