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  1. I agree. It is an issue with the DI systems in general. The issue would be if you get that engine from a street vehicle, it may have alot of buildup already.
  2. The DI engine will make more power because you can have a higher CR with less detonation. So you can't really compare them directly like you are trying to do. The cooling effect on the intake would be nothing. Most port injection engines have the injectors so close to the valves, the fuel is only present for a fraction of a second anyway. The DI engine has better airflow and thus more oxygen to burn as there is no fuel in the air, or on the walls of the intake. It can also better control fuel flow (when getting on or off the throttle for example) and save fuel and have better throttle response. This may be small, but its still an improvement. The only real downsides to DI, are the extra weight, a bit more complexity and possibly dirty valves. The dirty incoming air has oil droplets (from the crankcase) and other contaminates in it. This will stick to the valves. A port injection engine will have fuel spraying the backsides of the valves down and washing them. A DI engine will not. This can hurt airflow if not cleaned.
  3. Since the diesel had the bigger tank, you could also swap in the DI 2.4 motor and an F23 trans and have a decent car too. 200whp, with an 18Gal tank and the motor/trans combo would be lighter. 2500ish. Should easily go 2+ hrs pretty much anywhere.
  4. The Eurocup cars look pretty decent. They have some suspension and aero work but are pretty stock. I think they use the 180hp Euro gas engine tho.
  5. Lol. No not switching. Just went down a rabbit hole while waiting on something at work. The Cobalt worked really well at Tremblant. Balance was back to neutral with new tires, and the only issue was a cv boot that came off in the last session. I think it was due to using the wrong band clamps because I couldn’t get stock ones. Should be an easy fix. Gonna do some maintenance and driver comfort stuff and race Calabogie in a month.
  6. The 2.0 diesel that came with the F60 was the AU/EU version I believe. Not the same as the NA 2.0 motor. They also have a bunch of really nice Cruzes they use in the Cruze Euro Cup. Would make a pretty good base for it. Think a newer turbo diesel like that would be reliable enough?
  7. Yup. But only 2014-16 in NA. Would it be -75 if you run the auto tho?
  8. Just screwing around looking at some things and came across a car that seems unique. FWD, 4 door, turbo diesel, Auto. With simple tune, 200+ whp, 330ftlbs, weight should be 2600-2700lbs with a decent diet. 18 gallons with fuel cell and surge tank. Here’s the best part, it’s on the list and it’s only 200pts. Lots of room for good suspension and aero, maybe a manual trans swap if you can find a decent one. Could get more power for sure too. Whatcha think? Any guesses on what car it is?
  9. Thanks guys. I’ll do a bit more research on the bmw and a few others. Id like them to be square all around too. Easier that way.
  10. My car has a fairly odd bolt pattern. 5x110. I need 17” wheels to clear my brakes. I run spacers, so I could adapt to whatever 5 bolt pattern I want. Is there a very common pattern that I should aim for to save money on wheels. More common used ones for example. Or should I not bother, and just buy wheels with my pattern?
  11. Border will Officially open to US residents with vaccinations on Aug 9th. So you all no longer have an excuse for missing this race.......See you there!!!
  12. Its Official!!! Canadian Border will be open to US residents with complete vaccinations on Aug 9th.
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