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  1. Thanks Bernie! You are the team I was thinking of, and thanks for posting ordering details on FB!
  2. There was a big team at Indy with blue team shirts, all matching. The shirts looked great. Anyone have pictures of them?
  3. Premium Dudes Indy event recap: All the prior posts about Indy and this venue have articulated my thoughts better than I can, so I'll just say that the place is epic and blew me away. From the ChampCar side of things, the Indy event was run with the precision and efficiency that I have come to expect (and appreciate!) in our series. Indy was more difficult for us logistically than most. Long story short, we ended up towing the car on an open Uhaul trailer, only had 3 drivers, and didn't have as many helping hands as we are accustomed to!! It is for this reason that I express a huge thanks to @rbankracing.com and @Slugworks Paul (and their drivers) for helping us out in the pit stops with fire extinguisher holders, impact guns, fuel runs, and more. I also have family members to thank for all their help with coolshirt ice, concession stand runs, and general assistance and support. We achieved a great result this weekend, and it was a multi-team effort. One look at the entry list was enough to cast doubt on even the most confident of teams. I counted no less than 15 cars that I thought had a 'very strong' chance of winning. Despite coming off a fantastic finishing streak, I was predicting a "reasonable best case scenario" finishing position of 5th in this stacked field. Saturday was hella disappointing. We started out bad (slipping clutch which later resolved itself). Things got MUCH better as we took the lead courtesy of attrition and penalties for other teams. And then finally things got bad again when an electrical problem (that I thought I had fixed) came back and held us up enough for Jacky Ickx to snatch away the victory. I'm normally one to be quite upbeat about any podium spot, but being so close to a win at INDY and losing it was tough to take. Congrats to Jacky Ickx for running strong and taking a well deserved victory. That evening I made a few electrical changes and hoped that we had the problem solved. The Sunday race was fantastic. Crank Yankers set a blistering pace from the drop of the green, but our leadoff driver kept us within a minute of the lead and reported that "the car is PERFECT". One of my most memorable moments was running stint 3 and having it go FCY. I was coming up on the pace car and he stuck his hand out telling me not to pass.. I radio to the crew "am I in first??" answer: "yes, you are LEADING AT INDY!!!" We keep running strong and have a tiny lead over CYR going into the final stint. A pit lane violation sets us back a minute, and when we get released, Tyler is 58 seconds ahead. A combination of luck and strong driving from our driver sees us retake the lead and we end up securing the victory. We are so happy to have been a part of this inaugural event at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway, and winning one of the days was just surreal! . I will post thoughts, pictures, and more at a later date, but want to end this post before it becomes a wall of text that nobody wants to read!!
  4. The draw of 100 is that it’s a nice round number. A small child can add and subtract 100. If all the EC cars started with -100, then at any point in the race they could see where they stack up against classed cars by adding 100 to their laps and looking at the leader lap totals. Since all EC cars would be treated the same way, you can see directly how you compare against the other EC cars just by looking at race monitor! It literally could not be easier.
  5. I do have that on video, allow a few days for me to clip and upload.
  6. Hilarious and accurate, because I actually did sign up for Brainerd last year because of the low car count! I love a good ribbing anyway.
  7. Looks like an easy field! Get your championship qualifiers at this race!! /green
  8. We actually used tires at a rate similar to normal wear, and had a slower wear rate than NCM last year. Some small alignment tweaks were made recently, and I think they gave us a better setup than in past races, so that certainly helped. If I had to guess, the multiple lap FCY that came once or more per stint (which we so rarely see in the Midwest races) really helped our tires to cool down, and lots of traffic meant we couldn’t hoon it through every corner like normal. Also, don’t forget that these races were 2 hours long than the 8s you are used to!
  9. Swap a complete 4cyl e36 drivetrain into that thing... idk what else it would take to be competitive, but you would still have 300ish points to blow on suspension and brakes. Sounds competitive to me but I could be wrong. Sounds like a huge hassle though.
  10. You are thinking of a different incident. Skierman was talking about a move in turn 10.
  11. I don’t think they are as arbitrary as people keep saying. The Hondas and miatas are almost exclusively A or B class, mustangs and Camaros are D-class, Bimmers are almost always C-class. People just need to accept that the ChampCar classes are not about racing against your own class because you have a deficit compared to a different class. It is about racing against your class because you are racing similar cars to your own. You can say “I got 5th overall, but I was the top Honda!!!
  12. I used a drink bottle once and almost crashed the car trying to find the hose and get it to my mouth! Haven’t used one since, I don’t need it if the coolsuit is nice and frosty. We rarely see FCY in the Midwest, I think I would use a drink bottle again if going to a race with expected FCYs and use it only during FCY.
  13. It will be uploaded to YouTube and posted to the forum. I will try to find that clip tonight but I have everything still to unload and organize.
  14. I have video of them spinning a blue car exiting the esses in stint 1 Saturday, and another of our drivers reported them hitting a car on Sunday, too!
  15. I purchased a medium, seems like a typical medium.
  16. Indy was a bit easier on tires than NCM last year in similar temp conditions. Worse than Road America, but RA has much cooler temps so I don’t know how much you can draw from that comparison.
  17. On the subject of radios, we use (I think) the Racing Radios starter kit with 5w analog Motorola/vertex radios. Perfect coverage this weekend at Indy, but the most important part was the crew chief headset. It was the only way to hear anything from the radios in the pits, and the driver could hear our transmissions much better, too. Headset is a must-have for an echo-chamber like the Indy pit lane.
  18. Will anyone have tire changing services at the track? Otherwise I’ll use the firestone down the street from the speedway, $75 for 4.
  19. I pity the fools that are bringing 3 cars to this race and will need to schlep 50+ gallons of fuel every 2 hours!!!
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