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  1. For the last 2 races we have used an older tablet to stream video from our car using a program called VSee (Free Messenger). Biggest bonus, no delay! The video is in real time, no delay like we had in race cast. This is a great system for streaming back to your pits. Not super handy handy for streaming out beyond that unless you a level 60 nerd You can install the VSee program on PC's and mobile devices. I created 2 accounts, one for the car and one for the pits. The nicest feature on the mobile device is you can set it to auto answer calls. So lets say for some reason you got disconnected, from the pits you can start a video call with the car and it will auto connect. To make that happen smoothly you'll need to disable the lock screen feature on the mobile device. So when you turn on the screen, it goes right to the home screen. No slide to show, or whatever. Minus any power issues we had, this worked great for us. (I would have used Skype, but they removed the auto connect feature several versions ago, so no). For data, we use Total wireless. 25GB and 4 devices for $100 bucks a month. We hardly went over 4gb for the entire weekend. You can get a smart phone from Walmart for under 50 bucks and be ready to stream from the car! I used XSplit broadcaster to stream out from the pits. It should give you a good idea of what we could see.
  2. Looking forward to this. When going though tech last year at Road America with our 02' Maxima, the tech asked why we converted the car to front wheel drive? After we got done laughing, we pointed out that this car never came with rear wheel drive... He was surprised and told us he was part of the group that decided to bump the car from 400 to over 500 because he thought it was Rear wheel drive. When a car you already own gets bumped in points, that sucks. But I get it. But when it was based on incorrect data, that is like a gut punch. Bringing this back full circle, having a dedicated tech with knowledge of basically every car on the road would be awesome
  3. Highlights from our Sunday Race (Good and Bad 😮 ) And you bet I included every clip we passed a Porsche! I know it was wounded, but we passed a Porsche! LOL!
  4. The car is currently 540. Stock it is 520. The only points added part is the rear sway bar.
  5. Federal 959 tires (not the RR). We actually ran the Federals on the rear. It really helped the balance of the car. Each driver described the car different, one said it had slight over steer, the other said a bit of under steer. So I guess it depends on your driving style, but I'd say car is really balanced right now.
  6. Heck yeah, I have friends and family in Nashville. That is about a perfect halfway point at just over 10hrs.
  7. @Chummy The last car we sold we met the buyer half way, so that is always an option. Also @red0 is correct, with good driving it could be that fast! Also, having better tires makes a huger difference. At BIR we finally broke down and got a set of good Dunlap tires. Wow that really woke up the car! At our last Road America race just we run some cheaper, much harder tires all around. If no one buys this car, You'll see me in your mirror again at Road America's turn 1 and 5 for sure!
  8. Yes, our Bad@$$, light weight, 2002 Nissan Maxima 6 speed LSD is for sale. She’s race prepped and track ready now! Just raced in ChampCar July 14-15 at Brainard and got 3rd in class Saturday on Comp. Course, 2nd in class and 3rd overall Sunday on Donnybrook with a couple knuckleheads driving and a master cylinder that went (Yes, it’s fixed now and she brakes like dropping an anchor). Too many upgrades to list (email if you want details). Car will do 2hrs between fuel stops. Fun, FAST and RELIABLE car. If you’re looking to upgrade your ride or just getting into the sport, you won’t be disappointed. Comes with spare motor and trans (not running) all sensors, coils, 8 – 17x8 wheels and more. A STEAL at $7000 for a race ready, podium car. We’re open to offers, but serious inquiries only please. She’s an amazing car but we have a ’79 Camaro in the works and need the $$. Location: Lacrosse, WI
  9. Wow, that German engineering is just pure voodoo!
  10. Curious, how heavy is that car? We are around 2900lbs
  11. I've used several hand motions from that movie while driving After turn 1 I used the "High, remember me" wave from the movie .
  12. @red0 No worries man, I had a great time out there with you. This is the first time we were ever in the hunt for a podium finish so we were trying to be fast while being courteous. @ABR-Glen Shh! That was part of my evil plan:
  13. Our brakes were super soft. So when we were coming into the last turn I didn't want to hold him up so I gave him the inside. I was surprised that I caught up to you guys, and we've already played that game with a several cars for many laps. They would pass us in heart of the track and we would get them back going down the front stretch. Made for some awesome racing. Our soft brake issue came from our master cylinder failing. It held out enough for us to finish the weekend. We just had to have long braking zones. Not sure the exact number but mid 130's before I lifted going into turn 1 normally. It took several laps to build up enough courage to drive that corner at full speed for our car.
  14. Ah, it happens. Most of the time you guys are the fastest thing on the track, so you don't have to check the mirrors as often as us common folk I did experience that once with your car, but it wasn't too bad. I caught back up to your car in turn 1 and had a full head of steam, but I ended up having to get on the brakes hard because I don't think the driver saw me. (The Sat. contact might also have been in the back of my mind so I was extra cautious). I figured they didn't expect our 4 door family car to catch back up so quick! haha! Overall it was fun racing with you guys and I always tried to point everyone as soon as I could.