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  1. I was working pit road and AFAIK you can fuel and fix a problem while the green flag is out assuming you were on pit road before the pits were closed. But I had no radio, so I was basically just out there making up my own rules.
  2. Thanks for the video. That fills in a few holes in the info that I had. I never doubted Chisek. In my opinion, he seriously considers every technical decision he makes, he hears what we are saying, and he adapts when needed. *edit: I was going to make a few additional comments about the video, but the point is still that I support Chisek (even if he is a hipster now)
  3. It's possible, I have partaken of a fair number of libations this evening.
  4. The team might not have had bad intentions. Maybe they built the cars for something else and decided to run champcar. Maybe they didn't realize the level of competition/scrutineering they would receive. Now they know. WE DON"T FVKC AROUND.
  5. A sidebar point is that there really was no "good" decision. Either way someone ends up pretty upset. He fell back on the main point, which is that there was no official protest.
  6. R3R was a bit defensive, but I can understand that given the circumstances. Champ could have penalized them, but I understand that decision. Based on Mike's words, he was not happy about the situation and he was not happy about the final decision. It seemed like everyone that was still in the impound area was shocked by the decision. A precedent has been set. Get your paperwork in order and get it submitted during (or before) impound. It's not unreasonable to require that in my opinion. (it's also not unreasonable to be reasonable about penalizing teams for cheating).
  7. The verbal protest was vetted and found to be accurate. However, no formal protest was submitted, so no penalty was levied against R3R.
  8. Yes. Sorry, that was in reference to the Sebring protest. Also, it looks legit. I question whether you should be allowed to make any engine changes other than intake/exhaust when doing an engine swap, though. But the rules don't address that.
  9. We filed it with about an hour to go. Tuttle was told about the protest and elected to DQ themselves by skipping impound.
  10. I was working the race. I had no direct involvement in any discussions. I talked to just about everyone discussing the events. Here are the facts. Everything here happened although it's possible that I missed some of the context. The key thing to remember is that no action was taken since no formal protest was filed. Everything below is just details that lead up to that result. Team R3R was running unclaimed parts at Indy Team R3R changed at least some of those parts before Barber Team R3R was still running unclaimed parts at Barber (Champcar officials acknowledged this at impound) Team R3R had two cars in the race on both days. On Saturday they lead car was battling with Burningham for the lead. They went back and forth 4 or five times in the last 45 minutes. The R3R car running in 3rd place set FTD toward the end of the race and started running slower laps. On the last lap the 3rd place R3R car got passed by the 1st place car placing it between the winning R3R car and Burningham. Burningham was not happy. Burningham noticed cheaty parts and brought them to Champcar's attention about 10 minutes or so into impound. I drank beers and wandered around. I came back and asked someone if a protest was filed about 25 or so minutes into impound. One of the protesting teams said "yes, champcar was handling it." Champcar deliberated about what to do. About 30 minutes later, the announcement was made that since no formal protest was filed as per the rules, there was no grounds to DQ or penalize R3R. I am 100% sure that the teams who were protesting the cheaty parts would have filed the paperwork, but they didn't think it was necessary (and didn't actually have a copy of the form).
  11. Well poop! Edit: Forum nannys forced my hand.
  12. I've flushed out some crazy 5h1t in my day.
  13. In the South in general if you take your kid to the babysitter, you say "the babysitter kept my kid". Except, the babysitter did not keep your kid. The babysitter watched your kid and then stopped watching your kid. here's a buggy Do you have your picture made? In TN, we do.
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