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  1. OEM Porsche brake fluid, bleed the system once every few race weekends.
  2. We race a lot against them and at every race I tell my guys the Connolly team is here and to avoid them like the plague.
  3. VRG is in need of 1 ringer to help us take home a piece of hardware at the Pitt race. You must have W2W experience (If your PM starts off with "I am an experienced BMW instructor" it's going right into the round file). You'll be driving a 1700lb 2900lb 944S with lots of lightness added. We are competitive, but also friendly. PM me for details. Ron
  4. I agree with you Paul on diminishing returns but if I were to show up on the podium with ceramic 2 piece rotors and 4 titanium piston aluminum calipers that save 10lbs per corner in unsprung weight I’m sure there would be an uproar. Not to mention it absolutely goes against the “spirit of the series”.
  5. I submitted a petition 2 years ago to get rid of 2X for brakes and give 5 points per corner instead, it was denied. 😕
  6. I like where this is going! The 2X front brakes on my 944 are $2664 and the rears are $2940 and that’s at DEALER cost not retail. Retail will put me at $5k and $6K. 😲
  7. What width and ET? And what is a set 2 or 4 wheels?
  8. Not everyone will go 2hrs on a tank of gas, so not everyone is going to pit at the same time. Now, if a FCY comes out at 1:45 during the first stint there will be 90 cars pitting at the same time. After the first pit stop everyone starts separating the pit stop times.
  9. Damn trailer has been packed for a week now, the earth needs to hurry up and rotate a few more times!!
  10. It’s made for a steel drum but I think it will work for a plastic barrel.
  11. My poorly designed crankshaft causes oil feed problems to my #2 con. rod bearing which in turn causes engine failure and oiled tracks. I have to run an oil cooler and crankshaft scrapper to make the bearings last 1/2 a race season. So for strictly safety purposes I should only be charged 2.5 points also.
  12. We try and be good neighbors. Congrats on the big win! You’re setting yourself up nice for next years National Championship in Sonoma.
  13. We have the Chillout system in our car, we used it at the WGI race. It worked great for us. There is a version 2.0 coming out now that improves its efficiency and lowers the amp draw. They are sending us this new unit this week so we will have it for Indy. They said they will be selling their “refurbished” V1 units updated to V2 specs at a reduced price. The customer service has been fantastic. Also, I will have a fuel drum dolly at Indy if anyone wants to borrow it. Garage A9 Visceral Racing Group#918 Ron
  14. I hope not, my car is full and already loaded up in the trailer.
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