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  1. Hey Rodger, congrats on being named to the BoD. I’m trying to come up with a good smartass remark (payback you know) about how maybe we can finally get you out of the TAC group. But the reason for the change has my joy tempered a bit. I could say you’ve got some big shoes to fill but nobody will or should replace Doc. He was one of a kind. I know you’re gonna do a great job for the club. Well done buddy.
  2. So I’m up till nearly 3am working on my car (that not many have seen). Get cleaned up, go to bed, check the forum for anything interesting - and what do I find... Man I got to get out to some races, and quit just being a car builder.
  3. @MMiskoeyou can still find yi4k cameras online. At least you could in February. I bought one for about $130 and followed Paulie’s instructions. weve played with it creating livestreams to my YT channel but have not used it in a race yet. Others are still using this method successfully. iirc you need at least a hero 4 or later to be able to livestream with a go pro, so the pricing of the yi4k, and its livestream connection simplicity were always pluses that are still there.
  4. Very sad news for anyone who knew or met Doc. Thanks to @Bill Strongand whoever else added to these wonderful tributes - allowing all of us to know and appreciate Doc (and others like him) that much more. Prayers for him, his family and friends. Enjoy heaven as much as you did your life here on earth.
  5. Was waiting for this response. Thanks for refreshing my memory on recommended clearances 'rule of thumb.' @mender
  6. @Bandit that Moog spring list is an awesome resource. I also have it in .pdf form, but this interactive one is very cool and useful. Once you find an ID or OD near what you need, the trick is figuring out the resultant rate once you cut them down to the length needed to achieve your desired ride height. That's where math and some spring rate calculator programs come in handy! (hint: remember wire diameter is a big factor!)
  7. It appears the neither the RS3-R, or RS3-RS are available in 245-15 quite yet.
  8. ^^^Good plan. you might make it through the oil before it gets too thick.
  9. Some local will prolly just oil down the race line like what happened at RA anyway.... That oughta put us all on even slippery ground.
  10. Did you cut those uprights by hand? nice job!
  11. Thank you Tiffany and other BoD members who keep a few of the above statements in mind. Very well stated in keeping to CC’s mission of providing and preserving a low budget playground for many of us that was previously unavailable.
  12. Sound and solid advice as usual from @mhr650 also love when you share some of your design works and ideas.
  13. edit 5/3: Steering wheel and DAB are sold. Stock hubs and HP Plus brake pads still available.
  14. Mazda contingency. only available to Mazda engined Mazda vehicles.
  15. Congratulations Roy @LuckyKid and team. Great article, and exposure for ChampCar with Mazda's recognition. Thanks also to @Bill Strong for all your behind the scenes work.
  16. Worth repeating ^^^ West coast means Calgary is right next door to Willow Springs - just like guys from New England area frequent the Sebring and Daytona races. Got it.
  17. It’s difficult to see in this drawing from the BCCR, but the two lower bars circled are the 2 foot well intrusion bars allowed. (They run fore/aft, the drawing makes them look lateral..) The upper bar to the strut tower is also circled. That one can go through the firewall.
  18. Great example of bowed nascar bars doing their job. Hope the driver was ok in that crash. I’ve seen @TiredBirds post this pic before. I’ve worked at an oem doing vehicle crash testing for the past 20+ years. There is no substitute for, or equivalent to “crush space.”
  19. Here’s an example of what @XelderX described Edit note: this one took some thought and planning to weld the door bars up. To get to the welds on the outside of the sill bar, everything was fitted and tacked together, then I removed the 2 lower bars to weld them up fully, then reinstall. Snaking them through the B-pillar, 1 on each side was tricky. But it was cool once finished! (And more importantly, strong and safe. )
  21. @gundy I know, thanks for putting this together. My number police comment was directed ay my good pal @enginerd in return for his ribbing...
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