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  1. Will decals be available for purchase at Tech or Registration?
  2. Coming from e30's to the neon, the throttle was very frustrating at first. We have thrown around the idea of adapting the bmw method, something like what pictured below, but honestly just haven't had the time and have had much bigger fish to fry, like brake lights shorting out ECU's.
  3. Mark, you remember my little brown flag moment at WGI? The car was loose with those nankangs in the back and 'kooks up front, just have to steer into it! Found the clip: https://youtu.be/QpKqp3iOerM?t=40m34s
  4. Do the collars seem decent? I need to get some for the neon, was kinda turned off when I didn't see a single mention of spring rate on multiple ebay postings and just moved over to looking at stuff that was way more expensive.
  5. Pfft you are mistaking me for my rookie drivers. I was just saying, you need to make your car look like the pace car if you are acting like it hahaha. Seriously though, I'm going to get a pair of these to run on the front in the gap between hood and bumper:
  6. I think something like this is the only thing that is safe. Make sure you mount it as high as possible, if you can build a big box to mount it higher it will be even safer. Remember, safety first
  7. Does gingerman have a strict noise policy?
  8. Steel braided lines are acceptable. I just went through tech with steel braided lines through the compartment, no issues. Just make sure they are well secured and routed smartly to avoid chafing. Nobody likes chafing.
  9. If anyone cares to know, turns out the pressure regulator was on its last legs as well. New intank pump plus regulator, ran flawlessly all weekend at mosport. Drove on the fuel light for 12 minutes with intermittent starvation but still running within 2 seconds of best lap. Thanks for all the help!
  10. I have a new pump assembly in the mail. Hoping that solves all of it, the little rubber seal was loose too, and this pump didn't sound too great while pumping the tank down. It left a solid 20L/5gallons in it with the car standing still.
  11. Then do we get a discount? He added some unplanned toe out to our right rear last October
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