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  1. I have been monitoring fuel temp for a couple years. I measure it at the rail. At the hottest point in the 24hr last year max was around 120.
  2. This bumper has saved our car 3 or 4 times for sure. We had to build it, when we bought the car it did not have a rear factory bumper.
  3. We use a naca duct in the side window. It work great. We also used some of these vents in the roof just above the drivers visor. They can pop them open very easily. https://www.aircraftspruce.com/catalog/appages/snapvents3.php
  4. Watch this video before placing your BUNGS.,
  5. We have been running the Racecapture stuff for a few years now. I'm thinking about upgrading for the better cell coverage.
  6. This is why tech has the final say. If it acts as a splitter. Guess what? It's 10 points. Putting the rule book under a microscope will not win you races.
  7. I'm terrible with name and cars. I confuse your cars all the time.
  8. We run the XP8. I would call and tell them your exact setup to be sure. Tell them NLS sent you.
  9. CARBOTECH! They are awesome on miata's and 240's. That i know for sure.
  10. We have been there. It sucks to blow up a fresh build. Look at the good side of things. Other than the motor change, there is not much race prep to do before the championship. Good luck!
  11. Where is the best place online to shop for wheels?
  12. If we are going to be using purple 35 it needs to be enforced! With less than 3 hours to go, our team was chipping away at the lead. All to be lost when the purple 35 came out. We got "stuck" behind a car that was actually going 35. The leader and a bunch others were able to make up about a minute under this caution period. I don't fault the teams that catch up. We have done it too. This needs to be enforced!! I took a screen shot of a lap under purple 35. We had been under caution for 2 laps already so the Last Lap times show the difference.
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