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  1. If you claim the perch, you can also claim the non oe spring for 0. That’s why it says “ includes spring”. It also says it in the bccr
  2. Yes, and that’s how I read the rules. Except the perch and spring are 10 points together. I even stated that I was taking 100 for the shocks and 40 for the perches in my ticket. I asked for clarification on the camber plates with the adjustable shocks since there’s no way to mount them with factory hats. They said they were separate which is fine, but then they corrected me and said that the perches were included in the 25pts. See why I’m pissed?
  3. I’m running adjustable valving shocks because they came with the car. They specifically told me that the adjustable spring perches and non OE springs were included in the 25/corner. Then posted a completely opposite ruling in a tech desk ticket a few weeks later. But it’s my bad for missing it.
  4. Didn’t even have to look at my car today and it gained 40pts. I had a clarification in an official ticket from tech back in February. I’ve since built the car around those values, tested and refined the car in prep for the first race and I find out now that they decided to change that clarification to the exact opposite of what they told me a week later. And it’s apparently my fault for missing that change. Now I’ve gotta lose 40pts somehow. As a newcomer to Champcar, how the hell is one supposed to keep track of all this poop. The rules for this series are beyond complex and convoluted. I really don’t want to go to a “bracket” type series, because I love building to a rule set, but I can 100% see how so many are making the jump.
  5. To be clear, We would be taking our ball and going elsewhere, not just staying home. And it has nothing to do with the level of competition. I full expect to get our ass kicked ifs its 10 cars or 40. Also to be clear. We've paid our deposit and shown our intent to race. I did that to show the organizers we want to race. We are preparing the car to race that weekend. I truly do hope a bunch sign up last minute and we go racing and have a great time. Perhaps I came across wrong, but I am just disappointed that the numbers are so low.
  6. It’s $1600 CAD for all 9 races. Im not trying to be a downer, but with 10 cars it’s just not worth it for us. This is no slight against the organizers. It’s a tough time. But I’m not going to go lapping for 15hrs. We are simply looking for our best bang for our buck. With only 10 cars, that’s not it.
  7. We decided to go Champcar Racing because we wanted to racing at different tracks and race with large fields of cars. I like the rules of Champcar Racing way more than LD. But we can run a whole season (9 races) of Calabogie Challenge series races (30 cars) for the cost of 1 Champcar race. I’m fine paying that if we can race against lots of other cars. With 10 cars on track you’ll be alone the majority of the race. Im sorry, but we are paying to race. There are lots of options for me to go racing. If I spend my hard earned money to go racing it’s going to be because I want to.
  8. I was looking forward to this being our first Champcar race, but with only 9 other cars to race against on a 5km track, I don’t think it’s worth the expense. I put my deposit down to help get numbers going, but we won’t race if the numbers don’t double.
  9. Care to elaborate? Are you talking about an ecotec swapped longitudinal? We have a transverse mounted ecotec that’s seen 15 or so hours of track time with no issues. We are planning our first endurance race shortly.
  10. It would be easier to put further back. But I’m decent with the fab side of things so either one is not a big issue. The weight distribution question is the one I’m not sure about. If this was a RWD car, get that weight back as far as possible. FWD is a different beast.
  11. So I’m in the process of installing a fuel cell in my Cobalt. The stock tank is plastic and located ahead of the rear axle (beam). It’s very low. Current f/r spilt is 65(f) and 35(r). The car is pretty decently balanced as it sits. Slight bit of oversteer when trail braking. Stock rear camber is basically zero. Im very new to a fwd car. I can install the fuel cell either in front of the axle or behind. Behind is easier from a fabrication standpoint, and an exhaust routing standpoint, but would increase rear weight percentage. Which way should I go?
  12. The part about the threaded fittings doesn’t apply to the fill tube does it? I’m in the process of installing my cell now, and wasn’t sure.
  13. Anyone think this event will happen if the border stays closed? We build a new car and will race if the event happens.
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