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  1. 1987 Ford Mustang race car. Set up for lucky dog, lemons, track days. Full legal cage for Chump/Champ car, Lucky Dog, and LeMons series. Full fire suppression, current 5-point belts and window net. Shell is a 1987 fox body Mustang. Motor is a2.3 turbo out of a Thunderbird Turbo Coupe. 5-speed manual transmission. Suspension and brakes from later Mustang GT (5-lug wheels). Has run at PIR, Thunderhill, Oregon Raceway Park - middle of the pack car with current level of preparation Turn up the boost and make it a winning auto-X or hill climb contender. This car
  2. Sorry, I suppose that was an obvious question... We picked up a mustang and a bunch of spares. Its an 86 with a turbo 4 in it. Now just trying to source a fire suppression system and proper numbers.
  3. Thanks for all the replies. We picked up a prepped car this weekend. See you at Thunderhill.
  4. How much for the nissan? also do you have any links to pictures? I used to have a real soft spot for the sentra SE-Rs in the 90s. Also what year is it?
  5. We are looking for cars like the following: golfs and jettas miata old british cars mg/triumph - we have a spitfire we could build, but we know we'll never get it done in time for the season. e30 / e36 But we are fairly openmind, but lean towards carburated cars more than anything with too many computers, and we like the footprint to be smaller than a buick. We want to start out as affordable/reliable and eventually get to competitive.
  6. Hi, My buddy and I are just getting into Chump, but would like t o get a running car witha cage in it to make the leap easier. Let me know if you have a car with a legal cage for sale in the Pacific Northwest/norcal. Thanks, Chris
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