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  1. We use the milk jugs from Costco - the square shape and flat tops with a big lid make them easy to store in the freezer and can fit a couple in the system. We pack yellow fuel cell foam they shipped our cell in around the jugs - it is really porous and doesn't hold much water when you take it out and dries out pretty quick. We pull the tops off - seems to get rid of heat better, we would have blocks left in jugs when we left lids on at the end of a stint, now we generally just have a little piece of ice left. Also bought a $100 craigslist freezer about the size of a dishwasher. Like was mentioned earlier - nothing better after the race than Sundae Cones?
  2. That's a pretty steep penalty for a bass?!?!?
  3. We are planning a new wagon and struggling with ideas and how not to make it as big as a pickup. Would love to see what others have built and take any suggestions.
  4. It makes sense - shouldn't that be a low pressure area if your hood is not too sloped downward?
  5. Have to ask if the hood design was worth the time and effort??
  6. Sorry if you thought that was pointed at you, not the case at all - it is a very common theme in a lot of threads that people spend way more time worrying about what the other guys are doing. I would say you would be a prime example of what is right with chumpcar. Made a choice of a car that didn't work like you hoped, now have a different car that is more competitive, good for you! I just really appreciate people having a vision and seeing it through good or bad. The series hasn't been overrun by shortened Crown Vics yet and I am guessing this may be the only one ever..(If his wife had let him buy a Mustang you would have never seen this one) Couple of years ago everyone was up in arms about a couple of 240SX's that got labeled the 400SX if I remember right, I will never forget watching that thing go down the straight at Donnybrooke but it didn't change the entire face of the series. Not sure if they just grew weary of whipping everyone by so much or got lawyered out of the series but things like that tend to pass. IF we were better drivers and IF we were better mechanics and IF we had the perfect car and IF we actually understood racecraft we would never lose but that is pretty hard to come by, For now we are going to have to keep hanging out with our buddies, meeting a lot of really cool people, once in a while putting a great day together and getting a trophy but usually going home with only a bunch of great stories to tell and a lot lighter wallet. Its on all the rest of us to figure out how to knock RBank off the podium not figure out how to create a rule to do it for us so we can feel better about ourselves. It's really not hard to figure this game out, have a really solid set of drivers who can cleanly drive for 2 hours at a time in a really well prepared car and the results will be there. If only it was that simple!!
  7. The wing and headers would be way less points than the blower!
  8. Nothing would make me happier than to see a Gremlin out front! There is a Bobcat we have fun against that has had some good runs. Guarantee they are having as much or more fun than anyone on the track! Favorite Hot Wheel I ever owned!
  9. if you can take an existing platform and make it better (and still be safe) with a demo saw and a welder I think that is EXACTLY the spirit of chumpcar. (I can't make the edit work)
  10. I am all for the next Unicorn - be creative - think outside the box. For all of the talk and complaining it still seems to me that BMW's and Miatas with a few Mustangs out west and now a ridiculously fast Honda still pretty much dominate the series. Personally I would love to see a one off Neon kick everybody's butt. Seems to me that if you are afraid of a Unicorn you are just trying to defend the car that you have today that is working and screw anybody and does something, heaven forbid, better or different than buying a BMW or Miata and being competitive in it. And as a disclaimer I spend a lot of time racing in a modified wheelbase car.
  11. Is anybody else thinking about Wayne and Garth with Bohemian Rhapsody going through their head??? No? Just me?
  12. If you have a good group of guys with some skills the build can definitely be as much fun as the actual racing, assuming very understanding wives who don't care to spend any substantial amount of time with you! But the Jag is terrible place to start - I know absolutely nothing about them but when was the last time you walked in to O'Reilley's and they had a great selection of Jaguar parts on the shelf?? You are going to get to know the counter guys at your closest parts store better than your children if you decide to build a car. Great advice to go out to a race and look around and ask questions, preferably at check in the day before. Never heard of guy in this series who didn't want to talk nearly endlessly about the merits of the car they chose as long as its not in the heat of a race. Then volunteer to help the next day if you can. Can't get any closer to the action and understand how a race weekend actually works. We have built 3 cars in 3 different models and still really don't have any clue what we are doing. Last comment would be safety first. Cage, seat, harness, fire suppression and personal gear is not the place to save money. It has been said many times here but if you can't afford high quality personal gear then this isn't the right place for you. If you happen to end up building most any Ford we will be glad to provide an extensive list of things NOT to do! Good luck and welcome to the asylum!
  13. One thing to note is the Vic is a full framed car - not sure what issues the unibody would create?
  14. Moss Racing - 2007 Crown Vic - Shortened 19" - Runs both Chumpcar and WRL with no issues - tech in both looked it over very closely to make sure it is safe and they have had no problems
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