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  1. Check your email. Would like to discuss driving at Gingerman.

  2. Back to the top for the last 2 races we have available.
  3. JSK did a 1:14 last year. I expect the Sahlen Boxster's to be faster.
  4. Boxsters are undervalued, I tried a couple of years ago to get them valued correctly but was shot down on it. If I had to start over again I would absolutely go with the Boxster.
  5. Heres a stock 944 radiator for you. You think this guy is upset he can buy a cheaper radiator now? https://www.fcpeuro.com/products/porsche-radiator-944-924-11543003001#fitment When we built the 2nd 944 we put our back-up used OE radiator in it because I couldn’t justify buying a new one at that price(and I couldn’t afford the points for aftermarket) than bought an E-bay aluminum one as a backup for $175.
  6. VRG is not going to make it. Too many broken parts and too little time. We were really looking forward to driving a new track.
  7. Yes, still working on assembling a new engine in 918. And 959 is still missing a spindle and control arm from our untimely WGI guard rail meeting.
  8. Agree, and that's how we like our racing! We just would have preferred you chasing us. lol
  9. In my 100+ races with Champcar I would say yes. There is nothing written in the BCCR about how that is supposed to be handled, I believe it's entirely up to the race directors discretion.
  10. That's not how that works. I had a discussion with the race director about this and he confirmed that what he did "screwed" us and that they knew it before they did it. They knew the leader was going to pit because they had 3 minutes left before they were going to go over on stint time. I was told the only reason they picked us up was in the interest of safety and gaining control of the field as quickly as possible (which could have easily been done by picking up the 1st car behind the leader). Instead of picking up the front of the field they picked up the tail end. This by-no means should detract from the Pinkies Out win, the team ran a great race and had some lucky FCYs(just like us).
  11. No, nothing. I don’t follow NASCAR so I’ve never heard of a commitment cone. Champcar has (since I’ve been racing with them) referenced the cone in front of pit-in as the “you better be slowed down before that cone”.
  12. We were 10-15 car lengths in front of the leader, they pit during a FCY before the pace car picks them up. The pace car picked us up instead of the car behind the leader.
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