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  1. Went through all 85ish petitions submitted and sent in my thoughts. I'm so glad our members want rules stability because I'd hate to see how many petitions would be submitted if we didn't!
  2. In the past the tie breaker was finishing position day 2.
  3. I have seats open, please email me per above message. Ron
  4. Our new car had 225/45/15 RS4s with 5 race weekends on them before this race. It finished the day with those same tires in 3rd place. We would have run them on Sunday too but because our old car broke we swapped on the new 245 RS4s that were on her. We talked to a very competitive team that said they were going to use up 3 new sets of Re71 that weekend. They were 4s faster then us but we just don’t have that kind of tire budget available.
  5. We run 2 mufflers on the old car and 1 on the new one (it’s getting the same 2nd muffler before RA). Once we switched to 2 GOOD mufflers it was much friendlier on the senses and you could now hear all those fast cars coming up on you. Also, because our car was quiet on Saturday morning Troy was actually able to hear the engine making a rod knock before it sent a rod through the block and oiled down the track. Still needs an engine but saved the race from having a 30 minute FCY.
  6. I’ve got 2 55 gallon fuel drums with 2 crank pumps for sale at NCM. If you want them after the race $75. Visceral Racing Group pit #21. Ron
  7. Bump to the top! We added 2 more races so we can compete for the Mid-Western Championship. Plenty of seats left with the possibility of renting an entire car for you and your teammates who aren't interested in trailering great distances. Ron
  8. It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone but we use duct tape also, for 7 years now.
  9. We had the opposite issue at night, we dimmed it as much as possible but it was still reflecting badly off our windshield. I like it a lot, but as Chris said we need 1 system of record for controlling movement of cars. When this is working correctly it should eliminate most PUY, if you can't see the bright yellow light a foot or so in front of you you might need to pick a new hobby.lol
  10. And if the CRX doesn’t beat them then the cheaty duct tape cars will! #freethetape
  11. I like experimenting with builds(even if they are ugly/stupid/crazy or completely worthless). Lol
  12. But in your streamliner example his duct tape is being used as a fastener. And in my case my hood and fenders are fastened together with tape, my fenders are further fastened to the front air dam and center nose piece. My doors are fastened to the body shell and cage with tape. My quarter panels are fastened together from one side to the other and the rear body panel is fastened to the rear floor body. A fastener (US English) or fastening (UK English)[1] is a hardware device that mechanically joins or affixes two or more objects together. In general, fasteners are used to create n
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