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  1. SilverBlitz

    Cool shirt system to VIR $199

    Ken, I have a brand new size Large Cool Shirt if you're looking for one. I am a medium so have no need for it. Chung
  2. SilverBlitz

    615K+ 205/50/15

    How much are you asking for the Honda/Michelin set?
  3. Cleaning out the garage and have 3 235/40/17 Dunlop Star Specs. In excellent condition 7-8/32 depth, have been stored indoors. Selling the 3 for $200 or if someone has one kicking around, I would be interested in buying it from you.
  4. How much is shipping to Toronto, Canada?
  5. SilverBlitz

    15x8, 4x100, et28 flow form wheels

    I'll take a set of 4x100.
  6. SilverBlitz

    Upcoming SALES

    Looking for a SA2015 helmet too. Looking forward to seeing the deals.
  7. Link to eBay not showing anything for sale
  8. What engine is in it now? and what the asking price? Thanks
  9. Yes I will ship to Canada. I don't know what the importation fee will be. Best to contact me at samluke@sbcglobal.net



  10. I will take the LCA bushings if you are willing to ship to Canada.
  11. SilverBlitz

    FS: Window Net + Bars, Sparco Seat Slider

    I'll take that net installation kit. Please pm me with payment/pick up instructions.
  12. Where are the motors located?
  13. Well I ended buying the cage out of NigelStu's crashed E30. Now I am looking for someone local to install the cage in my car. I know a few shops that will build cages, but does anyone know a shop that will install one for a reasonable price?
  14. Great price for a fantastic looking car. If only I haven't started my E30 build, I would buy this in a minute. GLWS.
  15. SilverBlitz

    FS: neon part

    Is there an expiry date for the necksgen certificate? Any other conditions attached? Valid in Canada?