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  1. We got our video uploaded. Minus our motor issue, our new car was really fun to drive. I noted a few fun moments, I am sure there is more. I will update it when I find them. In the first lap at 3:40 the white 180 misses the bend, and has to go though the tires maze. In the next corner we had to brake hard to avoid them. No biggie, they are just getting out the pre-race butterflies. 37:50 Our driver gets the bends He goes too far left and ends up bringing the car around. 1:08:35 An awesome pass made by giant wing. 1:09:00 The Road America safety crew take a turn as fast as our cars!
  2. We started to have a fuel pick up issue. After we filled up we started to lose power, and the temp started to climb to 220. We came in and shut it down. Plug #2 was not in the greatest shape, and #5 piston is going to need some JB Weld.
  3. Is there any event photos? I was hoping someone got photo of our car while it was on track - not in pieces
  4. So what is the odd of the race getting canceled 2 years in a row!?
  5. I agree with this 100%. Right now we are building a Champcar to race in the Champcar Series. We even have the CC point sheet printed and laminated and tapped to the car. If they want to race with us, buy a seat or build a car for it. Lots of cars on the list can be gut, caged, and raced as-is and do well. (I'm sure new brake pads should be done too, but you get what I'm saying). IMO cars worth over 10g are starting to get outside of the spirit of Champcar. I'd like to think our new car is very good example of a Champcar. We found a Camaro for 1000 bucks, beat the dents out with a hammer and turned it into a Champcar by getting parts from Rock Auto, Amazon, wheels/tires from Walmart and some brake calipers for 15 bucks at an auction. Our mullet inducing Camaro is more of a Chumpcar then a Champcar Heck, I even added black vinyl to the roof so it looks like we have T-Tops! HA!
  6. The buyer lives down in Tennessee. Sorry if have to race them. But they are new to this type of racing and super nice. Make sure to find them and say hi. 2500lbs and 54/46. LOL! I am very serous when I say I am glad it is racing in another region. And we never touched the engine. We just ordered low mileage engines from car-parts.com. Imagine if someone actually built a fresh 3.5 motor. Normally I would agree, but now that I don't race a Nissan. I can be first in line to tell people these cars are awesome! IMO the Maxima is the perfect "Cage and Race" vehicle A true "Chumpcar" if you will. Ample Power and fuel capacity without changing a thing.
  7. I seems I need to re-evaluate my priorities and what is in my toolbox
  8. But what is the 3rd photo. It looks like one of them colonoscopy camera shots!?
  9. SOLD! Happy to see it go to a new father/son team ♥️ Give her love and she will give you the gift of speed! I hope you guys have lots of fun and please let us know if you ever need more drivers. We also hope you keep the car down south so we never get passed by it And we had to bring down some spotted cow brew from Wisconsin!
  10. Are passengers allowed on the practice day? I called up Road America and they said it is ok. But who makes that final call?
  11. For rear beer, Spotted Cow seems to be the go-to beer now for Wisconsin now. For you out-of-staters it is worth trying.
  12. We are busy getting our new car ready and practicing for Road America! Vrrrrooom... Pop, grind, grrrr. Brrroooooo-mance
  13. SHHH! You're giving away all the secrets! HAHA! I can confirm, we have 2 sets of Mustang wheels and they work great. Brakes are from a 2006 Infiniti G35. We've had good luck with the Autozone GT brand rotor and pads. The only engine things we did is add the intake spacers and remove intake mechanical bit on the side. (I forget the name of it). Replaced with flat chunk of metal. Otherwise we just get our engines delivered from car-parts.com. Cold air box is some flex pipe, a battery box and a garden water collector. Tips: zip tie every coil wire to the coil! Tip: Get some ventilation to your brakes.
  14. That is awesome at 14:11! Totally! I need to hang something off the rear of our car. Maybe a Mullet since our new car is a Camaro.
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