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  1. I would like to thank everyone for providing their comments. I do think that this thread has generated way more attention than it deserves. I am going back to tabula rasa and providing an executive summary: * We have $650 in US ChumpChange for sale. The price is $600 (firm). * This ChumpChange can be used for paying race entry fees in US until August 13, 2016 and will be accepted at face value. * This is not a scam. Our headquarters address is listed on the website; feel free to come by any time. We suggest (and encourage) using PayPal. This guarantees you will get your money back if we decide not to play by the rules. I cannot believe I am writing this to be perfectly honest. * Benefit to you: saving $50. * Benefit to us: getting money sooner (that we could use to buy tires and kick arse at Mosport). If this offer to save $50 sounds ridiculous please accept my sincere apologies but please refrain from pointing it out. Thanks.
  2. Wow, this thread is so active I got new posts while typing up and submitting the above. Some items have already been addressed - good stuff.
  3. Thanks for all your responses; it was interesting to see the reasoning. This is something for us to take into account when posting ads of similar nature in the future. At this point we will keep our price as is and will be waiting for someone to come along who: * Decides to enter a ChumpCar race in USA before August 13th, 2016. * Is brave enough to venture into the wilderness of redeeming ChumpChange involving one email, one regular-sized envelope, and one postal stamp (this is what we did and it worked beautifully for us; as an added bonus we can provide a "ChumpChange Redemption Kit" with detailed instructions). Such person might never materialize of course, forcing us to lower the price at some point or use this ChumpChange ourselves. We will keep our hopes high in the meantime. P.S. I checked the rules to make sure there was no ambiguity in my mind about redeeming ChumpChange (section 1.6). ChumpChange is awarded on a pro-rata basis (the case where there are less than 35 entries). Once it is issued (awarded) it is always redeemed at its face value. To make it easier to understand: once you have a $100 ChumpChange certificate in your possession you will always be able to redeem it for $100, provided current rules remain unchanged.
  4. Guys, c'mon, we are trying to be serious here To everyone who replied (mostly through PM). I admit I am a bit "old school" and out of touch with the Internet age a bit, but common sense, tact, and realistic expectations are (supposed to be) an integral part of any group/society/community/etc. I understand that everyone wants to get a deal and the cooler the deal the better. Sure. Am I missing something, though, by offering $650 for $600? Does this not constitute a deal already? For those who will be entering future races and will be paying entry fees - is saving $50 with almost no effort involved not enough of an incentive already? I completely admit the possibility of being wrong but, damn, I cannot see where my logic is flowed.
  5. Hello, We have $650 USD in ChumpChange for sale. You get it all for $600 and we'll ship for free. First-come, first-served. Thanks.
  6. After carefully reassessing our Pittsburgh "Chumpionship" plan we concluded that the best course of action for the team would be not to attend this year's event. There is not one single contributing factor but rather a combination of many. Running Calabogie, Pittsburgh, and Mosport events within such a short timeframe creates a risk we as a team are not willing to accept. First and foremost we would like to make sure we will have properly prepared cars, as well as make sure we can deliver the best experience to people renting seats in those cars. We would like to thank everyone who contacted us and expressed interest in joining our team. We sincerely hope all of you will find seats and get to participate in this season-concluding race. Calabogie and Mosport seats are still available. Please do not hesitate to contact us about those two events.
  7. To everyone who contacted me in the last few days. This temporary radio silence was caused by being away in the wilderness with no reception. I just got back to civilization and got some catching up done. All emails, PMs, and other messages have been replied to.
  8. Justin! Long time no see. Are you planning on racing at the Pittsburgh event as well? By the time Mosport rolls around everyone on the core team would have driven both cars, so rule is satisfied. Seeing how busy Mike, Sal, and Wendy are it will not be that easy to make sure rule ("...MUST CONTACT THEIR REGIONAL DIRECTOR") is covered but I am hoping we will succeed on that front as well. Even if we didn't qualify for the Chumpionship we would still race (provided the stars align). Sure, holding that heavy metal art piece above your head at the awards ceremony is very special, but seeing familiar faces, racing with fellow Chumps, and just being out there at the track is priceless. This is why we are doing it. This is the message we are trying to convey to all people who are thinking of giving ChumpCar a try.
  9. We came by to thank Mike and crew at the awards ceremony. This post is meant to be a carbon copy of that. Thanks! You all did an awesome job. Rob, I was not there to witness the Thursday clockwork operation first hand but the way you put it does sound pretty cool. 4 minutes to get the whole new event going; must be a record of some sort. I was there on Saturday, though, and can attest to the smoothness, timeliness, and expedience of the race end operation. Something we as competitors didn't really notice (another sign it was done perfectly) but something that took planning and effort on the part of race organizers. We are lucky to have people that genuinely care.
  10. Guys, thank you so much for your kind words. It's very nice to hear this kind of positive feedback. All PMs and emails have been replied to.
  11. Calabogie will be empty without the black Neon. Don't let this happen. Ugliness in full glory: People who made it all happen (try to find the ringer):
  12. Good thing it all ended well for the drivers. I hope competitors and spectators at Sebring will be fortunate to see this awesome car kicking arse on track. I spotted the beast in its natural habitat walking around the LRP on Saturday:
  13. Rob, your #556 car was consistently fast throughout the weekend and didn't have any issues. You guys did a really good job. I saw many of your forum posts but that was the first time I saw the car in action. I hope you are considering going to Calabogie and Mosport. Thanks! Whenever we got around either of your cars we knew it was gonna be some fun racing! Its always the most fun to have a car or team that you can battle with respectfully for laps on end. Unfortunately, when I was in the car it seemed we were usually on the other side of the track. I did enjoy watching you guys battle our other driver! We will not be at Calabogie or Mosport. I think we are doing Pitt race and that's it. Well, we really liked racing with you. I guess we'll have to go to the Pittsburgh event then.
  14. Auto Evolution Racing had tremendous success at the Lime Rock event and that was mainly due to a fantastic driver lineup. We are now strongly considering going to the Pittsburgh Chumpionship event and would like to see if we can put together a similar group of people willing to work hard and push for a strong finish, preferably a win. Please contact us for details. By the way, we are also going to the Grande Canadian Chumpionship at Mosport and will be looking for drivers as well. We will post more details in the Canadian section soon.
  15. Rob, your #556 car was consistently fast throughout the weekend and didn't have any issues. You guys did a really good job. I saw many of your forum posts but that was the first time I saw the car in action. I hope you are considering going to Calabogie and Mosport.
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