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  1. The impact survival series (which is like comparing apples, to rotten oranges) has a rule where the first and 2nd place car are claimed automatically by the series. The winner might get 3500 max for the win, but has to give up the car. But this is an short track oval 4cyl racing series. https://www.facebook.com/Impact-Survival-Series-ISS-192347944128872
  2. Yes, it would be hard to do. Not like a stockcar class where you could claim an engine and swap engines for a fee. I shared a buyout rule as a possible way to discourage teams to bringing a car that is well over the XX value to come to a CC race. IMO the 350 team nailed it! They built an amazing car that was hot on the track. Hats off to them.
  3. *Before I share my reply, please note I am only asking questions. I'm not attacking or yelling, just observations from my point of view and would love to have a healthy discussion on the topic. In a series originally built around "Build a $500 race car", and that was the rule stated as late as 2016. You wouldn't take less then $20,000 just 4 years later? That is a 3900% increase, wow! Don't get me wrong, your car is amazing, but cars like yours are part of the problem causing an arms race of spending. CC still stands by the idea about going racing without the "obscene expense", but has move
  4. Good point, but I will ask this. Isn't Champcar is meant to be affordable? But what defines affordable? Is spending over 10K on any car too much? Teams that show up in a rented U-haul vs a team in a semi will have a different answer. I'm sure over time most teams will spend over 10k in maintenance and upgrades. But the idea is that a new build should be under 10k. I'm not disrespecting your amazing build. I'm pointing out that we've all been doing, dumping more money into our cars to keep competitive. The idea with the buy out rule, teams have a spending line to not go far past, otherwise t
  5. I believe there is 2 topics going on simultaneously: 1. A professional and well funded team built an amazing race car! 2. They bent the rules so hard it now resembles a pretzel. We'd all dump more money into our hobby if we had the funds to do so. The rules are written from the prospective of an average Joe income. The well funded teams tend to shine a light on areas of the rules that need addressing. And the 350 team knocked it out of the park Roger Clemens! * An unpopular suggestion to stop the arms race: Buy Out Rule. Set a value for $10,000, and have some qualifying res
  6. It's always great to have people coming to find you after a stint to thank you! Overall we had an awesome weekend, thank you to the CC staff and teams. Personally my highlight was on Sunday, I had an amazing time going back and forth with the white BMW (Gorilla Sticker I think) Freaking awesome!!! Dirt track drifting! Whoooo! Pinch! I was tail end at the start, I was being overly cautious because the track was packed! It's an endurance race, no need to make risky moves early. Day 1 morning Last D standing
  7. When we got our Maxima, we were excited about about the potential with a VPi of 400. We ran our first race with an engine that had over 140,000 miles on it. Even our replacement engine was an untouched salvage yard engine with 70k. But the car suffered from massive under steer. So one of the first things we added was a rear sway bar to help the car rotate in the corner. At Road America that equaled to several seconds per lap! But before we could add more upgrades to the car, it got bumped when all the BMW's got hit with a VPi increase. Now the car is 540!? While I couldn't argue that are car w
  8. Maybe the good news about this. Champcar will soon announce a last minute race at Sebring for Saturday March 21:
  9. LOL! I love racing with you guys out on the track. I normally never get a chance to talk with you in person since we are usually pitted on the other end at RA. But If you ever need a warm body to fill a seat hit me up
  10. Totally agree. Like I said I can't blame anyone, if I had the cash to do it I would would do the exact thing too. The CC staff is awesome, and most teams in who race in CC are super nice and friendly. Why would I go race somewhere else just to be a mid pack car when I could put the same amount of time/funding into CC car and have a better chance at winning overall & have a good experience even if I have a bad weekend. There are lots of great platforms to race like you mentioned (CRX, Nissan). We decided to switch to a GM platform because of one of our team members has 20+ years
  11. Before the race: We didn't wash the car after our 1st in class finish in Gingerman. We didn't want to wash away all the good luck (HA!) We prepared the car for Road America, new pads, rotors and oil. We also rebuilt the transmission and reinstalled it since it broke on Saturday at Gingerman. Friday: At the last minute I found out one drivers couldn't make it out this weekend and the other one (Paul) could only show up later on Sunday. We called our friend Jeff and he was able to fill in at the last minute (he normally drives with the purple neon team "Plum Crazy"). We arr
  12. I need need someone to hold this sign for me! HAHA
  13. LOL GTR! Maybe more like a front wheel drive 350Z. The JSK Maxima is only the 3.0 but they have been working on that car for years. The Altima is the 3.5, and they come with a factory 20 gallon tank. That Altima is beautifully prepared and cared for, but I don't think they dump BMW money into it . Overall the Altima & Maxima platform is a great car to gut, cage and race (like the spirit of champcar should be). Last year we ran a 3.5 Maxima (with stock 17g tank), and we kept it simple. We just used factory sealed salvage engines that had under 70,000 miles. We kept it in budget and we were
  14. Awesome weekend, thank you to the CC staff and racers! All hail the all mighty NISSANS!
  15. Ever find a team to race with? Two of our co-owners are unable to attend Road America this weekend. Please call me direct six, zero, eight - eight, six, five - one, one, seven, seven. This is the first year with this car, and we are still working out the bugs. But it is fun to drive. Spring Road America the engine failed in the first stint. We took it home and rebuilt it. At Gingerman, day1 our trans input snapped off. And on day 2, we had a shifting issue that developed over the day. But all of this has been fixed and replaced. 3rd times a charm Here's our ca
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