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  1. No prob. All good. And helpful info. @mender, what about putting washers on the bottom of the bolts or studs that mount the backing plate to the axle? Then you can get negative camber.
  2. Mainly AER, but hope to do 1 or 2 events in EC. Thanks! I actually have one, but didn't use it. Checked wear during the day by scrub f tires and appeared even across the entire tread. But the Direzza are very sensitive to pressure, and had a fuel dump issue we were chasing (fixed now), so wasn't paying as close attention as I should have.
  3. It is JDM, but bone stock K24 engine from a TSX. It is a Class B Champcar! Oh, and a supercharger bolted to it. I guess bumped to C with forced induction. 🤣 I run it in AER, but may do a couple events in EC with it. Most likely Thompson as it is a home track for us.
  4. Equal length half shafts after the fixed mid shaft. Nothing really noticeable. But you definitely need to be able to feather the pedal. You can burn right through 1st, 2nd and 3rd if you want to. Used pretty much only 5th and 6th at Watkins Glen, 4th in the toe. Sounds good. Would love to hear the results. The car weighs 2400#.
  5. 324whp. Reverse stagger- 245/40/17 FR and 225/45/17 RR. Just did our 1st race at The Glen with the Zlll, which we always used on the old CR-X. Had uneven wear, which I think occurred due to high pressure. It looks like the optimal hot temp for the car and tires is 38FR and 36RR with the Zlll. But the temps got to like 50PSI! So, that definitely did not help. Only running about 2-2.5 degrees camber and the tires wore evenly across the tire at proper temp, in short term testing. Should be able to get a minimum of 9hrs on the front. The rear are not wearing at all, which is to be expected. But can't rotate as we used to, due to the stagger.
  6. Hi all, I am looking to see if anyone has any data on Hankook RS4 tires, primarily on FWD cars. I have a high HP FWD and use Zlll, but would like to get more life from the tires. I have heard the RS4 are not good in the rain, but not sure if that is more related to RWD?
  7. For sale- 2- JDM D15B 3 Stage VTEC engines (130HP) (1 new from JDM Engine Depot, 1 out of totaled race car) 1- 5spd from a '95 Civic EX w/ MFactory helical LSD (doesn't grind at all and does not have any issue) 1- JDM 5spd trans from D15B Hasport mounts for D15B/D16Z6 into Gen1 CR-X Hasport cable clutch car to hydro trans '96 EX rear mount 4-2-1 header Z6 intake manifold D15B intake manifold Custom made shift linkage Custom race harness downgraded to OBD1 OBD2 harness Custom Hasport L/ side axle Used R/ axle 2- New spare L/ axles 1- New spare R/ axle P28 ECU Very rare P2J ECU 3 or 4 alternators 2 spare distributor caps Spare timing covers Spare used oil pump Spare coils Enough spare engine and trans seals to rebuild couple times New spare T-belt New spare CV-boot New set of rear wheel cylinders 2 new front wheel bearings Custom made cold air intake (K&N composite kit) 2 '95 Civic radiators (one with fan mounted) New unopened clutch cable 3 or 4 clutches 3 or 4 flywheels Drilled, and tapped valve cover with ports for catch can Spare valve cover D16Z6 good long block, needs rebuild (Gold valve cover) Prefer to sell everything together- $2000 OBO (The MFactory diff alone is $700)
  8. Separate circuit being nothing else on that fuse or relay. It would have it's own relay and it's own dedicated fuse. Just looked at your diagram. You should have 1 relay for your ignition feed , 1 for your A/F sensor, and I like to use a relay for the starter as well. Each relay should have its own fuse. The power to the relays can come from your kill switch or just to Ign, then the sign power can feed the other 2.
  9. I used one for a few years in my CR-X. You are right. It looks good, but is very cheaply made. Luckily, knowing that- check all the connections to make sure they are tight. Also, the push button starter switch will go. I ordered a better aftermarket one after mine crapped out. Now it is all solid. Not used anymore, and in my box of race car spare parts, but solid.
  10. Cover fuel lines or anything fuel related. End of story. Nothing else inside needs to be messed with.
  11. I have the black nylon braided lines for all of my lines on the car. If i had to change the one line in the car, from the Accusump to the FW- I would not like it, but would do it if needed. Trying to enclose it is not feasible.
  12. Any fuel, oil, or coolant lines (including Aeroquip steel braided lines) (Effective 4/26/2019) that pass through the driving compartment must be metal or encased in continuous steel conduit or aluminum tube. (Flex- conduit is not acceptable. (Effective 4/26/2019) Lines wrapped in aluminum tape are not acceptable.) Really?? I get the fuel, it ignites from vapor and the flame travels with it. Coolant/water is not flammable and oil needs fire or an extreme heat source, which is not in the cockpit! I have had my Accusump on my passenger floor since I started racing in my old CR-X. The new car has the Accusump mounted on the tunnel and the line runs along the pass side tunnel and through the FW. How is this possibly a safety issue? On top of that, it is an electronic pressure valve control, so the oil is not getting hot and circulating through the engine. There is no room to enclose it and no other series does this. I would be EC with the new car, but if the oil line needs to be enclosed, I guess I can no longer race in Champ. 😡
  13. Great deal! And I have 2 engines and trans available for this car! 1 unused JDM engine (less than 45k), 1 good running engine. 1 stock JDM trans, 1 D16z6 trans with an M-Factory LSD. No grinds or pops. A bunch of spare parts. (alternators, starters, distributors, JDM and P28 ECU, etc.) $2000 for all of it.
  14. @TeamPandaCRX, I started out drag racing and spent a lot of time and a TON of money getting my car ready for 1/4mi racing. I did the drivetrain install and a custom wiring harness in my buddies car and he gave me a seat for a Lemons event. Once I did a road course track and W2W, I never looked back! There is no better adrenaline rush than W2W racing!! BTW, I see CR-X in your name. I have 2 JDM D15B 3 stage VTEC engines and trans for sale. 1 engine and trans are new JDM stock spares, the other came out of my parted out CR-X and has an M-Factory LSD in the trans. LMK if interested.
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