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  1. Glad to see a TT hear we run ours DRVOLKS.com TT last time no rear dif/ swapped tranny 5 speed ALH for the bracket race at Thompson. With 22 Gal of fuel driver 2800 LB and did do a trip to the dyno at the wheels real load setup 200HP 220 FTLB at 16 LB of boost did turn it down to 10 we did run in to trouble with the engine harness ?? it would loss boost after 4 grand like a rock had to short shift it for 8 hr long day like that!!!
  2. Thank you for the update I to have boxed in the fuel cell and all lines run in metal covers or are top grade steel braided in fuel box .
  3. Could you be more clear on the root caught of the fire in the video? in the video you can see a major leak of fuel from the bottom of the car just before the turn. We where told it had been in the pit a few times for the ex system coming loose or coming off. The car still had a stock tank was the tank intact after the fire?
  4. Street signs all most free!!! they have some spring to them track tested
  5. I found this new venting way for fuel cells is a lot of work unsafe and added cost and most of the time will not work right. Now that we can not use clear filler hose most ever car used it to see when they filled the car to the top and and not let it splash back fuel on the pit crew and all over the car the person and hot ex and brakes. In the Lemon rules they ask to run the vent up higher then the filler then down below the fuel cell under the the filler . this way you use one catch tub for fuel spill ( they let you use clear reinforced approved filler hose $35 a ft ) The new champ way way I did for WG and by the look in tech line I was the only car doing it as asked. https://www.summitracing.com/parts/abt-re185 this valve starts at $150 and can go up to $250 It is used to let air out of the vent when fueling and close when fuel lifts the ball and stops the vent but it makes the filler hose back up with fuel and slashes the crew. to do it right you must use a dry break https://www.summitracing.com/parts/abt-re105 $450 X 2 . I think you need to lay it out how it really works and those that got it working right would be of a great help.
  6. For my fell cell install I run steel breaded lines at the cell and I use 3/8 stainless steel hard lines from the cell to the engine compartment at one point they run inside the car for added safety I cover them with a alum box cover. On the engine side I use very good rubber on the line to the fuel rail with double clamps.
  7. looks like you must use the ztech anchors with there product so if your drives has hans anchors in his helmet must swap out.
  8. Jay emailed me what you see
  9. got ruling duct work behind bumper and in front of radiator is free brake ducks free air intake before throttle body is free cold airbox is materials
  10. I have asked let see on the radiator ducking as point it is all inside the bumper so it is not a air dam.
  11. • Screens protecting radiator and brake duct openings from debris: 0 pts • Air intake components ahead of throttle body (including air filter, air filter housing, air intake tubing, AFM/MAF): 0 pts I had ask in the past on the radiator ducking and was told no pts. and as your read the rule book it kind gives you the guild line on it as above. If you must just ask tech I like ducks and squirrels too
  12. Do as I did I did cut center opening to the fender drop to the splitter then fill it in with a brake cooling vent and claim 1 point for filler tin all ducking for cooling radiator is free all brakes ducking is free
  13. My wife is 5 ft 100 LB so none of the men suits work she has use the biggies kids suits they work but not the best look she says. I got here a suit from Crow Enterprizes https://www.parts123.com/parts123/dyndetail.pta?catalog=0000371a&uKeY=AAABC but you must buy the men smallest long johns to pass tech for driving she likes how it fit and with the build in belt she still looks like a girl she say she need to add shoulder pads must be a girl thing!!
  14. I use a out dated seat belt set works great 5 point with quick release
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