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  1. When we got our Maxima, we were excited about about the potential with a VPi of 400. We ran our first race with an engine that had over 140,000 miles on it. Even our replacement engine was an untouched salvage yard engine with 70k. But the car suffered from massive under steer. So one of the first things we added was a rear sway bar to help the car rotate in the corner. At Road America that equaled to several seconds per lap! But before we could add more upgrades to the car, it got bumped when all the BMW's got hit with a VPi increase. Now the car is 540!? While I couldn't argue that are car was great without upgrades, I didn't think that platform deserved to be over 500. Near 500, sure. but not over. Soon after I have an interesting discussion with tech at Road America, I was asked why we converted our car into FWD!? As I was told, he thought this cars was a RWD, hence that is why it got hit with such a large point increase. After sharing that these cars only come in FWD the points were reduced to 490. But we still had to remove the (20pt) rear sway bar because it was not stock in any Maxima model. Which really did hindered our overall performance. But, not our fun! I do miss our Maxima. But IMO this is an awesome platform for new teams to just cage, run and have fun!
  2. Maybe the good news about this. Champcar will soon announce a last minute race at Sebring for Saturday March 21:
  3. LOL! I love racing with you guys out on the track. I normally never get a chance to talk with you in person since we are usually pitted on the other end at RA. But If you ever need a warm body to fill a seat hit me up
  4. Totally agree. Like I said I can't blame anyone, if I had the cash to do it I would would do the exact thing too. The CC staff is awesome, and most teams in who race in CC are super nice and friendly. Why would I go race somewhere else just to be a mid pack car when I could put the same amount of time/funding into CC car and have a better chance at winning overall & have a good experience even if I have a bad weekend. There are lots of great platforms to race like you mentioned (CRX, Nissan). We decided to switch to a GM platform because of one of our team members has 20+ years working with them. I must say, this car is so much more easier to work on vs the Maxima. Tons of room in the engine bay to fit a wrench and none of that pesky technology to get in the way HAHA! This how our car looked a year ago before we chumped it out 😜
  5. Before the race: We didn't wash the car after our 1st in class finish in Gingerman. We didn't want to wash away all the good luck (HA!) We prepared the car for Road America, new pads, rotors and oil. We also rebuilt the transmission and reinstalled it since it broke on Saturday at Gingerman. Friday: At the last minute I found out one drivers couldn't make it out this weekend and the other one (Paul) could only show up later on Sunday. We called our friend Jeff and he was able to fill in at the last minute (he normally drives with the purple neon team "Plum Crazy"). We arrived at the track and met up with the C&J race team so we could combine our Camaro powers and compare mullets. Craig from C&J and our co-owner Dan are old oval stockcar racing friends going back over 20 years. Saturday: All 3 drivers got in a driving stint. I (Mike) went back in for a 4th stint but our transmission failed after a few laps due to the rear seal sliding out. The fail sound is amazing. On the plus side, Dan and I are getting really good at swapping transmissions and we got the car back out in about 90 minutes. We still finished 4th in class. Sunday: In put on new tires since the the set we still had on was from Gingerman. (BTW Y'all should take a look at them cheap Federal tires, they have worked awesome for us.) Dan turn the fastest lap all weekend in the first stint. Jeff went out and had fun. Paul showed up was laid down some very consistent lap times. I went out and had a blast. Paul went back in because we only had an hour to go. We decided to not risk running out of fuel and focus on D class. We were able to stay out and win class D. Team "Face Down Racing" with red supra pitted right next to us, Hunter and his team are a great bunch. I was really hoping for a side by side battle all day with them, but they had to replace an alternator and that cost them 5 laps. I kept peaking at the overall rank and I saw we were doing well, but I didn't want to focus on that. Overall we had fun at the race, everyone is super nice and it was a joy racing with you. That said, something that bothers me is seeing the arms race of spending. I am torn on what to think about it overall. My inner snowflake melts down a bit seeing all of this very expensive car haulers at this amateur race event. But my inner racer knows I would do the exact same thing if I had the cash to do it. I have talked to a lots of the people on these teams (Drivers & Owners) and all of them are great people. It's easy to hate on the jerk with a wicked setup & fast car. But not so much when they are nice with a wicked setup & fast car 😏 On the long drive home an idea crept up in my mind to sell our Camaro while it can still keep up with most of the field and get out of racing all together. Personally I've never thought about quitting racing. It was a bit of a surprise that this idea even crossed my mind after having such a very positive weekend. Strange... Back to something more positive. I am uploading our in car camera video, Sunday is uploaded. I will work to get Saturday up next. *Look in the comments for time stamps. I will try to add cool moments as I re-watch it. Please feel free to do the same if you see something neat.
  6. I need need someone to hold this sign for me! HAHA
  7. LOL GTR! Maybe more like a front wheel drive 350Z. The JSK Maxima is only the 3.0 but they have been working on that car for years. The Altima is the 3.5, and they come with a factory 20 gallon tank. That Altima is beautifully prepared and cared for, but I don't think they dump BMW money into it . Overall the Altima & Maxima platform is a great car to gut, cage and race (like the spirit of champcar should be). Last year we ran a 3.5 Maxima (with stock 17g tank), and we kept it simple. We just used factory sealed salvage engines that had under 70,000 miles. We kept it in budget and we were able to get a 3rd overall at Brainerd. Near 500 is ok, but not over IMO.
  8. Awesome weekend, thank you to the CC staff and racers! All hail the all mighty NISSANS!
  9. Ever find a team to race with? Two of our co-owners are unable to attend Road America this weekend. Please call me direct six, zero, eight - eight, six, five - one, one, seven, seven. This is the first year with this car, and we are still working out the bugs. But it is fun to drive. Spring Road America the engine failed in the first stint. We took it home and rebuilt it. At Gingerman, day1 our trans input snapped off. And on day 2, we had a shifting issue that developed over the day. But all of this has been fixed and replaced. 3rd times a charm Here's our car in our last race at Gingerman.
  10. @Hi_Im_Will That is why you have to have all the Days of Thunder quotes ready to go
  11. I can second this, the rumble strips there are brutal! At the end of a race, we couldn't figure out what the fluid was on the inside of the hood. Turned out to be fluid from the driver side shock. You could have friendly team challenge. Whoever gets the fastest lap time that day, also has to buy the entire team dinner!
  12. As I understand it (but can be wrong), Road America has us use the Bend because we are an amateur race series. I am totally fine using it, because a few teams tried to knock down that outside wall when we raced with another series at RA.
  13. I hope we get lucky and land another fall color change again! Because RA can one of these: This: More photos: OR THIS!
  14. What a great weekend! We had an awesome time and the car was very solid minus some transmission related issues. I personally had a blast and enjoyed the clean side by side racing. I know of several of you that would poke or pass us between turns 1 to 10B. But after turn 10 on that short straight our car would hit the erase button on all of that. Thank you to the teams, drivers and staff for a great weekend! This is why Champcar is awesome! Day 2, Part 1 Day 2, Part 2
  15. We got our video uploaded. Minus our motor issue, our new car was really fun to drive. I noted a few fun moments, I am sure there is more. I will update it when I find them. In the first lap at 3:40 the white 180 misses the bend, and has to go though the tires maze. In the next corner we had to brake hard to avoid them. No biggie, they are just getting out the pre-race butterflies. 37:50 Our driver gets the bends He goes too far left and ends up bringing the car around. 1:08:35 An awesome pass made by giant wing. 1:09:00 The Road America safety crew take a turn as fast as our cars!
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