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  1. It already is a rule in the supps. Would putting it in the rulebook instead of the supps suddenly change enforcement or manpower or compliance?
  2. You don’t need to make a rule for every little thing. Set a pit lane speed limit in the event supps. Everyone knows what a speed limit is. Let the event director dole out punishments as they see fit.
  3. Water flow rate through the engine will likely be proportional to engine rpm (belt driven water pump). If you are at some combination of high load and low rpm I can understand measured engine temp rising.
  4. Sounds like a terribly unsafe idea, unless there's some weird double firewall thing in a miata and cutting out that firewall doesn't expose the driver to the engine bay...
  5. Have you seen some most of the WRL cars these days? Holy smokes. I see tons of GP1 / GTO cars on facebook straight out of professional race shops. I don't know what that costs but it ain't cheap!
  6. @the5 5-6k is more than triple the average fuel cell setup that teams use. Is this expense necessary for a boxster?
  7. The minimum weight for any spec series is way higher than the weight you would find on a competitive ChampCar.
  8. Oh was that 2019? I know we scaled once at Road America.
  9. Now who could that be? Must be a pretty awesome team to get that light. Bunch of chumps for sure.
  10. I'm drooling. That is so much more power than I thought would be made after reading your list of upgrades. Would love to see it if I get to a race that you're at.
  11. The strut housing on the E30 is integral to the entire corner and any changes would be extremely complicated. Besides, there is an easier way to deal with dynamic camber during roll: Eliminate roll
  12. The 475 point boxster is the 2.5L, the 2.7L boxster is 520 points and not claimed by anyone in ChampCar that I know of.
  13. Exactly, and this is great from a performance side, too. Ask any of the veteran teams and they will tell you that the most beneficial upgrade is the driver. The best way to improve the driver is seat time. And the best way to get more seat time is to spend the entire race on track. You have to go to a lot of open track days to get as much seat time as you do in a full race weekend.
  14. Oh, I meant RE71r, I didn’t know there was a difference. I don’t think there was a change to the tire in that timespan. We have used that tire at every race since autumn 2015 except for the most recent race in June where we tried rs4.
  15. I hadn’t said anything yet but you kinda hit on what I was going to say. Using the Biohazard lap time from AIV days is not representative of the average field lap time progression. In fact, the AIV biohazard car might be the only car from that era that would be over 500 points in today’s rulebook.
  16. I think that's oversimplified and just looking at whether a car goes 2 hours or not (at a given track) won't get you a clear picture. What happened is that teams who were fuel stint limited were more likely to abuse the heck out of the filler necks compared to teams with passively longer stint lengths and therefore will see a greater negative impact from this rule. Sometimes these huge filler necks resulted in reaching 2 hours and sometimes it still didn't get them there. Regarding 8 hour races, a car capable of 2:20 at a given track will be unaffected by this loss of capacity. A car capable of 1:58 will certainly now take an additional pit stop. A car that could do 1:53 before will be only slightly inconvenienced as they were taking 1 extra stop anyway. And a car doing 1:35 max stints before will now take a 2nd extra stop. It will be messy to figure out who's most affected by this change and whether VPIs should be adjusted. Perhaps solicit feedback from teams, ask them "how big was your filler neck, and will this drop you through a stint length breakpoint at XYZ tracks?" Almost every car will see a performance hit from this, but there will be a spectrum of how much each car is disadvantaged, and that is what you have to look at.
  17. This may require a temperature correction factor. 5 minutes at a cold track like autumn Road America won't be the same as 5 minutes in Florida heat.
  18. You may be the only team in ChampCar without the ability to weld? Is this more common than I think?
  19. Ehhh... it's not the jug as much as doing other things which allow you to take steps of a normal pit stop. For instance: install a TPMS system and you don't need to check tire pressures in a stop, you can just have a guy run out to 1 or 2 tires and let a second of air out of each because the driver has relayed to the pits what the pressures are. Not as helpful in ChampCar because you have the time to spend 1 minute on tire pressures without going over.
  20. I’m ruling out two post lifts because it will take up too much space.
  21. How practical or inconvenient is a scissor lift? https://www.tooltopia.com/Atlas-Equipment-ATEATTD6MR
  22. Cost to race isn’t high, cost to win anything but gp3 is high.
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