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  1. I like how some people are just now realizing their stock ECU'd junkyard motor doesn't make as much power as a fresh rebuild with decked/ported head, reground cam, aftermarket ecu. And complain a 30 page rule book is too much.
  2. Any fuel, oil, or coolant lines that pass through the driving compartment must be metal or.... Last I checked copper was a metal.
  3. PM'd but otherwise email sales@flagtronics.com
  4. Unless it's the fuel tank oe/stock fuel tank means something else.
  5. How our new front fenders will look.
  6. morganf

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    No maybe the shaved heads require it. Their engine builder can't tell a 93mm piston from a 95.5mm piston, I don't expect them to know when race gas is needed.</green> (they said the 3.5l was put in both cars by accident)
  7. morganf

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    They are taking the points hit for cams now and still using race gas be cause there is no rule against it.
  8. morganf

    Swap Calculator is Live!

    Is that from the bumper or the bumper cover or factory lip? Scca rule book covers this but of course it's to big for most people here to read, hundreds of forums posts is so much easier./green//not green/
  9. morganf

    Sebring today

    No Chump thread is complete without calling another endurance series citrusy and some kinda mention of a mid-engine toyota.
  10. morganf

    Sebring today

    Cool, thanks for spending $50 to prove the system works.
  11. Wheels, brake calipers, brake rotors / drums and nonadjustable shock absorbers are open, PROVIDED they meet the “2X Rule.” • Shock absorbers / struts over the 2x limit and/or with damping adjustment, 25 pts per corner Are they adjustable? No Are the > 2X? No Then they are zero points, non-adj shocks are "open" that would include what ever busing/seal/piston material they incorporate into their design.
  12. Yes if you slow/stop on the track to screw with the leader, yes this box should help keep them from hitting you. Remember under yellow you can pass the disabled/wrecked car causing the yellow.
  13. The flag box with GPS could have self reported a stopped car at X spot on the track to race control and caused a yellow to be triggered sooner.
  14. I don't think it's about preventing passing under yellow is as much as preventing you from smashing into a stopped car between flag stands as demonstrated in this Daytona crash featured in the video. I am not that is would have prevented it but there certainly could have been a yellow light flashing for few seconds before: