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  1. It doesn’t seem like much, but .010” on the full circumference of the valve is enough area and flow. It’s not going to make huge differences, but it will affect valve overlap and could change the scavenging characteristics. In that case, I would take the Blue line all day long. Significantly more torque in the mid range, and more hp everywhere but the top end. How long are you in that RPM range?
  2. Sort of, but it was an on/off type thing. It wasn’t just applying less assist. It was right on the verge though. It would only act up 1:30 into the stint with me driving, then after a 5 minute stop, and my dad driving(a bit slower) it would act up at the 1:45 or not at all. We directed some air to it for the second day, and I only had it act up once. Im going to replace the motor with a brand new one, and add the heat sink in hopes that it goes away.
  3. I really think that using the SUV system would be a lot easier. And it’s minimal cost. When my unit was overheating, you would lose assist mid corner. If you were trail braking in, you would have no assist, then when you let off the brake, it would add some assist, then lose it and back and forth. It was very “wonky”. I would recommend against messing with the units if possible.
  4. Lol. I may already have approval for this from tech......
  5. Yeah perhaps. I thought that the rule covering turbocharged models being 100pts more would cover it but I’m not really concerned as it wouldn’t be competitive
  6. Yeah see my post above. C7 is electric over hydraulic. Cobalt is pure electric. My car is the 2.4L Natural aspirated motor. Still good power and only 300pts. With only a 13G tank, the Supercharged or Turbo would only go 1hr.
  7. I had to look it up, but I believe that the C7s use an electric pump that still utilizes hydraulic fluid for the power steering. Basically just taking the pump off the engine and using a motor to turn it. The type that we are talking about here does not use hydraulics at all. Just an electric motor to assist.
  8. C7s? Lol. I have a cobalt. I mean yeah sure the badge is the same and it may identify as a Corvette, but I can assure you it is not. The entire power steering system is inside the cockpit in the cockpit. I am hoping that I have a solution to the overheating though.
  9. It’s not near that simple with the Cobalt models. The Power steering control Module has serial communication with the BCM and the PCM. Your not going to replicate that with a power supply. Here’s the schematic for the PSCM.
  10. The Cobalt uses Can bus to communicate to the ECU. It’s got 5 communication wires vs what looks like 2 on the Equinox one. You could likely switch the ECUs over and it would work. Unless you can generate a can bus signal to send to the steering ecu, I’m thinking you won’t get that one to work. That being said, perhaps you could, and sacrifice low speed (parking lot) assist. Hot wire it sort of thing to have a constant assist. That would take some more intimate knowledge on the programming side. But for you retro fitting this onto a car, it seems silly to re-engineer all
  11. I have a 2007 Cobalt SS. I believe that mechanically it’s very close to the Equinox/Vue unit, but the control system is different. I believe that the SS one uses CAN-BUS communication. I may look at switching out to the SUV unit. This would allow me to decrease the amount of assist (help with overheating issues that I’m having). And it would also allow me to get rid of 50lbs of wiring and go to a microsquirt ecu.
  12. Finally got my pumps. I’m curious how you guys are attaching the hydra mats to these? Making your own adapters?
  13. Thanks guys. I searched all sorts of digital clocks/timers etc but didn’t think to add the word “car”. I ordered one, and I’ll likely use a NC momentary switch as a reset. That way it can be reset by the driver on the start of they like. Cheers.
  14. I’m building a new dash panel for the car. I’m going to 3D print it and make it nice. I’ve got a AIM G-dash, and all my warning lights etc. I want to add a nice simple timer that the driver can reset when exiting the pits to time their stint. All the kitchen timers etc are big and bulky, and have extra buttons etc. Has anyone come across a nice simple timer that I can incorporate into the dash?
  15. I know someone who just sent pictures of their cage to tech because I mentioned the S bend, but tech said that it is fine.
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