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  1. zack_280

    Kill switches?

    I'm surprised you would say that. I know you know that the switch is flipped to disconnect the electrically operated components of the system that may lead to a fire...mainly the fuel pump, but probably other things like the coil and plugs, etc. It's not to stop a short circuit in the electrical system. If one of the big cables is shorted, all of that stuff is off anyway and you're going to have a fire pretty quickly unless you have electrical circuit protection.
  2. zack_280

    Kill switches?

    About 1 second.
  3. zack_280

    Kill switches?

    And NASCARS aren't Champcars. I'd be interested to see the NASCAR rule where it says "Kill" Switches are to be used to prevent fires from a short circuit on the electrical system. This is a pretty good debate, but I think it's best practice to use a 4 or 6 pole switch and battery short circuit protection. I don't think that's what the rule says. And I definitely don't think the kill switch is intended to be used a means of short circuit protection. I think we generally agree that there is a better way to do it, but I don't think the 2-pole way is in violation of the rule or the intent of the rule (although that is just my opinion and I have no intention of testing it with the tech inspector on my car).
  4. zack_280

    Kill switches?

    Since this topic seems to be generally fire protection in an electrical system, can you point me to the section of NFPA 70 where the recommended short circuit protection is a manual disconnect switch?
  5. zack_280

    Kill switches?

    Good discussion here, but I agree with @DaveH. If short circuit protection is required, the kill switch is not the safe (aka correct) way to do it. That being said, I've always used the 4 post switch.
  6. zack_280

    Race Radios!!! Help!

    @StuPDazzo If you are buying new radios, I'd strongly consider digital. They are not absolutely necessary, but it is very nice to have. It really helps get clear communications between the driver and the crew especially on longer tracks. I replaced an older analog set that got stolen with digital motorolas and we have clear communication on 100% of the track at Road Atlanta. With the analogs (Motorola SP50), we would get too much static from T6 to T9 (about 1/3 of the track) to have a chance at meaningful comms. The analogs did work pretty well at Sebring, Daytona, Barber, and NCM.
  7. zack_280

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    So if you have a stock spoiler....Nevermind. I can only troll so much.
  8. zack_280

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    Spoilers are fixed point value. If I add one where there wasn't one, it's 10 points. If I replace the stock one or modify it in some way, it should be 0 points since an aero element is a stock component and is accounted for in the base VPI. Taking it a step further, seems reasonable that it should be -10 points if I delete it altogether.
  9. zack_280

    0 Point Aero Workaround

    My opinion is repurposed is not free. Removes gray area. As we all know every option on every car was considered for every line on the VPI list. We also know that aero is 10 points per element. So, if your car came with a spoiler, you can modify said spoiler in any way for 0 pts. Since it is a fixed value removing it will also gain you 10 pts to spend elsewhere. So you can effectively trade your spoiler for any 10 point item without taking an additional points hit.
  10. zack_280

    Dry Break Fuel Vent Product

    Air fittings or hydraulic fittings would be fine...But make sure your tank is not completely sealed as alluded to by @ross2004. For my car, we are locating a vent tank at the top of the trunk with the rollover valve in the bottom of the vent tank and a vent open to atmosphere with an air filter at the top. Overflow is controlled by mounting the filler in a pan with a 5/8 hose barb drain and drain hose routed through the floor of the trunk. Just set the drain pan under the center of the car, fill it up, and any spillage should drain directly into the pan. So far we've had good luck with this on the E30. If you do this, polar bears would appreciate you draining your fuel tank between events. Note that we had a quick disconnect at one time and it was annoying and then I crashed the car and broke it off. I let the team owner know of the service that I performed for him and the team, but he still made me buy a new wheel.
  11. The car will be at Sebring. Feel free to stop by and tell the owner to spend more money on improvements. I don't think I will be there, though. 😢
  12. The rear takes some time to set, but when it does, sometimes it wants to keep coming around. I wouldn't call it snap oversteer, but it takes so long to set that it can catch you off guard. If you are ready quickly with a little countersteer, it's usually fine. If you're late, you spin. The time I spun, I caught it in Turn 1 and then was late the second time the rear set. Not sure if it's a mustang thing or what. Really the handling isn't bad, you just have to be ready for the rear to step out every time you turn. That being said, we have a driver who is really good at spinning. I thought it was nearly impossible to spin in our E30, but he does it frequently. This mustang has a panhard bar, torque arm, and probably other modifications that were made before I worked on the car.
  13. The owner lives in Chattanooga. I've run with them at Daytona and Sebring. If you look through the Champcar FB pics from AMP, Bill took quite a few pics of the outrageous aero. The wing motion is tied mechanically to the axle. I know it looks like the wing is moving the wrong direction, but technically it is staying level with the axle while the body rolls. The intent of the design is that the wing flattens out on acceleration and gets max angle under braking. Not sure it's ideal after turn in and at the point of getting back on power. Like all of the other aero on the car, at least it looks neat. PS That body aero was good for about 10 MPH at Daytona (10MPH less than without the body aero).