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  1. I was just looking at the Calabogie Schedule today, and the Friday night before the champcar race, there are the Calabogie GT and PT series races. Champcar teams can enter these and get some extra tracktime before the event. GT is point by passing only 10 min Qualifying and 30 min race PT is open passing 10 min Qualifying and 30 minute race
  2. Thanks for looking after this!!! On a related note, I've been curious. For non-profits up here (Canada) I believe that its law for organizations to record minutes and make them public. Is there any requirement with Champcar? There have been some issues recently that I'm sure the membership would like to know how the decisions were made.
  3. Nice. Dirt racing? My dad and I had raced Legends for quite a few years. Pavement Ovals, Dirt ovals and road courses. We even put a ZX-10R motor with a Porsche turbo in one with 10” slicks.
  4. Regardless of the reason why, the problem is still the same. The UTQG rating system is garbage for our intended purposes. That's the root of this whole problem. The fact that 2 teams said they couldn't get more than 2 stints out of some tires at NCM should be a read flag that those tires are not what we want in Champcar.
  5. Teams will not stay in the pits longer to check things over. I agree that things will be rushed and safety compromised. When amateur teams start trying to do professional level pit stops, things will go wrong.
  6. Would they constantly get a warning about being close to themselves?
  7. If the manufacturer advertises to the AX crowd, don’t allow it (green font) Seriously though, Wait for a year. You’ll get a great idea after a year what it’s performance is like. Lots of places to find reviews on it. If it appears to be a “hot” tire, just don’t allow it. If it looks like a possible good endurance tire, put it on a 1 year probation. Any team can run it, but they must declare it ahead of time, and tech should monitor through the weekend how that tire wears. After a season, the BOD can add it to the approved list if its warranted.
  8. Is there a chance that there would be a difference in durometer of a brand new tire? Any chance that the faster tires are measurably softer? Could be a way to determine which tires are legal and which ones to ban? I know there’s more to tire life than just initial firmness, but maybe it’s a better metric than the current treadwear ratings?
  9. Or we could just ban the fast tires that the manufacturers are cheating the tread wear ratings all to hell. I don’t understand why this is an issue. Everyone plays by the same rules. There are already lots of tires that are not legal in CC. The only thing keeping these fast tires here is the bogus tread wear rating. It’s that simple. The metric that CC uses to allow tires is garbage. Let’s fix that.
  10. I think this would be way more complicated than it needs to be. Hard to keep track of during the race. There would need to be exceptions for swapping tires around the car. There would also need to be exceptions for cut tires. This will also promote the use of tires that get dangerously worn. Last pit stop of the day, and a team sees a tote is almost done. They will likely risk it and could cause a blowout. Jer, like you said in your previous post, your never going to please everyone. Same thing here. The guys with the fast tires are going to be upset because it’s an adva
  11. I think it’s pretty obvious which tires are fast. If there’s a tire that’s fast, but not as fast as others it could be less points.
  12. What about assigning points for certain performance tires? I hate the idea of constantly changing points, but we're doing it with everything else. 10pts a tire for the fast ones, and 0 for the slower longer lasting ones. It would mean someone would still need to come up a list of which tires are which, and it still gives teams the option to run them. But now they are paying points for that extra speed.
  13. Personally I’m in favour of a list of approved tires. If someone wants a tire added to the list, make them run it on a car in EC and keep an eye on it for wear and speed.
  14. Every single tire rule has downfalls and exceptions. - For FWD cars, if you limit it to 1 tire change per stop, what happens if I want to swap front to back? How can the pit marshals see this? - Same issue with only hand tools. I want to rotate my tires front to back (which is well within the spirit of champcar) but now I have to do it with hand tools? WTF? Thats stupid. - Only allowing tire changes in the Paddock will be a disaster. So many things wrong with that IMO. - Penalty lap for using the hot tires. What happens if someone starts on the RS4s and then switc
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