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  1. I made it to page 17 before I skipped to 22 and commented. How did they handle it at Indy?
  2. I don't understand why you can't add 100 or 1,000 laps to an EC car like you add 7 laps to a 570 point car.
  3. I was originally going to respond to several of the statements in the original post since it was only 3 pages. Then I realized it is 13 pages as well. So, Sorry if I'm restating what has already been posted. A little history. I'm a west coast team that enters 4 or so races a year. I live in Portland, Oregon area and have raced as far away as Utah and Willow Springs. I started in Chump 6 or 7 years ago and built my car to match the rules at the time. Keep in mind that my perspective is from someone who started under a different regime that had the "conform or leave because we have the best thing going" mentality. Because of that I had decided to move on to SCCA racing because their rules seemed more stable.Unfortunately it just wasn't that much fun. Too much big money involved and too little camaraderie. So, when the chief narcissist officer of Chump left, I spent the next year racing with SCCA, WRL, Chump and Lucky. I really appreciate how much the current Champ administration has done to run things better than the previous regime, but the rules are still my least favorite and because Lucky runs mostly the same tracks, I reward their rule set with my business. I decided I wanted to build my car how I wanted to build it and since all the other leagues had a place for me with that perspective, I decided to just accept EC if I ever run with Chump/Champ again. Won't bring a build sheet, Just a safety tech check off and put me in EC. Not because I'm trying to hide anything. Plenty of teams can attest that if they come over and ask I'll talk to them about what I've done and that I'll coach any team through how to avoid the mistakes I've made. I just don't want to bother filling it out. I am still OK with that decision and would be perfectly fine with a 100 lap penalty to start the race and keep me from muddying the results. Even at EC my car and drivers can't beat enough of the "500" point cars so I already accept that we aren't going for the overall win. And having a set 100 lap penalty makes the math a lot easier for me to do in my head when I want to see how well I actually competed. However, If I had been abiding by the rules and built my car to them and then all of a sudden due to a recent rule change I'm EC, I would be pissed. And the previous (possible current except that I don't bother keeping up on them any more) rule volatility is a big part of why so many west coast team choose to race elsewhere and why you struggle getting car counts out here. The die was cast and most of us just don't feel the need to move our dollars away from who truly welcomed us for the last few years. There just hasn't been a good reason to make a change so I look at the other schedules first. I can understand and agree with the concern over closing speeds. You should pick a top speed for a track and if a team goes over that, pull them off track. Yes, get a radar gun and enforce it if you actually are concerned about it.
  4. I actually bent the tongue on my flat bed towing that stretch just north of Sacramento. Having fuel on the trailer as well probably didn't help, but still, the transitions to overpasses are extreme. That said, Thunderhill is worth the drive especially for the price and I come from Portland Oregon. I've done the 2 mile west and the full 5. Glad I did the tow once for the 2 mile west, but I wouldn't make the tow again unless it was the full 5.
  5. That's not what I was talking about. fumes escape and fuel is spilled even when there isn't a funnel. By the way, good job on eliminating the open funnels. That is the one safety beef I have with LDRL.
  6. OK, difference in rules there. I'm used to not allowing any fueling until the driver is out of the car. Scares the crap out of me to think guys are working on the driver in the car while fuel cap is off and an open jug is pouring. And your description of what happens is exactly why. You think flammable fumes aren't going to travel through a windowless car? Even if the rules allow you to put the driver in while fueling, you shouldn't need to. We can easily dump 18 gallons with the driver waiting outside the car and get him in and do everything else in under 5 minutes without rushing. We even did a tire change once and put the driver in after fueling was done and hit the pit out stand with 5 seconds left on the timer. Our biggest concern while fueling is making sure we are facing and aware of the pit traffic coming up on us.
  7. I like that it has 2 ports. That way you can fill standing by the wall rather than out in traffic where a car can hit me.
  8. If this is truly the case, then you are on the right path. But again, I'll reiterate that "Rule Stability" needs to include "Valuation Stability" D/ck/ng (tweaking) around with what makes a car more or less valuable is the biggest frustration everyone has. Just lock things down and let everyone settle in for a while. I won't bother reading your build rules or valuations if I ever decide to race with Champ again until I can come onto the forum and not see a 30 page thread on valuations or rules changes. I'll only read the safety part of your rule book and just show up with a big EC written on my tech sheet.
  9. I guess we have a difference of opinions of what rules are. I consider changing how a car is valued and what incurs penalty laps a rule. That, by no stretch of the imagination has been static.
  10. Confirmation Bias. Rather than making assumptions either way, Best way to figure this out is to reach out to people who raced with you more than once, but have not raced with you for over a year and ask why. Then determine if any changes would bring them back. If so, determine if said changes would alienate more current faithful teams than would come back. Play to your current market and try to determine what if any changes would drive them away and avoid those changes. Honestly, I think any changes you make would be unlikely to bring anyone back who has found somewhere that they prefer and would only prove to drive existing teams away. I've always held the opinion that in government, gridlock is good. The less they do, the less they can screw up. All of these rule change petitions should include one extra question: "If we don't make this change, will you leave the series? And can you name any other teams that would leave the series (or come back to the series) if they are made." If the answer is no, then just stand pat on your rules for a couple years so teams can catch their breath.
  11. Correct. But if you look at the post I was responding to, it was regarding have a race with 1:30 mandatory pit stops to figure out where the Mustang would finish if fuel wasn't a worry.
  12. if they don't break because now that they can compete on fuel, they'll conserve less and run the car into the ground. At least that's what I've been told when I ask why endurance bits like accusumps and larger radiators get penalized. "making your car break easier keeps you from driving it as hard and levels the playing field for the rest of us."
  13. No it could not and should not have been. Both cars were off track = standing yellow by rule definition.
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