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  1. Thanks for everything Mike! Good luck in your future journeys.
  2. Thanks to everyone for looking and passing the word, the tubbing has been sold. Zack Benham
  3. For Sale New DOM Roll Tubbing. DOM 1.75" Diameter 0.095" Wall Thickness 24' Length x3 22.5' Length x1 94.5' Total Package deal - Buy all 4 sticks - $380.00 Cash Can be picked up at the shop in Indiantown, or at 901 Shop in Stuart. I am also able to deliver in South Fl for small fee depending on the location. Could also bring to Sebring or PBIR. Located in Indiantown Fl @ Metal Fusion Speed Shop Please contact Zack: Metalfusionspeedzb@gmail.com 7sevenzero56zero6zero95
  4. Ive seen others race with oxygen, but they use an oxygen pump not a tank.
  5. Looks like a kit from Advanced Autosports. Spec Miata shop.
  6. This thread inspired me today, I ballooned my washing machine lid, and was surprised that I was able to add 2 more towels to the load. But alas, the spin cycle did not reach full rpms due to the additional weight.
  7. I do not care about puffy fuel tanks either way, just curious if anyone has actual evidence of this being a safety issue, possibly a 1st hand account, technical testing, or video of a puffy tank leaking at the seams as it (forgive the pun) seams this is the concern.
  8. So you feel confident enough to tell Phil how easy his job is, and think that belittling his position will help your agenda. Maybe you should apply for chief tech inspector and show us all how good you are. Zack E Racing #890
  9. They may or may not have cheated, declined impound, and were penalized. Lets move on, anything else happen that was interesting? Had a fun battle with the Fried Chicken MX5, during which, I had a moment in T16, 4 off and tank slapper, if anyone has video, would love to see it. Zack #890 E Racing
  10. I would say yes to first two questions. Have you seen our new commercial?
  11. Would be better if everyone used their real name or their team name on the new forum as well.
  12. If you are on the fence for AMP, you should jump on this open seat. I have driven every race with E Racing for the past 3 years and you will not regret the opportunity.
  13. To answer the post topic question - No, there is nothing wrong with the current method.
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