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  1. Does the new teammate need to be available to work on the car in the Tampa area on a regular basis, or are you just looking for someone to show up at the race and split cost? Not asking for myself, but I am curious and I figure that'll be a common question. I really wish I was looking for a team and/or lived in your general area. I'd be all over this. What a great opportunity for someone to join a great Champcar team!
  2. Well said Doc. There's good info and good discussion on the forum, but we do get excited about the finer points of the rules, etc. If you just read the forum and had never been to a race, you'd think we were a huge dysfunctional family. If you had been to a few races and then got on the forum, you'd think "thank God these crazy bastiges don't go to the races". But really we're the same people in both places. We are passionate about this series, but we do get along (most of the time). Unless you drive an MR2. Then you're cheating and we hate you. Or is it 944s now? Probably both.
  3. @ktm300 I suggest you go run Lemons. If anyone needs me in the next 3 minutes, I'll be pounding sand. 3 minutes after that, you'll be able to find me in a lake. Seriously, Lemons is a different experience, but it's worth trying.
  4. It makes sense to me to just get one or the other. If you get an overall trophy, CCWS should just keep the class trophy and give you the overall trophy.
  5. You could probably find a new OEM E46 wheel for $200 or more in case you wanted to spend that much on wheels. Not saying that I would do it, but I'm just saying.
  6. Presumably you were told the wrong track? Or maybe to be there after the race? Can't imagine any other scenario where you get there a little late and somehow that turns into a wasted trip.
  7. I'm keeping them. They are backup wheels for the E46 and track day wheels for my E36 M3. You can still get them for $160 - $200 per wheel depending on your style preference. Not sure if this link will work, but here you go. https://www.tirerack.com/wheels/results.jsp?&autoMake=BMW&autoModel=M3&autoYear=1995&autoModClar=
  8. I've got 255s on a 17x9.5" Apex ARC-8 wheel, but I've got MCS 1-way coil overs, so you might not be able to run the 255s. I ran 245s on a 9 with no issue before the coil overs. Tire racks TR Motorsports has an affordable 9" wheel for an E36 M3 that fits. I have no experience with racing or hitting things using that wheel, but I drive flat out when I track day and it survived that.
  9. We did it for a lot less than that if you don't count the wing in the total. Then it immediately broke and we didn't fix it.
  10. I was thinking the same thing. Maybe he was just enthusiastically waving and looking in his mirror and accidentally pulled the wheel left and smacked into you. Also, excellent 1st post.
  11. Hmmm...I just had a bad idea for the class trophy.
  12. I like this too. In theory, you could race in class with a 1000 pt car. That would give you 50 laps, so EC should start with something more than that. 100 doesn't seem arbitrary when you think about it this way. Well, you could just take however many laps and run in class...Unless you used carbon fiber or a larger fuel tank or some other thing that automatically bumps you into EC.
  13. Wow...Is it an Iphone thing? Race Hero works great for me. I had more issues with Race Monitor and I had to pay for the same features that were free in Race Hero. I might check out Race Monitor for the Watkins Glen race since I still have it on my phone and it's paid up for the moment. Maybe it's gotten better in the last year or so.
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