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  1. Why cant we just get rid of points for anything that makes the car more reliable but doesn’t make it any faster. Lets say my cars vpi is 500pts. I want to put a better radiator on it to help cool the engine better. I take a 30 pt hit for that and that now costs me 3 laps. That radiator doesn’t make my car any faster to make up those 3 laps. We spend thousands of dollars to go to these races and that doesn’t include the cost of building the car. I want to run the entire weekend and not have to worry about overheating the car, starving the engine of oil, or overhe
  2. Looking for a new or slightly used set if anybody has any left over. 255/40/17 Text at: 817 fivefivenine 3040 JC
  3. I voted for other. Power to weight. I kinda liked the other BODs idea of 75hp/1000lbs, but to included more current cars make three classes to race in. 0-50hp/1000, 50.1-75hp/1000 and 75.1-100hp/1000. JC
  4. I love the idea of going to a hp per weight formula and REALLY like the idea of free reliability mods (coolers, baffled oil pans, accusumps, better radiators,etc). Making the 75hp/1000lbs without going over the 200lbs ballast could exclude some teams (as you noted in your PP). Why not make 3 classes with different classes. 0-50hp/1000, 50.1-75hp/1000 and 75.1-100hp/1000. That should get 99% of the competitors a class to race in. JC
  5. ECU is free so I would do that. Headers and cam 50 pts And lose as much weight as possible. No Dash is required.
  6. For Sale: 2010 VW Jetta 2.0L turbo wolfsburg edition My mother in-law has decided to sell her car to get something newer. Every time I have driven this car I always felt it would be a good track car because it is a fast for what it is. I have to many race cars right now so I thought I would put it up here first to see if anybody wanted to turn it into a track car. 129,000 miles One owner (my 70yr old mother in-law) 6 speed manual 2.0L gas turbo (200hp, 207 ftlb stock) 14.5g tank 3.65 final gear ratio 17" wheels It has continental str
  7. My question related to this is that Champcar lets us use harnesses and window nets for 4 years after the date of manufacture. Since now the SFI just prints a date of expiration that is two years past the manufacture, is Champcar going to be ok using harnesses and window nets two years past the labeled expiration date? Example: Harness/window net manufactured in 2020. SFI label shows a expiration date of 2022. Should be legal in Champcar (according to current riles) to Dec 31st 2024. I asked this question at tech at Sebring in December last year and got blank stares.
  8. What he said. The RX7 4 piston calipers are hard to find. I am building a new RX7 and came to this and was looking for new calipers and Rock auto only has the left one. None to be found anywhere else. I am going to use a wilwood caliper on mine now and make a bracket for it. A ton of selection of pads for the wilwoods as well. JC
  9. I have a brand new Hotchkis Front sway bar that came with my 2003 350Z when I bought it. I'm not going to use it. Brand new $190 YOUR PRICE $100 plus shipping. JC
  10. Team: Krueger Tuned Racing Car Number: 21 Class: cayman Drivers: JC Krueger Mark Krueger
  11. Can someone share the fixed setup that is used for the Street Stock car. All I find in the iRacing setups is for circle tracks. Thanks
  12. Krueger Tuned Racing Miata car number 21 JC Krueger Mark Krueger Joshua Jach
  13. I am selling my 32' Gooseneck trailer. I bought it used 3 years ago and have used it to haul my cars to the track and races. It is rated for 10400# but had new 6000# axles with brakes put on it right before I bought it. It has a 5000W generator and air compressor on it. The compressor has a second tank for extra air storage. There are overhead fluorescence lights and 110V outlets inside. There is also a 12V interior light for when the generator isn't running. Comes with a tire rack, 3 cabinets, a winch and 2 spare tires. The front support legs are run by an electric motor. A 12' x 22'
  14. What about Hallet or NOLA or MSR Houston (not in July), High plains, heartland park. There are lots of tracks in the southern part of the mid west to race at. It gets old hauling over 14 hrs or even 20 hours to get to tacks to race at in this series. I am already signed up for COTA, and not because it is COTA, but because it is close. JC
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