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  1. We use these also. Wires to the kill switch and counts up from zero.
  2. What the deal with Summit Point? I spent a ton of weekends there as a kid. Would love to go race there.
  3. We have plywood covered with bedliner. Helps with heat also.
  4. I talked to Tuttle about our intake problem. He showed me how to fix it. 2021 legal!
  5. Is it me or does every other thread get hijacked by people b1tching about American iron this or t-bird that. Our car got hit with 25+ points this off season. I'm not complaining. I'm making our car work under the rule changes. Rules will always change in any form of racing. If you go too fast you get smacked down, that is all forms of motorsports.
  6. I was waiting for someone to say that. We run the races closest to us, don't have the budget to run with the big spenders.
  7. We will be on the dyno in a month or two. Going to do some back to back testing and see how it changes the whole curve. We will be able to run either set up by ditching oil cooler and changing radiators. Will probably run the 3.0 intake on races that are hot and long. Then run 3.5 setup on the 7 and 8 hour races. We will have options. Should be a full schedule next year if everything goes as planned. What races are you guys planning on in 2021?
  8. We got our setup figured out. Just waiting on some aluminum tubing so I can build the flanges to connect to intake and throttle body. I don't think we will lose much power -vs- the 3.5 intake. It just cost us time and money.
  9. That sucks. Hopefully you can find somewhere to go.
  10. We won two races with a swapped 240sx this year. Not banned yet won last year.
  11. It's listed both ways depending on where you look. Either way it's only a 1 point difference . We don't use the whole 500 anyway. They lowered our swap weight 36 pounds. I'm not smart enough to figure out what our exact swap number will be next year. Anyone know how 36 LBS changes the swap math?
  12. @Bill Strong Have you updated the swap calculator with the 2021 weights?
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