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  1. Ok on what I found is most tuners on the 1.8T have no clue run the turbo to hot. www.EFIEXPRESS.com in NH got it going on. Upgrade the radiator a must ducking work all the air going through it hood vent behind radiator fan hard wired hot wideband O2 upgrade Drop our points where they should be 400/425
  2. QuaTTro I feel the points on the Audi TT is way to high 475 for a front wheel drive and now 525 for a all wheel drive. When you can run a Corvette for 450 points that is ten time the car of a TT. And GM spent tens of millions on that year car . please Email mike on this ever one it should be 400/425 AWD. It look like my car is the only TT to finish one of these races out of 2 TT? I have finished 3 so far DF on 2 others . My take on this is the Audi TT 4 wheel drive needs a lot of work and cash to make it last. AWD in the rain the best way to go. FWD for most of the tracks is the way to go in the VW/Audi product. For your first Audi/VW car here is my take Front wheel drive LSD or welded good axles rework roll center rework bump steer safety wire ever thing turbo build a bridge around it to hold it from moving ( when you can lift the car from it you did it right) Please email Mike on it
  3. I run the DRVOLKS.com Audi TT last year and WGI all wheel drive till it killed the the rear drive !! Just run front wheel drive with it welded and good axles or LSD . VW front wheel drives are for the most bullet proof. I just did a Lemon with a new power plant swap TDI/DSG in drive mode front wheel drive open diff and set some supper fast laps and did most of the 14 hrs ( ME bad spun and slide by a yellow )
  4. you need to do the tape yarn speed test with a few gopros you will learn fast what works.
  5. search in the old posts on this, I got one for a airplane mounted in the fuel cell with a light comes on at 3 gals. works fine its mounted in a pick up box in the cell.
  6. We to have had some trouble with the enclosed filler and the vent tube leaking after filling . we relocated the the filler on the drivers side up high in the C piller on the TT so it had a good downword slope. and run a metal 1/2 vent tube out of the cell encloser up higher then the filler and back down out the bottom of the car under the filler. we use a long big od jug hose. when filling with the hose in all the way in the filler last can when it spits back drop the jug and pull it out. with luck it may spit on one turn . When we run Lemons we use the certified safe clear reinforced filler hose at $35 ft and stop filling when we see the fuel start to come up using the clear hose we never have it leak on to the car unsafe, and never leaks on the track .
  7. I have installed a few cells over the years . on our Audi TT we installed it behind the driver close to the stock location in the center of the car. the location is very important more centered the better. If you move up to scaling the car it will help you to dial the car in faster and spread the weight out. Here is the first cell install
  8. Fuel cell install is just the beginning. Fuel pumps, pickups that work, surge tank that work , Fuel lines and layout, fuel filler location , Vent line location and fuel spill. It takes a lot of planing and reading on the site to get it close. www.DRVOLKS.com
  9. that is a steal Nothing like a good TDI car . We ran the Beetle TDI for years . and now we are doing a TDI CR DSG swap to our TT Audi
  10. Not in CC but other groups say to follow fuel cell recommendations from one group 3.H.9 Fuel System Inspection and Maintenance. All fuel systems and fuel-system components must meet their manufacturer-recommended inspection, certification, recertification, and replacement schedules. It just makes sense to keep things up to date . If you feel safe with a 25 year old fuel cell fine, I just do the pic thing to to keep some techs happy.
  11. I run a 22 gal ATL fuel cell and stuff it for Champ. In the TT I have it covered in a sealed box. What ever one forgets is the bladder in there cell has the time stamp on it the only way to check is pull ever thing a part . So what I do is take a pic of it and print it and clear tape it to the top of the sealed box just makes live in tech line a bit faster .
  12. If you build it in the same shape as it was stock I would see no points. Clean job there www.DRVOLKS.com
  13. Glad to see a TT hear we run ours DRVOLKS.com TT last time no rear dif/ swapped tranny 5 speed ALH for the bracket race at Thompson. With 22 Gal of fuel driver 2800 LB and did do a trip to the dyno at the wheels real load setup 200HP 220 FTLB at 16 LB of boost did turn it down to 10 we did run in to trouble with the engine harness ?? it would loss boost after 4 grand like a rock had to short shift it for 8 hr long day like that!!!
  14. Thank you for the update I to have boxed in the fuel cell and all lines run in metal covers or are top grade steel braided in fuel box .
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