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  1. Try these sites to start with. The backspacing for the Paseo is 38-45mm http://adaptitusa.com/referencebook.htm http://www.myboltpattern.com/toyota-bolt-pattern-guide/ http://www.wheelhelp.com/Toyota_Bolt_Patterns.htm http://www.jegs.com/images/wheelmeasureguide.pdf Good luck.
  2. Does anyone know who this is? Richmond, VA? H-m-m-m-m-m
  3. These guys are good: http://racesuitrental.com/gear_sizing.html of course, if you claim to be 6'1" and 195lbs, but you are ACTUALLY 250lbs . . .well, you get my drift . . . lol. Try a rental first. Just my $0.02
  4. WOW, Hooter's cars take me back a few years! Where are you located and do you have any pictures?
  5. Hey Chumps . . .haven't seen too much action on this new series. John is calling these the "Chump V-8s", but a rose by any other name would smell as sweet, right? Hope to see a great field of cars next year. Send your questions and comments and get ahead of the game! Just an example of available cars: http://www.racingjunk.com/category/74/Late-Models.html Gary
  6. TORP chassis Late Model Stock Car . . .Five-Star body . . .Billy Banks 355 SBC . . . gallon jug of "pucker factor" . . . etc.
  7. Ditto . . .thanks for the timely action to notify all.
  8. Were there black helicopters involved? Eventually, we'll all be fighting over seeds and .22 ammunition. Not when I have cans of beanie-weenies, boxes of MREs, and a couple thousand rounds of 7.62x39 . . . but I am kinda short on .357 ammo
  9. Cool . . . http://www.ebay.com/itm/Trackace-Laser-Wheel-Alignment-Gauge-Front-End-Tire-Tracking-Tool-Car-or-Truck-/261871023458?hash=item3cf8bab562:g:DykAAOSwgQ9VoZti&item=261871023458&vxp=mtr Thanks DrVolks . . .er . . .vielen Dank, mein Freund
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