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  1. I think the onus is on you (or whomever proposed it) to make a case that they should be exempt from the standard “if it isn’t stock, it’s points” situation and have a defined value of zero. I was fine having them not even listed in the rulebook, assuming that nobody would ever change away from stock (starters are much more application specific than alternators what with the flywheel meshing and mounting to the block and such). The once in a blue moon team that shows up with something like this https://www.speedwaymotors.com/Powermaster-9100-PowerMax-Mini-Starter-Chevy,229562.ht
  2. Just as an aside, Bill Stong’s alternator / starter situation is pretty different. He ran a v6 minivan engine in a mid engine MR2. I would be very surprised if MR2 parts would work on that application. That’s why there has always been the “things to make it work” part of the swap paperwork, which could certainly include throttle cables, coolant hoses, etc. Starter & alternator would fall into that category, where, presumably the $$$ would go toward the (now $2500) swap price cap. (With my swap we used the starter / alternator that were bolted to the new engine when we pulled it from the ya
  3. It is a very small advantage. It isn’t the magnitude of the advantage that upsets people. The ChampCar rulebook has always stated (with documented exceptions), and the precedent all along has been: is it stock? Y —-> no points N —-> points It’s an extremely simple line in the sand and “it isn’t a big advantage” is a really stupid reason to cross that line.
  4. In B4 the gaslighting: ”alternators have been free for years!” ”tons of teams use these alternators, you just haven’t seen them or haven’t asked if they are free” ”you should have asked, you can’t just assume that a non-OE part adds points (pay no attention to that rule behind the curtain that says there is no such thing as a free part)”
  5. Sure there is. You can make it lighter than stock by under sizing since you won’t have the need for sound system / HVAC / nav. Also use better / lighter materials / design. I bet there are some frictional loss advantages to be had as well. If you throw money at something, you can make it better. @Black Magic, what alternators do you have on the NASCARs? I bet it isn’t something you can buy from a NAPA.
  6. I said the same thing years back (I can lock up the tires with stock brakes, what’s the benefit of expensive ones?). The answer I got dealt with pedal feel and modulation and predictability being superior on a higher piston caliper compared to my e30 single piston brakes. Basically “you think you can threshold brake and get on the limit of traction with your current brakes, but you can get closer to the threshold more consistently with racing calipers.” (and weight savings... my calipers are cast iron) I still use the stock brakes. Have yet to drive something with aftermarket eq
  7. I wouldn't put that thing anywhere near a race car.
  8. Congrats. Go turn it into something useful.
  9. You did great work with the tech desk. Tech / management created the monster by saying “yes” so many times.
  10. Yes, but WHY? In September they were free....how? How did tech desk 5 points become free? I just don’t see a reason here other than “some big spender put an aftermarket alternator on his car and didn’t claim it for the 5 points and we didn’t want to bump him to 505 points”. Radiator change: petition was made, there are arguments about the benefits of changing the way radiators are valued / not valued. Shock change: same deal Alternator change: ??? Nobody on the forum was asking for free alternators. Nobody has publicly come forward to say “my car can’t
  11. I want to know why alternators are now free. For what reason is this needed? Also, did anyone make an alternator petition? I didn’t see one. Did the board want this changed? @E. Tyler Pedersen @Jer
  12. It’s fun to talk about these parts that you *could* make in a crucible with leftover sheet metal. But nobody actually is and I think it detracts form productive conversation. I’ll eat a piece of my shorts the day someone shows up with a legit upgrade part made from melting and casting another piece of their car which couldn’t be accomplished in a different, much easier, way.
  13. No BMW team is affected by this rule. We all run OE spec Nissens or EBay radiators. BMWs don’t have cooling issues relating to the radiators. And I don’t see anyone changing to a different radiator because of this change. Because again, we don’t have cooling issues. Maybe I’m just speaking for myself here. I have run the same Nissens OE spec radiator for 3 years now.
  14. I have avoided doing this out of principle. I think it’s a rule that needs to go away and I don’t want to utilize it. Had some of this stuff on the car through 2017 but it’s been removed. I’m fine with repurpose unless it’s a fixed value item, for that I am of the opinion that it should be the set number of points no matter where it came from.
  15. They allow challenges on completed pass, out of bounds, Interception, spot of the ball when player was tackled, etc. etc. they do not have challenges for calls such as pass interference, holding, etc. Good point about entry level / high school comparison. Resources definitely prevent ChampCar from fairly reviewing all calls.
  16. NFL doesn’t allow replay over turning of calls (holding / pass interference / etc.)
  17. I’ll make sure that the harbor freight jack stands stay on the trailer. My car has nothing to hide.
  18. I think it was embarrassing in years past when a “official, this is final, no changes” BCCR was released and within hours members were pointing out issues and then several revised versions came out over the following weeks. So I appreciate your diligence to get it right the first time.
  19. I think the bend adds about 8 seconds, so you certainly have a shot! @red0 must be hitting the reefer.. our fastest time at RA is 2:53.xxx, the engine swap isn’t going to take us down to 2:47.2
  20. ChampCar just isn’t going to look at the video. Corner worker makes a call, ChampCar enforces penalty related to the call. End of story. I think it’s a good policy. Find me at Road America and I’ll try to persuade you (from a distance) to see it like I do.
  21. You think we can run a 2:47!?! I’ll take it. Oil pressure be damned
  22. “Following the race” meant “while I am tracking the race on race monitor and trying to see where my competitors are and how fast we need to be driving”, didn’t mean “after the race is over”. I think the perfect solution is taking a step back and recognizing that: ChampCar is for amateurs. Don’t get your panties in a wad about what you think is a bad call because more often than not, it isn’t a bad call. If it is a bad call, live with it. poop happens, flaggers are human, take your penalty and hope it doesn’t happen again.
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