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  1. The flywheel spacer is 2nd in difficulty to locating the dowel locator pins on the main adapter plate It's about $20 worth of aluminum and 2-3 hours on a small manual lathe and a drill press with a rotary table. All racers need to be friends with a local hobby machinist, or a rental machine shop or rental fabrication shop. The difference with the InlinePro spacer is their's costs $300, the dimensions are virtually the same. The only thing that might be different is the height (thickness), that depends on where the flywheel surface needs to be positioned in relation to the input splin
  2. Agree with you on a total length restriction. But the reason they give you 5 minutes for a pit stop is so you don't rush. With the smaller size fueling diameters you end up rushing because it takes longer to fuel and leaves you less time to get the driver in the car and situated. This has become more of a problem with faster cars that need more fuel.
  3. Yes adapter bolts to engine and trans from each side. The flywheel spacer (pic attached) is so it sits the right distance from the trans so the input splines engage the clutch disc and the T/O bearing is at the right distance to push the pressure plate. The OD of the rear crank flanges (4 and 6 cyl) are also the same, that's where the flywheel centers. the adapter plate has a large centered hole that completely clears the flywheel, larger than the InlinePro plate. 4 banger flywheel has the same 8 bolt pattern as the V6 just the center hole needs to be enlarg
  4. One thing I don't think has been mentioned. You should size your cell a couple of gallons larger than you want the actual capacity to be. I've noticed say a 22 gallon cell. You add an in cell pump, lines, a catch can, and some safety foam and you lose some capacity. Some of the types of foam are more dense and take up more room. A 22 gallon cell can actually only hold 20.5 gallons. I think the cell sides also bow in a little bit reducing capacity. The EVO I was crewing for a couple weeks back had a 24 gal cell and it only held 22.5 gal.
  5. An S2000 Jswap. He ran the coolant pipes down the plenum to the front. He put the starter underneath from the engine side https://honda-tech.com/forums/hybrid-engine-swaps-18/turbo-j32a2-s2000-build-thread-3017287/ My swap build page on hybridz https://forums.hybridz.org/topic/123705-honda-v6-swap/#comments
  6. Yeah, and the internals swap between brands as long as they are close to the same years.
  7. The T5 is much more common in the pick-n-pulls. PnP has a flat rate on all parts, engines are $150 and trans are $115. Most them have at least one 5 speed Mustang, the one near my house had three. You virtually never see a Z32 at a pick-n-pull. The T5 is the most common 5 speed in the world, there's a ton of aftermarket parts, you can get numerous different gear ratios. And the Z32 that I found for cheap after 3 months searching came with an AT.
  8. There's a 1/2" aluminum adapter plate, bolted to the engine with four countersunk flathead allen bolts. Four other bolts come from the engine side and thread into the plate. The Trans bolts are the same way, some from the trans side and some from the engine side. All the threaded holes in the plate have steel timeserts. The hard part is getting the locator dowels precise so everything is centered. You can just transfer punch the engine locator dowels in the plate after the plate is bolted to the engine, the alignment doesn't happen there. When you drill the trans locator dowels in the plate yo
  9. This was the Thursday race with Chumpcar Nov 2016 at Laguna Seca. The video is from the CYR BMW with the IMSA pro driver Misha Goikhberg and Thomas Micich in the white J30 Z. The action starts around 6:20. We DNF'd this race in one of the later stints when the clutch started slipping. We won the next day with Misha driving one of the stints.
  10. I sold the J30A1 swap to a guy with an S13, he's using a S14 5 speed The Z32 (2nd gen 300zx) I'm building now will have a J32A2 with a BorgWarner T5 (Tremec). This build is for the West coast series, there's a few LS swaps already and a couple of EVO's so it will be doing good if it runs in the front. The J32 is from an Acura CL type S, from 2000 to 2003, before they went to electric throttle. There's a guy in NY state that mods the stock ECU, he disables the immobilizer and A/T circuits. For $100 you don't have to run a programmable ECU. The numbers in the Honda engi
  11. I don't know why more people don't look at the J30 swap. (200hp) 350 lbs. This car won 4 races in a row in 2017. It had 456 points. Car was 2250 lbs. The weak link was the stock Z trans, and it's getting harder to find one that's not already worn out. I'm working on an adapter to go to a T5 Borg Warner. And the next build will be a Z32 J32 because the West Coast series has some speed creep and the J30 is no longer competitive. Didn't save any weight going from the stock L28 to the J30 even though it went from iron block to alum block, but it got the weight back to where the
  12. Some of the Honda years used whale oil in the manufacturing process for their wiring since they have to import petroleum. Some people think this causes the rodents to be attracted to chew on the wiring.
  13. This is a good idea. The Japanese metallurgy has improved over time. They've increased the amp capacity of the copper so they can run smaller gauge wiring. Plus you get every different color imaginable.
  14. I do a lot of crewing in one of the other series, the biggest problem I see with racecars is not having the largest Hunsaker spout available. Sure you have 5 minutes but if you use up all that time fueling it leaves less time for other necessary things during the pitstop. Like say if you have to sort a radio issue. It's getting so competitive you can't make mistakes anymore and stay in the running. The biggest Hunsaker spout is a 2.25" ID hose (not OD). This will dump 5+ gal of fuel in 5 seconds, everything else is in the dust. This means you need a 3" OD filler neck and the pref
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