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  1. For the Charlotte Championship we brought a new car that was basically the same from what we qualified with the prior year (we did add an air dam) and Mike had to have a talk with us about it because 1 or more teams were questioning our eligibility. Mike eventually said we were OK after a couple of hours of deliberations. I know this doesn’t answer your question, just giving you an example of what happened with us. It’s a huge gray area that needs clarification IMO.
  2. The slippery floor is only a problem when it’s wet out.
  3. Sorry to hear that Jer, we always look forward to racing with your team.
  4. If we change our name to A Visceral Racing Group can we be ranked first?
  5. This is how I justify the expense, there is something about being able to put the car EXACTLY where you want it anywhere on track and then when you do dumb ham fisted things with it it will almost always forgive you and let you keep on racing (until it breaks or the coil fuse decides not to work for no particular reason during the National Championship). lol
  6. Lol, FWIW the only parts of our car that have holes in it are the hood, fenders and rear bumper. I taped the whole car because I am just really bad at painting and tape is cheaper.
  7. I'm looking for a good non-slip product to put on our drivers side floor. I've tried numerous things and they either just don't work or wear away very quickly. Can anyone recommend something in particular. We have had more then 1 instance of trying to get into the car and having our foot slip on the floor while our other is still on the ground. Trust me doing a split on the NASCAR bars is NOT fun!! Thanks Ron
  8. Way to small, I’m thinking of something like this.
  9. It is but more fuel gives you options.
  10. They don’t make one for a 944. 928Motorsports does make them for a 928 though. I’ve thought about seeing if they would make me one. With the weight of the TT being so low in the car it hasn’t been one of my priorities. I’ve been concentrating every brain cell I have to try and figure out the best way to put a cell in the car without upsetting the car balance.
  11. If you do it I’d love to see it!
  12. 2.7=163, and you need an adapter plate for the SBC and a 944 turbo transmission(if you stay with Porsche parts) if not you will destroy the R&P in the NA cars.
  13. We looked at running the 2.7 when CC was using one. The issue with that engine is they only used it for 1 year so they are harder to find and more expensive. Also, the engine is filled with parts that are specific to only that year.
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