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  1. I'm with Red on this one, Add me to that fire too
  2. This trumps everything! You gotta' sound cool on track! Otherwise, what's the point!
  3. Current weather in Wisconsin...
  4. Thanks for everyone replying. I didn't want to say who's opinion was who above, but I was the one who always wanted to run with the limited RPM. But it looks like most people side on the side of that it will not hurt a car to run up to the red line. I know from my personal experience when I ran our car at Road America. Our redline is 6500. I shifted out at 5000, and had the fastest lap time of the weekend. Plus once that saved me during a missed shift when trying to go to 5th gear I went up into 3rd gear, it reved up to mid 6000rpm before I was able realize I screwed up and went into the proper gear. So I had extra room for error with the lower rpm shifts
  5. Serious question. The forecast for the next several days is near or below freezing overnight. Should we run coolant, not water for this weekend? Chicane most likely. As I understand it that is what the Road America tells us what we can do. I remember at the we were at the other race in the spring with the WRL guys explaining how that happens during the drivers meeting. They told the drivers in the meeting to respect that turn so when they come back next year they are still allowed to race the kink. But I wonder if they will be forced to race the Chicane too. During one of the days someone tried to knock down the kink outside wall hard.
  6. My co-owner and I have a friendly disagreement about running an engine in the higher RPM range. Lets assume for this discussion the engine is in good working order with proper temps and fluid levels. Opinion 1. Run the engine up to the red line (but short a few hundred from floating valves) is fine for an engine. Major wear and failure comes from when you have higher loads, not high rpms. Opinion 2. Only run it up to 80% to red line. So if red line was 7000rpm, shift at 5600rpm. By not maxing out the Revs every shift you extend the life of the engine. We are just looking for opinions and feedback on this subject since it is related racing. Thanks!!!
  7. Yeah that is super awesome to be at the 500 point mark now! The 5th gen Maxima's never had a sway bar so you would have to just disconnect our adjustable one. ScottyK that is an evil post. No really that's your 666th post! HA!
  8. ok, I saw that and I messed up. I was thinking it was for the Miata. The baseline setup the the street stock is so bad.
  9. Why not share a hotel room, what can go wrong?
  10. Bump* In the last few weeks, we had several people contact us, from tire kickers to very serious. But* the car is still for sale. I would like to start building our next race car. We'd hate to come to your track and beat you with this Maxima. You should buy it and beat us
  11. Question, what setups do I select for both the MX5 cup car and the Street stock if I want to practice?
  12. Why rent when you can own! We'll even bring it to the Road America, plus help you pit the car. You just need to find co-drivers to rent out to or some friends to go in as co-owners/drivers.
  13. For the last 2 races we have used an older tablet to stream video from our car using a program called VSee (Free Messenger). Biggest bonus, no delay! The video is in real time, no delay like we had in race cast. This is a great system for streaming back to your pits. Not super handy handy for streaming out beyond that unless you a level 60 nerd You can install the VSee program on PC's and mobile devices. I created 2 accounts, one for the car and one for the pits. The nicest feature on the mobile device is you can set it to auto answer calls. So lets say for some reason you got disconnected, from the pits you can start a video call with the car and it will auto connect. To make that happen smoothly you'll need to disable the lock screen feature on the mobile device. So when you turn on the screen, it goes right to the home screen. No slide to show, or whatever. Minus any power issues we had, this worked great for us. (I would have used Skype, but they removed the auto connect feature several versions ago, so no). For data, we use Total wireless. 25GB and 4 devices for $100 bucks a month. We hardly went over 4gb for the entire weekend. You can get a smart phone from Walmart for under 50 bucks and be ready to stream from the car! I used XSplit broadcaster to stream out from the pits. It should give you a good idea of what we could see.