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  1. Make a road trip up to Nelson Ledges. We’ve been getting 4-6 hours of track time for $175. Last Sunday they threw the green at 9, checkered at 12:30 for lunch then green again from 1:30-5. They are super welcoming of new drivers and usually there is a ChampCar team or two there.
  2. Also interested if we can figure out shipping to Ohio
  3. We even run second gen RX7 Bilsteins inserts on our Beretta!! Bought them from Summit Racing. If you order from Summit ask them to Drop Ship to you. You will receive them faster.
  4. Honest question, how did you learn about the race? I feel like everywhere that I saw it there was a link to the supplemental rules that described the registration process and requirements.
  5. Didn’t see anything in the rules that said we couldn’t...
  6. We run the same engine in stock configuration. We have a small lip at the leading edge of our similar hood vent. Really helps pull air out of the engine bay.
  7. Kentite

    Indy 2019

    Kind of feel like you are being ungrateful. All I’ve wanted to do since I was 3 years old is drive Indy. If they told me we can only do laps around the parking lot I’d probably still be excited. Not to mention no one is forcing you to go racing there, it is your choice. I believe that as an organization ChampCar does a better job than any comparable series at giving drivers to a chance race on the greatest tracks in the country. Sure some events will cost more than others but I think that has more to do with the facility and not ChampCar.
  8. Ours is above the tank. Rated for 60” dry lift. https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/productdetails.asp?RecID=9807
  9. We are running a Facet low pressure lift pump to our surge tank and using a Bosch 044 to feed the engine. Haven’t had any fuel issues with that set up. (for those that don’t know we both run the same engine)
  10. We ran all weeeknd with only two drivers. Seemed like a good idea on Friday! By the time I finished the final stint Sunday I was toast. Thankfully we didn’t have any major repairs to perform. On a related note I need a bigger Cool Suit box. I like your thought about comradery. I have met so many great people in my 5 years in this series. Found out that there is a team 5 minutes from our shop and now we share pits at any race we both attend. This IS the best amateur series out there and I’m proud to be a member of it as well.
  11. I talked to someone Friday or Saturday night that had the yellow Miata that was shooting flames. He was telling me how they kept considering an engine swap because they thought they didn’t have enough power to be fast. Apparently they put in some hot shoe at a test day and he bested all of them by 4-5 seconds a lap. Makes me realize the best thing for our car/team is track time and practice. I know from April to September I picked up 7 seconds at Nelson Ledges just being confident and refining my skills.
  12. I guess we were pitted next to you? Didn’t know it.
  13. I saw that car practically drifting through turns 7&8. In the paddock it looked like it had 10° of camber. Maybe he tocuched the edge of track and it jumped right on him?
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