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  1. zack_280

    What level of building is too much?

    >$20k for a build is too much. <$20k is ok. That is the only way I can think of to answer this without getting pretty far into the weeds. That $20k should include everything needed to take to your first race including spares. It does not include another $20k in beer required to build the $20k car or the $20k tow rig required to haul the $20k car to the track.
  2. Dang...I was too late. Hopefully you make the top 10.
  3. The main thing is that we don't need to make more power for GP1. So there is really no need. The other thing is cams are expensive. The ZHP motor has a very slightly hotter cam from the factory and you can buy the whole motor for ~1/2 the price of an aftermarket cam. Although I didn't look too hard at cams since I figured we would be fine on power. When I started my build, I thought 7k RPM would be fine. After all, the Spec E46 tune gives you 7k redline. I do not have direct experience with the M54 motors. However, I have since heard from what I believe to be reliable sources that these motors don't do well above 6500RPMs. So we are going to try to not push our luck.
  4. Peak torque is at ~4700RPMs. Power curve flattens out at about 6000 and inches up until about 6500 where we shut it down. We are planning to shift at about 6k, but we could go to 6500 if needed.
  5. Originally that was the plan, but SE46 and GP1 looked like fun. I also hate having money, so this went a long way toward me having one less thing to hate. It wouldn't be toooo difficult to swap it over to a non-EC Champcar. (just change engine and suspension)
  6. The SE46s running at the races I was at (Road Atlanta, Barber and NOLA) were running in GP1 last year. My understanding was that they were just a little too powerful to easily add weight for GP2. With the new HP and weight adding rules, I think they can get there without being penalized. Unfortunately that rule changed after I was half way through building a GP1 car.
  7. I drove a friend's E46 M3 at NOLA last year. It was the most fun-to-drive car I've ever driven. I want one badly, but I don't want the expense.
  8. I'm probably forgetting something, but here goes. Car is an E30. Exhaust: 1 failure (Knocked off at AMP) CV Axle: 1 failure (Exploded at AMP) Cooling system: 4 failures (lost belt 1 time, cracked/cut hoses 3 times) Head problems: 1 failure (we think we had a bad head on the car when we got it) Catastrophic Engine Failure: 2 failures (1 due to detonation. Found out our motor runs dangerously lean with the O2 sensor plugged in...Might be a bad O2 sensor, but we just unplugged it. and one due to not properly torquing the crank pulley). Alternator Failure: 1 failure Crashing out: 1 time ( @Bill Strong crashed into us at Road Atlanta) Transmission failure: 2 (got stuck in 2nd at AMP, lost 4th at NCM, but still finished) Mystery failure: 2 failures (We were losing water at the VIR 24. We'd have to add about 16 ounces every pit stop. It finally ended up overheating. Swapped to another rebuilt head. Same issue. We believe the block may have a crack in it.)
  9. Nice. If you are doing a NASA/WRL build, I'd recommend a Spec E46. WRL modified the rules since I started this build and you can get a Spec E46 in GP2 with a little weight added now. I'm planning on running this car in it's current configuration in GP1. Nice SpecE46s are selling for $30k or more. They are also pretty cheap. I bought two cars (one running, the other for parts, but technically the parts car was running too) for $2900. That being said, it costs a bit to build a Spec E46.
  10. Kinda did dyno tuning this weekend. This is going to be a WRL car or EC Champcar. With a ZHP motor, M50 intake, Ebay header, E36 M3 injectors. The O2 sensor in the tailpipe was going to bad signal at about 5k RPMs. So we couldn't really tune it, but we are expecting ~235HP on a dynojet.
  11. I was watching this at the in-laws. I ended up commandeering the TV and forcing everyone to watch. Smart not pushing the issue with Tuttle. I figured there was about a 75% chance of Running Bulls finishing in 4th, but you kept it clean.
  12. I agree. It's a light/fast car and it's very well driven.
  13. zack_280

    Best bang for the buck

    I've found their GTX 3071R fastener works well over a wide range of applications.