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  1. Bill, I asked a tech official about starters and alternators a couple of years ago and was told it was 10 points each. And while I have never lost a finishing position due to a starter I have had to push start our car a bazillion times which gets really tiring after a while. If these parts had been free for so long they should have been added to the FPV/free list.
  2. Kerry, are you interested in doing RA this weekend? I’ve got a last minute seat open.
  3. FCP is the best! I haven’t paid for new rotors in 2 years. They are 30 minutes from my house so I don’t even have to pay for shipping the used items back.
  4. Alternator All accessory brackets Starter Clutch Flywheel radiator(sort of) I just gained the use of approximately 27 points, which means either a header or 944S2 intake manifold for us.
  5. Don't try this in my car!!! Just get out and run...think Ricky Bobby. lol
  6. I am running for the board also, well, if I get nominated. member#CC010075
  7. I concur what Paul said, at VIR24 I came upon them numerous times and they were always very patient and courteous.
  8. I don't know where you guys are getting this info. from about Troy. All I know is he volunteered to "help us out" at the VIR24 this year and somehow my ignition coil bracket fell off the car and our lights developed a short which caused a thermal incident. LOL
  9. Every podium finish we have had has been on RS4s.
  10. Looks like a FANTASTIC track Ron!! We may have to add this to our bucket list. Thanks for sharing.
  11. I agree with Troy. When I have brought up questionable items to Jay or Ray they have always said they will look into it and talk with the team about them.
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