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  1. I wasn't racing at this event.. mostly a spectator, so I wasn't at the driver's meeting. But if it was announced at the mandatory driver's meeting.... I wonder why so many drivers were surprised by this!?!!!
  2. Not a candidate, but any plan where yellow is kept out for longer than necessary just so that teams can pit under yellow (ala NASCAR) is stupid. Give me green flag racing. I assume at Road America this was done because they didn’t want cars buzzing the safety crews while driving 90% to catch the back of the field after a pit stop. This is reasonable, but it should have been announced ahead of time so that teams could plan their stops.
  3. The stock BMW fuel filter is very easy to change. What is it about your filter that makes it a tough job?
  4. Since this is a tire thread, I’ll share my testing of the SNOW performance of the maxxis vr1 on a 3500 lb RWD street car today in Chicago. Subjective rating: Very poor
  5. Has “I seen” been mentioned yet? “I seen” instead of “I saw” is rampant in Illinois. I lived 24 years and never heard it until I moved to Illinois. Now I hear it on a weekly basis.
  6. Saabs are the best bang for your buck right now. Great cars and prices are much too low given the quality.
  7. If you want something fun (but respectable) that has already depreciated, I recommend the 2007 to 2010 BMW 335i. Lots of fun when stock. Seats are very comfortable. Should be around $10,000. Keep $5,000 at the ready for repairs in the next few years!!!
  8. A teammate texted “few” a few weeks back when indicating an audible expression of relief.
  9. You could avoid all this potential confusion by just winning the races
  10. At the race track people will often say “lap time went up” when talking about an improvement. Saying “speed went up” would be accurate. I have started saying “lap time improved” to avoid the up/down down is good confusion.
  11. A couple often seen on this forum: ”a mute point” ”I could of”
  12. I’m skeptical (or impressed), we have never been able to do 2 hours at Road America on a stock e30 tank + surge tank. 1:50 at best if there’s no FCY.
  13. He was speculating about how they should be valued since they aren't covered in the rulebook.
  14. I use a pressure bleeder when I don't have a helper around. Just screw onto the fluid reservoir and pump up to 20 psi, bleed brakes, easy peasy.
  15. You are correct. Look at the quoted text, the bot always inserts a few (probably malware) links.
  16. (I'm just messing but it was too good of a meme to pass up)
  17. Wow, what a simple solution!!! Why didn't we try such an easy fix to our oil pressure woes?!?!
  18. You would end up with less flow through that portion of the radiator (reducing its effectiveness) and subsequently very little flow through the brake duct. To match the cooling of a normal duct you would need a much larger one. Much better to run the normal style duct and then tape off the radiator down to optimal size. Also, you don’t need to cool the brakes during a braking zone, you just need them to have cooled enough from the last braking zone that this current one doesn’t heat them beyond their temp limit.
  19. What do you mean by erratic? It’s quite common for these engines to drop to 10 or less psi at idle with hot oil. They can also drop below 20 psi in high-g left hand corners even at high rpm.
  20. BTW, if anyone reading is on “British American Racing”, your front shocks are blown. I was watching in the bend and Canada corner, and your front inside wheels were showing high amplitude undamped oscillation.
  21. For the record, do not ever bump my car on track. I must be in the minority here so I’m getting the word out. I have the orange #32 BMW, please do not bump draft.
  22. Well, he will have less time to spend in the garage if he’s on the BoD....
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