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  1. YouTube just boned live streaming for most of us. So maybe this makes more sense now?
  2. I've got some kindling and some diesel fuel and a lighter and some free time. Not saying I'd burn them at the stake based on a vague post by a stranger on the internet, but I'm not not saying it either. The phrase 'internal team issue' seems to mean a different thing to me than pretty much everyone else on this thread. My buddy Cho has had a lot of excuses lately that have limited his time helping on the new car build. Maybe they are valid, but he's supposed to be an equal partner on the team. That's an internal team issue. If Cho decided to loosen the wheel bearing nuts or poured metal shavings in the oil fill hole the night before a race (or if I even suspected him of it), that would be an internal team issue, too. I'd probably be getting out an auger, quickcrete, and setting a stake into the ground for no particular reason, but I probably wouldn't be asking for information on a thread about it...Because it's an INTERNAL team issue. This just seems to be a bit EXTERNAL to me, since, you know, there's a public thread about it. IRRegardless, I hope the OP gets some closure and never again has to deal with whatever it was that inspired this thread.
  3. So it had nothing to do with the two people pictured in the original post? Or were they on the team and claim not to have been there at the time of the incident? Or maybe it's just none of my business (not possible since it's on the internet).
  4. If you build your own cage, have someone else do a 100% visual inspection with inspection cameras and/or mirrors. It is easy to miss a small bit in those hard-to-see spots especially if you are using your fingers to verify completeness. The Tech inspectors are good at finding missed welds. If you have your cage built by a professional shop, you should do a 100% inspection of every single weld. If the tech inspector finds a problem, it's your problem. Better to resolve it before you make it to that point.
  5. Gloves on, visors down when fueling. I get to yell that a lot when working pit road.
  6. Bill and Jane were having a passionate evening. Things were getting pretty intense. Suddenly Jane's expression changed from pleasure to surprise with just a hint of terror. That's when Bill said,
  7. It's a bit confusing to call the non-stock parts stock parts. For some reason, I was thinking there was consensus on another thread in the past that said the stock manifold had to be used. Now I realize the stock manifold is not the stock manifold, but the manifold that come with the motor being swapped in. I thought that was stupid, but turns out it's just semantics.
  8. This seems wrong, but I'm lazy, so I'm not making an effort to verify.
  9. I want to write something about intent of rules and words in the rules, but the only thing that seems appropriate is... LOLZ!!!
  10. If you are planning on having rear lexan and a package tray, you might want to paint it with a flat paint. I just about couldn't see out of my rearview with the aluminum tray reflecting off of it. It wasn't too bright, it was just the lexan acting like a mirror so that all you could easily see was the package tray. This was in an E46, but seems like it could be a universal problem.
  11. Not before I got it in my cart..Now time to check out. 😈
  12. Hoe-Made...Pretty sure it's 67", but 64" would be a little less likely to cause end-plate induced stitches. I didn't save that much over buying from Johnny. If you want to DIY, I can send you some info, but it's messy and a PITA and not much savings.
  13. If you want a tiny little 48" wang, it's $276.50. That's pretty close. EDIT: For some reason the 64" wang is coming up at $276.50...You might want to go ahead and buy that before the sale ends.
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