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  1. Those wings are awesome!!! We put one on after the Nelson race in July. We’ve been back a couple times since and have shaved 4 seconds off of our best lap there. It was good for about 3 seconds at PIRC over our previous best.
  2. When WRL enacted this rule a few years ago I was at the Mid-Ohio race and saw a great work around. The rule only limited tire changes on pit lane. So a team, that also races Champcar, set up their tires and jacks in the paddock. They would fuel the car, exit pit lane at the first break in the wall then proceed to the paddock where they had their tire changers waiting. They would change tires and rejoin pit lane at the second break in the wall. It was fun to watch.
  3. What if there were a rule that you had to be with in a certain percentage of stock tire width? 110%? Just spitballing. For us we’d be maxed at 225 because our car came with 205’s. We run 255 currently. The caveat is that newer cars run much wider tires stock. So the impact across the field isn’t exactly equal. Maybe we need a power+weight+tread width formula to help factor VPI.
  4. They only won by 3 laps after starting 5 down on such a short track like Road America?!?! Obviously the playing field is level and there is nothing more worth discussing.
  5. Or maybe one team car being “on fire” during the closing laps of the race. The driver getting out. Then realizing the car isn’t on fire, getting back in and driving the last 50 feet to pit lane while the other team car fights for the win...
  6. Where did that white Golf come from anyhow? It didn’t have Champcar number plates or sponsor stickers. It only came out on Sunday and definitely wasn’t in the pre race roster.
  7. So there needs to be a solution somewhere. Black flag the car? Make teams that keep offending after that sit on pit lane for the duration of any subsequent pace car periods? I honestly don’t understand how it can be so difficult. The only thing I can imagine is going through the offending drivers mind is that he’s been told to drop to 50% race pace and thus isn’t gaining on the field.
  8. Even if there were 10 new teams it isn’t an excuse. Address it in the novice school. Address it in the drivers meeting. Send a Marshall to the offending teams pit stall and address it directly. I know for a fact one of the biggest offenders has been in the series for many years.
  9. Might work in some instances my fear though is cars coming in too hot and blind. At Pitt Race there is tons of elevation change leading to limited downtrack sight lines. The last thing we would want is cars slamming into a stopped car at at even 50% speed. Someone can do the precise math but I don’t see how it would be all that difficult for any car to catch up to the field under a caution that only lasts a lap or two under the pace car. Fast lap at Pitt was 1:57. Let’s say the average is closer to 2:10. From what I saw a lap under the pace car was about 4:30 if I remember correctly. Assuming
  10. I don’t think it should require a petition. This doesn’t change anyone’s value nor does affect anyone’s build. It is a safety and competition issue that could be and SHOULD be addressed immediately.
  11. It was brought up on Facebook already regarding the this weekends race at PIRC about cars not catching the field behind the pace car. I saw repeated instances of cars leaving 30-45 second gaps behind the car in front of them while under full course yellow. Not only is this infuriating as a driver trying to gain ground but it is a safety issue for track workers and safety workers that are addressing an on track issue. From my observation this weekend it is the same handful of cars continuously leaving large gaps behind the field and pace car. I brought it up to Chelsea and she was on the PA rep
  12. Exit 13 will be closed race weekend!! https://pittrace.com/travel-advisory-sep-21-oct-9-2020/
  13. I’ll see what we have. You’ll be at Pittsburgh, right?
  14. I think one of the hang ups with Mid-Ohio is where to fit it on the schedule. Watkins Glen, Nelson, Pittsburgh, NCM, Indy and Gingerman are all relatively close to Mid Ohio. At least in terms of an easy tow to a race. I was told they don’t want to detract from attendance at races that have been staples on the schedule in the past. The Monday races were fun there when we had them but I’d love to see a weekend date as it is close enough for me to drive home each night and sleep in my own bed.
  15. It is all in the plans for the future. The repave, drainage and pit lane improvements were top of the list for the owner. He said something to me about a lack of water in the area available for use in the bathrooms. To the point where the home across the street have to have their water brought in by truck.
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