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  1. We run the XP8. I would call and tell them your exact setup to be sure. Tell them NLS sent you.
  2. CARBOTECH! They are awesome on miata's and 240's. That i know for sure.
  3. We have been there. It sucks to blow up a fresh build. Look at the good side of things. Other than the motor change, there is not much race prep to do before the championship. Good luck!
  4. Where is the best place online to shop for wheels?
  5. If we are going to be using purple 35 it needs to be enforced! With less than 3 hours to go, our team was chipping away at the lead. All to be lost when the purple 35 came out. We got "stuck" behind a car that was actually going 35. The leader and a bunch others were able to make up about a minute under this caution period. I don't fault the teams that catch up. We have done it too. This needs to be enforced!! I took a screen shot of a lap under purple 35. We had been under caution for 2 laps already so the Last Lap times show the difference.
  6. The system worked great for us all day Saturday. Even when we got black flagged for not brake lights. We still waited for the physical flag.
  7. NLS Racing will have our stream up and going
  8. The 4.0 ford motor is a bad street car engine. I would not want to race one. The VQ30 from the 96 maxima is what we run. bolts up to a CD009 6 speed trans. We run the factory ECU with Nistune. If i had to do it again i would go with an aftermarket ECU.
  9. I would think you would be fine to run the aftermarket arms. But to be sure, I would write the tech desk and show examples and i'm sure they will work with you. What is the car?
  10. That is one of the most informative links i have ever seen. Thanks
  11. Compared to what? What racing series keeps the rules the same year after year?
  12. Not much chatter about this race. I know NLS is looking forward to it. Is anyone running the HPDE friday to get track time?
  13. We are debating how much to fix this for VIR. It's only three weeks away and we have a ton of other work to do.
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