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  1. https://www.facebook.com/1280247462/posts/10220367497359105/?d=n Found a video of the finish. The car was shaking so violently the splitter was bouncing of the ground. It only happened on braking for turn 1. Oh and it was really only the last 6 hours of the race…
  2. 60° Motorsports Chevy Beretta race report. We were only semi confident coming into this race. We blew our engine Sunday at Mid-Ohio and had to scramble to get the car going again for PIRC. Our initial plan was to reuse our old bottom end but upon assembly found a crack in the block. So that left us searching for an engine on a Saturday morning with one week to get the car ready. Found one and it was promptly dropped off the fork lift as it was being loaded in the truck. We had no choice at that point and used it anyhow. Got it in and the car aligned and everything seemed good. Upon arriving at the track this past Friday the car started running very rich. 7.8:1 AFR. We tinkered with it a bit but couldn’t get it sorted by green flag Saturday and decided just to run. We usually have no problem going two hours on fuel and figured it would be fine. We got the lucky draw and started second behind Money Shift Racing. We quickly managed to move the car to the lead and managed to hold P1 up to the red flag about 30 minutes into the race. During those 30 minutes we also managed to put down a 2:02.6 lap, which ended up being 5th fastest among non-EC cars. On the restart the 959 Visceral car managed to snag the lead. Man is that thing fast on the straight!!! We then lost second to the Sahlen’s Porsche and settled into 3rd for the next hour or so. Then we got the call on the radio. “Car is running out of fuel!” The driver managed to get it through turn 18 but couldn’t quite make it on pit lane. Then he sat there for three laps waiting to be towed in. I eventually had to find a pit marshal to call it in as we think the corner worker didn’t see us. Finally we get the car in and fuel but lost 6 laps. That dropped us to the bottom of the field with doubt in our minds about how far we can go on fuel. We did manage to work our way back and finish P10. Definitely a good result but not would we feel it could have been. We had a top 3-5 on hand for sure. We spent Saturday night sorting the car and thought we had fixed the fuel issues. Spoiler alert, we didn’t!!! Started dead last Sunday and worked up to the top 10 or so in the first stint before it started running out of fuel. This time we at least managed to get it on pit lane and fuel the car. Although we were about 10 minutes short of our window so we would have to make an extra stop at some point. On the second stint the car started shaking violently on braking into turn one. It was like riding in a paint mixer but only at that corner. I’m fairly certain it is the left inner CV breaking apart. We decided to push through it and keep track position for the last 5.5 hours. We hung in there, managed our pit stops with cautions and hung on to finish P7. Again not what could have been but a good finish none the less. Hopefully it is enough to qualify us for the National Championship but time will tell. If nothing else we proved to our selves that we can run towards the front and battle for podium finishes going forward.
  3. We just started working with CV Source out of Buford, GA after going through 100’s of axles over 7 seasons. We sent him a set to build. Then after running 8 or so hours sent them back for inspection. Raced 15 hours plus 6 or so testing on the set he built. No issues. We’ve been using only OEM parts, 1989 car so we get them at junkyards, and pack them with Redline CV-2. We have a DOJ style inner now. For our back up axles with the tri-pot axle he recommended the Neo-syn. His boots have been more durable too. Give him a call!!
  4. It has been raining here in NE Ohio for a week straight. Bring plywood for the paddock!!
  5. Those wings are awesome!!! We put one on after the Nelson race in July. We’ve been back a couple times since and have shaved 4 seconds off of our best lap there. It was good for about 3 seconds at PIRC over our previous best.
  6. When WRL enacted this rule a few years ago I was at the Mid-Ohio race and saw a great work around. The rule only limited tire changes on pit lane. So a team, that also races Champcar, set up their tires and jacks in the paddock. They would fuel the car, exit pit lane at the first break in the wall then proceed to the paddock where they had their tire changers waiting. They would change tires and rejoin pit lane at the second break in the wall. It was fun to watch.
  7. What if there were a rule that you had to be with in a certain percentage of stock tire width? 110%? Just spitballing. For us we’d be maxed at 225 because our car came with 205’s. We run 255 currently. The caveat is that newer cars run much wider tires stock. So the impact across the field isn’t exactly equal. Maybe we need a power+weight+tread width formula to help factor VPI.
  8. They only won by 3 laps after starting 5 down on such a short track like Road America?!?! Obviously the playing field is level and there is nothing more worth discussing.
  9. Or maybe one team car being “on fire” during the closing laps of the race. The driver getting out. Then realizing the car isn’t on fire, getting back in and driving the last 50 feet to pit lane while the other team car fights for the win...
  10. Where did that white Golf come from anyhow? It didn’t have Champcar number plates or sponsor stickers. It only came out on Sunday and definitely wasn’t in the pre race roster.
  11. So there needs to be a solution somewhere. Black flag the car? Make teams that keep offending after that sit on pit lane for the duration of any subsequent pace car periods? I honestly don’t understand how it can be so difficult. The only thing I can imagine is going through the offending drivers mind is that he’s been told to drop to 50% race pace and thus isn’t gaining on the field.
  12. Even if there were 10 new teams it isn’t an excuse. Address it in the novice school. Address it in the drivers meeting. Send a Marshall to the offending teams pit stall and address it directly. I know for a fact one of the biggest offenders has been in the series for many years.
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