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  1. Before Porsche I used to work for Saab. 🤔
  2. We must be doing something wrong, we come to race not drink beer. 👀
  3. Great rebuttal. Protest me and find out.
  4. I’m not sure which one of you (snake,snorman) is wrong more often. They don’t claim an engine oil cooler, they do claim a transmission cooler though. And as for whether or not it is part of the swap, you can take that up with tech. because it is an integral part of the engine. Not to mention as I’ve already stated, ALL 944s CAME WITH OIL COOLERS, every model from 1983 until 1991, every single one.
  5. Here is an actual fact, unlike what was said above. ALL 944s came with an oil cooler. A bonus fact for you continual 944 haters, the S2 engine swap comes with a large air to oil cooler, all OE. With that statement Snorman you align yourself exactly with what Troy was saying about certain people who would rather win by watching others blow up. That’s not what this series should be about.
  6. That's why I didn't have the crank drilled years ago. Porsche actually used a cross drilled crank in the 83 944 but only that year. All others are single drilled. If Porsche thought they could fix this problem with a cross drill they would have implemented this, it would have been a cheap fix/update. That's why I don't have high hopes on it working/helping.
  7. We redline at 6800 but try and shift by 6K, unfortunately peak power is at 5800 so we tend to overshoot 6K.
  8. I'm having the crank cross drilled now on #2. We use a windage tray/crank scraper/pan baffle currently (all claimed).
  9. Engines naturally will create oil/air intermix from the oil pump itself to the oil sloshing, oil hitting moving parts etc. 944 cranks exacerbate this situation greatly so the real key is to keep as much air out of the oil as possible. Dry sumps keep that oil away from moving parts and also allow the oil/air to separate in the oil tank. You can also get a combination of scavenge pumps that will remove the oil AND air out of the crankcase. An additional air/oil separator can be applied to the suction and pressure pumps to further keep the air out. Just received a quote for all the parts $3800
  10. This is the problem, aerated oil, I use a HUGE oil cooler and we very rarely see oil temps over 190. But the crank causes the oil to separate and form layers on #2 and the way that its fed the air/oil layer reaches that bearing before the heavy oil layer. That's why I never put an accusump in the car, it's not going to help this separation problem.
  11. Same problem as the 944 except its #2 and #6. I've read MANY technical articles on this issue and after 30+ years there still is no "do this" and you will have no issues anymore.
  12. I would like to see something like this: non OE brakes-5 points a side (up to 4 piston) I submitted a petition for this last year and it was shot down Front splitter 15, wing 20 The performance gained by a wing is not in-line with the amount of points taken. My car dropped 4s at Ratl. this year JUST FROM THE WING. non OE springs 5 non OE shocks/struts 5 Then we could lower the points on reliability items Aluminum radiator (regardless of price) 0 or 5 accumulator 0 or 5 coolers 0 or 5
  13. Thanks for the input Ed, we may end up going that route with the accumulator, we have the points for it.
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