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  1. Ritchie, I’m interested in the transponder if you’ll sell it separately.
  2. Serious question to all the fuel poor teams out there that have lots of points left over and still feel they can not be competitive. Have you tried to make the car substantially lighter by using your extra points? I know on my car if I had the points I could make it a lot lighter then it already is. I have a fuel rich car that starts at 450 points, the base 944 is 350-400. I believe part of the reason they start with a high VPI is because of the fuel tank size. If we add the ability to “buy” fuel would the fuel rich cars get their VPI adjusted lower?
  3. Bringing this thread back on topic, you have 10 days left to review and cast your votes on the submitted petitions.
  4. ^^^This^^^ In 6 years racing with Champcar we have never set a FTD. 🤔
  5. Factory weight -10%=swap weight
  6. I wonder if stock Boxsters will take extra points then, they came from the factory with active aero.
  7. You don’t have to sell me on the faults with the 2X system, I 100% agree with you (dealer price on those front calipers are $1350 each BTW😁). What I don’t agree with is giving away those 2X items for free (I know they are free now). This would be a chance to stop giving away free parts and start reigning the speeds back by making teams use their points for something besides outright speed. I would like to see 5 points for 1 complete brake assembly-caliper, rotor(1 piece iron),adapter, brake hose, so 10 points total for the fronts. For struts/shocks(non adjustable) 5 points each. For wheels/spacers, 2.5 points each. This rule change would have a much bigger impact on the high end, high VPI cars (like mine which starts at 450 and 520)
  8. I don’t like the 2X rule, never have. But I don’t want it to go away and then those 2X items become point free.
  9. And they should get them....for points, not free.
  10. Ours are 100% stock except for brake pads.
  11. I think it’s incredible how MANY people on this forum talk about “No more free parts” and then say “we should just make X,Y,Z parts free”. 🤯
  12. That’s interesting, we run a little less camber front and rear then you with 15X9 wheels and RS4s. Your car is a couple hundred LBS lighter then us but we are at 38-40 PSI. You don’t roll the edges or have low wearing in the center tread?
  13. Where do all the prices come from then for parts that cannot be purchased at a chain store?
  14. I’d be OK getting rid of the 2X rule but only if EVERYTHING that falls under it is now given points for non-OE. Wheels, struts, brakes, EVERYTHING. No more free parts! This change would affect my team.
  15. Is that tire pressure with RS4s on 15X10 inch wheels?
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