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  1. In theory, I like your idea. But I think everyone can agree its got to be simple and easy to enforce. Limiting how many wheels off the ground/tires changed per stop/tools over the wall etc is just skirting around the real problem. Its also hurting the budget minded racers (exactly the opposite of the intent). At certain tracks, I wear the left front tire out significantly faster than the RF or rears. I don't want to even add new tires, but rather just rotate them. Making me do this with hand tools, or only 1 side of the car at a time really hurts that.
  2. I bent a Rad up at my last race. It’s bent but not leaking. I tore the car apart, and I’m redoing the whole front end. Making a proper duct to the rad etc. My old rad worked fine but it is a plastic end tank style. I bought a $180 (CAD) so like $140usd aluminum rad. And I started making the mounts and ducting. I only did this because of it being 0 points. Now I’ve wasted time and money on something that was already officially approved.
  3. FFS!!! I just went and spent $180 on an aluminum rad for next year and started fabbing the mounts up!!!! I had a message typed yesterday ask you to keep this in mind but decided not to post it thinking they won't revert the rules back. Champcar was over a month late releasing the rules, then another month with these rules being allowed. Some of us were waiting to start building for next year. Now they are not allowed again. I completely understand the issue with the change affecting guys already using rads getting an 20 point bump. I agree something needed to cha
  4. Ding ding ding. I used 5:30 for each pit stop because of in/out laps, and got just under 2 laps.
  5. Yes. That’s my point. They could have 1/2 the fuel capacity and still challenge for wins.
  6. Heres some fun math. GBU vs Crowd Control Straight up race each running their best laptimes from last weekend every lap for 8hrs. Crowd Control makes it 2hrs on fuel GBU makes it 1hr on fuel. Who wins?
  7. Did anyone protest it? Or was it allowed to skip impound?? lol
  8. I meant that it was good news from a position of stopping bigger $$ shocks from being used. I do agree with you in the fact that it will hurt guys from rebuilding themselves. But I take this ruling as it not only being a Schrader valve. A needle valve or similar won’t be any different. I think this rule (and the open caliper rule) is a mistake. There are many ways they could have controlled the costs, and gotten rid of the 2x rule. They chose not to.
  9. I have this laying around collecting dust. A new set of discs and I can likely make it work for cheaper than a stock clutch. 18lbs lighter too.
  10. Perhaps he was talking about the nuts (and accompanying bolts) that usually hold the steel wear disc to the aluminum flywheel.
  11. Any advice on lightweight flywheels and clutches for endurance racing? Aluminum or Chrome-moly? Which ones not to use? Etc? I have to replace mine anyway, so might as well save that rotating mass. But I don’t want to sacrifice reliability.
  12. The difference here, is that you can rebuild them yourself at the track during a test day. You can try all different piston rates, shim stacks etc and find the best ones suited for your car. If you can’t recharge the gas yourself, then you can’t rebuild them easily. You’d need to buy multiple shocks and would cost way more.
  13. These are easy to find. But they will also custom build you anything you ask for. $700 a corner seems excessive for Champ. The other issue that these types of shocks allow is the user to rebuild the shocks and change dampening rates and profiles at the track. So on a test day, you can rebuild these between sessions and fine tune the car. That also means keeping an assortment of pistons, shims, bleeders, a gas rig, etc on hand. If you don’t think teams will do this to make their cars faster, your mistaken.
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