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  1. I would think tire wear would be specific to the individual car, driver, racing surface, and about 100 other things. Some cars will take more tire outback.. So I guess you might get a longer life out of them.
  2. Just a hunch, I'd guess a tire designed for use on a FWD car might have a stiffer sidewall to distribute the weight???
  3. glad we run a SBC, they literally sell dozens of styles, with many options.
  4. we have a T-10, but it needs a rebuild, We do have the original intake and a non-electric Q-jet. It needs a rebuild I'm sure. I wish the E-Q-Jet would work, it is a good carb. We claim everything and still have 100 points. I wanted to run a small Holley DP carb, but one of our guys was a circle track guy and wants to try the 2bbl. I plan on brining a rebuilt Q-jet and a holley. I think the intake is spread bore thou. I don't fully understand the function of the electronic carb, I know it was for economy/emissions, I think it only operates under a certain RPM?? At tracks like NJMP we are in 3rd pretty much all the way around the track until we hit the straight. One teamate is an aerospace engineer that works for NASA, i'm sure he could figure something out
  5. we have a SBC circle track 350 that makes about 400hp with a 2bbl, would need a "refresh". Not sure what heads, they are a "spec" iron part. I'm guessing if we used stock 350 heads we could run it for the same amount of points as our 305. I liked our stock quadrobog, but we eliminated the computer so it won't work anymore. We are going to try a knock off air gap w/ a race Holley 2bbl.
  6. was that PintoDave? Black/Copper Gen IV Camaro?
  7. Oil pan for sure. We run one w/ no acusump or cooler. No issues. We shift at 5800. If your car stays cool don't waste the points on the rad. Once it is full of water there isn't much difference in weight. We are going to try and get to Daytona in the spring.
  8. ahhhhh I thought they were coil for some reason, or at least front strut.
  9. I was talking about front springs, not rear leaf.
  10. we run a 280/480 comp roller cam. The 84 engine had 9.5:1 the 88 is like 9.3:1 Not sure what the 350 get but we are burning about 10 gal/hr.
  11. We just hogged out our stock heads real good. (305) was a TPI (88) car running it as an 84 w/ carb. You get way more rpm that way. But we start at 200 so we have a lot of room to work with.
  12. yes but Moog springs are 0 points, as are Bilstein's. The bakes don't need help, plenty of tire combo's and camber plates can be made. Not sure where I'd use the 50 points
  13. why does an L98 drop your points? With the amount of free stuff now a C4 should be able to compete.
  14. ours still works. but we have run it and charged it.
  15. I'd cut that right below that "bung", weld up some straight pipe and be done. It does look a tad oval so you might have some manipulating to do.
  16. I'd think that would be free. I've never heard of people being charged for removing cats.
  17. The cover you show wouldn't last 2 minutes at highway speed. Whatever you use has to cover the entire car and be tied down tight. That said it could damage the paint.
  18. I hope you put that thing on a diet...they aren't light. As for camber you can make your own plates for materials. In our 84 Trans am we just re-drilled the holes and used a hammer to get it where we wanted.
  19. we race there all the time in the other league, no issues whatso ever....over 100 teams. I've never seen a Trooper in the pits. The seatbelt thing is a joke, however a lot of racing bodies require that same rule. That's because asshats leave their cars out in the rain/snow/sun year round and the webbing can get suspect.
  20. maybe our log book guy added the 25 because he didn't understand the rule...I have no idea what an 84 T/A was valued in 2015.
  21. coming along.. cage is in, roof is welded on and painted...
  22. Just curious because we took a 25 point hit when we swapped the auto out for the T5, but that was a while ago.
  23. I can tell you the harness in our 88 Formula weighs at least 50-60lbs. It was all ripped out and re-wired, no computers. the rest of the int was at least 200lbs.
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