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  1. I dont think there is anything I don't like about this. Well written. The only potential issue I can see is the number of models that will need to be reviewed in a fairly short amount of time.
  2. I don't think do. I believe he is saying that the VPI should be based on the highest performing team/car of that model. In this specific case, it is nemesis.
  3. The goal should be to bring parity to the field so everybody else doesn't just give up. Again, I am speaking in generalities. I am NOT referring to the one car directly mentioned in this thread. Do I think some of the other dominant cars need looked at? Yep. Do I think they NEED an adjustment? Maybe. I don't know all the facts. I haven't looked at the details of the dominant e30s and the rbank car.
  4. Yes, I would think those should be looked at too. Basically, any time a car is dominant it should be looked at in my opinion.
  5. I have looked at this build and raced closely with it a few times this year. The build is very clean and very minimalistic. It has a chopped top, no cooler for the driver, etc. It is VERY light. It even has a crazy lightweight exhaust. I, personally do not think the VPI is far off from where it should be if that car, as raced, is very close to 500 pts. If it is NOT near 500 points as raced, it probably needs an adjustment imho.
  6. I'm merely giving the facts of this situation. That being said.... Yes, I actually do believe that 1 team can cause the VPI to be looked at. There is certainly a pattern of this in champcar. See: MR2. Paul's Altima, the mustang cobra, etc...
  7. No idea if all of the other teams are being looked at. NCM sunday winner was another miata (different generation) that wouldn't have won if it was for MOV. CMP s unday was Huggins orange car. The miata in question broke their exhaust and retired from the race. VIR n, I'm not sure. I wasn't there and don't want to go back and look. They finished like 9th or something on saturday. I gave you that data above because it basically satisfied your earlier statement.
  8. Won ncm on Saturday (finished second on Sunday) Won cmp on Saturday. Won virN on Sunday. Set fast lap in all of those events. 3 out of 6 races with a 2nd as well. As far as I can tell, that is all the races that have been entered with this car since December. I would like to point out, that I am NOT calling for a change to the VPI. I am just correcting the facts.
  9. I was merely pointing out that it wasn't 1 time as you said. It also wasn't a mid pack finish. I'm just keeping the facts straight. P.s. there were a bunch of cars that are considered fast in this series that got smoked by those 2 miatas by multiple seconds.
  10. Fastest at NCM on Saturday and sunday as well. Won s aturday. 2nd place s unday. Won CMP on Saturday as well. Just getting the facts out there. It was not just 1 time.
  11. It was much more rigid and it was suggested that it should be able to move more... I added the flex sections and gave it more ability to move around. The chains are done in such a way that the exhaust isn't just swinging around, but it isn't rigid either. Any reason I don't just weld this joint together? I don't need this joint for servicing. I'm thinking that I'm blowing out the gasket and then looking clamping torque on the bolts. If I weld it, I don't need clamping torque OR gaskets.
  12. I don't think so. Engine is damn near hard mounted. Exhaust is mounted with chains.
  13. Not at all. I said look at. I didn't say jack up their value. It would be a bit shocking if a team came into champcar and was immediately winning races against established teams. There is a lot to learn and study to be competitive.
  14. The problem with this line of thinking is that there are at least 5 teams at any race that have the same positives. Great prep, great drivers, great strategy. If great teams are consistently getting beat, then it's time to look at the car.
  15. I don't think they are 3 or 4 seconds. I'd be shocked if it is over 2 seconds. We were able to pass them on track with one of their drivers. Grant is a mutant.
  16. My guess as well... I have used and destroyed... Aluminum gaskets Copper gaskets Factory graphite ish gaskets. The aluminum and copper come out all miss shapen and malty like cheese on a burger. The other gaskets just aren't there anymore. This is happening at about 6 to 8 hours on track. Any reason why not to just weld to the cast steel manifolds? I don't need the connection there
  17. Update time.... So, I added good quality flex sections to the exhaust pipes just downstream of where this flange is. I double nutted the hardware. I used the stock exhaust gaskets - heard they last a long time. ANNNDDD>>>> I lost the bolts again and the gasket melted out.... So, I welded THICK flanges onto the pipe and used some uber expensive exhuast gasket. Double nutted everything. ANNDDDDD>>>>> Lost the bolts again and the gasket melted out.... WTF? At this point, I'm going to weld the exhaust together and not worry about that flange. It WILL be one piece. I don't need it to be removeable at that point anyway.
  18. Lots of people are doing new builds. Tyler just built an e30. I built an rx7. Kip is building an older Subaru.... What I'm getting at is this... are we running out of miata, 3 series BMW, rx7, etc...? I am personally in favor of having the new cars have a higher vpi until they prove they aren't overdogs.
  19. If they do it enough times (3 times in a year for example).... sure. They are showing the true potential of a team. I'm not really sure we need to worry about lesser drivers or teams. Those teams and drivers are most likely not at the front of the field. Don't we want to worry about the BEST the vehicle can be? One note.... this would require extra scrutiny of the car in question. Does it have anything out of line? Cams are not being teched afaik. (For example)
  20. I've talked about exactly this! All rules and valuations and changes to the rules should be looked at through the same lense that should be obvious to every champcar member.
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