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  1. I will have 5 tire rack 15x7 4x100 bmw / Honda / miata wheels for sale at Autobahn. Price: very low, and negotiable.
  2. Just quoting because it’s on the same topic and I’m echoing Jeff’s idea on perfection. Imperfection isn’t a reason to not do something. Yes, the case where you flat spot 4 RS4s and then get penalized for changing them is possible. But how often does this happen? Just because it happened once to Bruce Mills doesn’t mean it is a common occurrence. Also the penalty I proposed (in comments to the board) was +1 minute for exceeding a ‘one tire per stop’ rule. It is pretty unlikely that you will get all 4 changed and refuel within a 5 minute stop anyway so you may not even see the penalty!! I think that this rule would meet the board’s goals with a tire rule 99% of the time, and that 1% shouldn’t be enough to throw out the idea and say “well we couldn’t find a rule that satisfied everyone, oh well, no changes”. I highly doubt the board thinks that the current (and persisting) rule meets the board’s stated goals 99%.
  3. That’s very interesting and what you say about number of cores makes sense. My guess is that the board or someone on the board had this thought about restricting the performance of radiators in some way “well we can’t just say radiators: free for all”, so they went about restricting them in some way, and they come from an era with brass radiators and it’s become ingrained that thicker radiators are better, and thicker requires more cores, and so we should restrict cores in order to somewhat limit the radiators. And what they should have done was restrict area or thickness or a combination of area and thickness if they really wanted to put a performance cap on them. And if they wanted to put a cost cap on it, rather than say “well, 2 core must be cheaper than 3 or 4, so let’s cap at 2” they should have said “well, we want to cap the cost in some way, so let’s actually put a $$ cost cap on them”. Whatever the motive, this rule looks like another swing & miss from the board.
  4. How easy is it to spot the difference between 2 and 3 core? I haven’t a clue about my radiator. Also wouldn’t know what to look for. Also I fail to see how the number of cores, whatever that may be, affects cooling. Cooling will be determined by a function of total fin surface area and how easily air flows through it.
  5. The rulebook says it’s fine unless it compromises vision. I have half a dozen small cracks in our windshield and we’re still running it... replacing the darn things gets expensive when you have a defroster grid installed.
  6. Maybe this is the wrong thread? Idk.. Weak response from the board about tires. “So what kind of penalty would a team get if they were running through tires and not in the spirit of ChampCar and the race director went to talk to them?” Board: “these are not the droids you are looking for”
  7. I had to replace my harness in April before Road America (old one expired). I took a recommendation to go with the OMP harness below and it has a feature I had not seen before: adjustable anti-sub straps. This feature is HUGE. We have some big size differences in our driver lineup and being able to adjust the length of the sub strap is not only convenient, it is far safer than compromising on a mid-range strap length. The harness worked great at Road America, the only hiccup is that you can't easily lengthen the sub strap when a driver is in the seat... lengthen before the driver gets in, then tighten after fastening. If you don't have this feature, look for it next time you buy a harness. https://90racing.com/collections/seat-belts-harnesses/products/omp-6-pt-harness-da0202vhslud061
  8. Cutting this one close. New engine hasn’t fired up yet, but this week we did get it installed and I replaced a wheel bearing, added some new oil pressure sensors, and fixed / replaced the cracked intake manifold parts. Anyone in worse shape than us? Haha
  9. A friend is moving to a new shop space (local auto service business) and selling some lifts. I’ll probably get one of these, only 8’ required ceiling height. I’m trying to close on a house now with 10’ ceilings in the garage so it should be just about high enough to work under without much compromise.
  10. My car has pneumatic wastegate actuators At least, I think they are pneumatic actuators. They have wires and vacuum lines connected to them. Actually it may not have been the actual actuator but a control unit of some kind. One failed at 110,000 miles. Caused a vague fault code which didn’t intuitively lead time me to the failure. The dealership knew the problem though. I replaced the $140 part and that fixed it. No real complaints.
  11. Oh wow. Well that sounds like a good choice!
  12. Good luck finding a turbocharged engine with that little power! Perhaps the ticket is to turbo the stock engine if it can handle a bit of boost. Won’t need much.
  13. When will these be for sale? I don’t see them on tire rack yet.
  14. Well it sounds like the reason is “I just passed you on the straight, cleared you by a foot, and now I want to be on the preferred racing line”. Which is reasonable but risky. If I make a late pass on the inside (even if I have now cleared his bumper) I always leave the other car a full width for entry but I get my elbows out after the apex.
  15. Having now traded for a different engine and pulled most of it apart, I can say that this newest engine is pristine. Certainly have enough time left to drop this into the engine bay and finish off autobahn prep.
  16. Wonder if I could install one of these for zero points and tee it into the system somewhere with a valve so it flows if system pressure drops.... and draw it's oil supply from a far corner of the oil pan.
  17. If you can then you’re sitting pretty... my money would be on you guys at this race. Our burn rate is now too high to play those games. 3:15 doesn’t help you.. 2:30 is all you need for a nice advantage. 3:25 is your next breakpoint.
  18. Now I have to restrategize??? The company I work for will not be happy with how I spend the next 30 minutes of “work”.
  19. roughly 5” diameter at the widest part (if remembering correctly)
  20. E30s have these goofy beehive rear springs... an open spring rule would be huge because I haven’t found (or had custom made) a beehive spring in a higher rate. We cut the stock springs down until ride height became problematic and we are still rear-spring-limited in our suspension setup. Give me a nice selection of free springs for the rear and we will see a jump in handling.
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