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  1. This was the Damage, I guess my Ins Adjuster didn't like me or Hondas
  2. The Motor has had it Timing Belt changed on it's scheduled intervals. The car has 98,000 Original Miles No rust
  3. FS - '99 Honda Civic HB, Runs, Drives Great. Koni Sport Yellow Shocks, Eibach Springs, MagnaFlow SS Exhaust (not a Fart Can). Perfect Start for a ChampCar. Does Not have a Cage - stock interior I was in a fairly minor accident (Front Bumper Cover, Bumper Reinforcement, Paint - no Airbag deployment) only my Insurance company totaled it and now it's on a Salvage- Rebuild Title $2500 with 17" MSW Wheels/Firestone Firehawk Tires, $2000 with Factory Steelies Tampa, FL
  4. That's Monte Sheltons - I bet that has had a Porsche 962 and others in the back
  5. If only Charles hadn't driven it! lol
  6. Sebring in September

    See you tomorrow Shane!
  7. Sebring in September

    Thanks, Savage does Great work!
  8. Mustang Panhard Bar Questions

    RR, the company I work for (BMR Suspension) make a number of Panhard Rods for Mustangs. pm me TC
  9. Sebring in September

    Look for my new Lid as I'm passing you!
  10. Sebring in September

    Grandfather was a Politician! My family is going in Reverse!
  11. Sebring in September

    My Dad was a WeatherMan - he was never Right!
  12. Eric, Pat said he was signing up for Team Propaganda TC
  13. Sebring in September

    Nope - it's going North, might hit Bermuda