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  1. One could make it go into anything for enough time and money, granted they are RWD, but are set up to be 4x4, or could be changed to FWD with the right trans... Just another interesting possible swap. More then I can afford..Lol. and to be rediculous, add an Edelbrock Supercharger to bring HP to 300. Would be nice!
  2. One swap that comes to mind for me as a past owner of 2, is the BRZ FRS, 200 HP from the factory and both DI and PI which is why Subaru decided to go in jointly with Scion/Toyota to build them. They got the use of Toyota fuel injection technology that way. Also they get great Fuel mileage and have 12.5 compression stock.
  3. And you can start throwing more money on the garage floor pile that way ! Or spend the money you saved on sticky tires. Lol
  4. Absolutely true! And I'll add look for a finished car, it most often will cost less then building one from scratch.
  5. I guess in hindsight I should have looked at the for sale cars before building my Rabbit but being new to the series I didn't know any better at the time and I enjoyed the build and rebuild so far and will continue to build as I can afford to. It would be nice to be somewhat more competitive but again it doesn't deminish the fun of a race weekend. As it is I have a $600.00 car initial cost with upgrades equaling about $15.000 total to race and that doesn't include any labor time that's parts and spares act
  6. Say a Boxster, or a newer BMW, Audi, even Vw's, FRS, BRz would be nice too. there not $500 by any means.
  7. Start looking at our lists, and to find a decent one can easily be in that ball park if one has the money to do it . Even to me $10,000 is too much.
  8. Another thought on this is the initial cost of these late models is against ChampCars mission statement IMO. How one can justify $20,000 or more to just buy one if these to cage it and race it? To me that's not an affordable way to go racing. I liked the idea of a dollar cap. But I do realize that affordable is dependent on ones net worth..
  9. I have to agree on the swap stuff, kinda blew my mind when I figured that part of our rules out! Lol
  10. Just saw the post on this on IATN network the other morning. So much for driving your flashed car to the track.
  11. I like just raising the tw, but again I realize it can change with tire companies, I am not for banning tires or only listing accepted tires as we run dirt cheap Federal's and are very happy with them. $215 for a set of 4 that will last a 8-7 and still give us a decent finish, I would hate to see those outlawed as for us they work great. Just my thoughts...
  12. Even with the GTI running poorly we were over 80 at the the exit of the carousel. Best was 85 .
  13. Another thing to consider is as team owner builder, verses just a driver for my team, I am vested heavily in these decisions though my driver's are not as much, therefore I am on here regularly and the only one from my team who would be. I think the vocal minority is highly important to the decision making process.
  14. Just watching the meeting.. here's an idea for tires since we're a low cost series why not just raise the tread wear to something like 240? I know it would cause some teams to be alarmed but would leave much more reasonable options for all teams though not sticky fast yet much more durable, it would level the field.
  15. I used Home Depot #10 stainless steel bolts washers and nylocks much cheaper!
  16. Seems like Tech can consider this as a none listed added item, and assign points as they see fit. I see your point , but A wing is what is stated in the rules a second element can easily be thought of as a second wing. Makes sense to me.
  17. No!!!! Never use RTV in a fuel system, I did that thinking that it would dry around the fuel sending unit o-ring, ( just to make sure it wouldn't leak) it was a month later before I added gas to the tank, the RTV oozes out once gas contacts it and fell into the tank an was sucked up on the screen in the fuel pump, one good test session followed by 3 bad ones! Then home and saw the RTV in the fuel pump inlet!
  18. That's what I am thinking! $180.00 isn't bad! Plus that will absolutely confirm my fixes. And a few friends that live down there can hopefully see me running!
  19. Well had a better part of the day off for my first colonoscopy! Felt good enough after that I swapped out the transaxel on the race car! Lol. All done and great now! No more leaking anywhere too me or the car! Ready to find a track day to do. The Milwaukee Mile road course looks interesting next month, been a bucket list track I haven't raced on yet.. my Dad used to bring my brothers and I to the ASA and Indy races there back in the late 60's early 70's. Fell in love with Norm Nelson's Superbird driven by Roger Mcclusky and have wanted one ever since. The GTI will do fine! Lol
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