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  1. mchurman

    Ford Focus SVT in chump?

    I have two SVT's you could build one good race car out of the two. One has the aftermarket supercharger... I'm in Ontario Canada. 2500usd for both of them. for location google "New Liskeard" Cheers Mark
  2. Class act KSRD....I don't know who it was.... Congrats to you too.... Mark
  3. Way to go .....Thanks a ton for the photos.....
  4. What a shame....I really liked your car.... That said, I'm glad everyone is ok....I came around the corner shortly after and saw the driver already out.... Hope to see you back in the saddle again...Best Wishes Team Tailwind Red Nissan #35
  5. Great Photos....thanks for doing that.... Mark
  6. We heard commentaries all over the track...it really added to the feel,,,hope we can continue to do that. Mark
  7. Post some pics of your mom behind the wheel......Awesome...Mark

  8. mchurman

    Lithium battery

    Fortunately for us, when our lithium blew up on its first outing....I had a regular lead acid battery as a backup ready to go.....of course you could always steal the battery out of your tow vehicle... if your lithium battery does blow up...count on 45 minutes for it to stop smoking to the point you may feel comfortable approaching it to get it out of the car... it is some nasty stuff.... Mark
  9. mchurman

    Lithium battery

    we used a regular battery box and filled the spaces with sections of high density...like roll cage foam....it stunk while everything was melting down but may also have contained an explosion..I would consider using a lithium battery again but will be more careful in allowing it to charge from a low state on anything but a smart charger..I have not heard of problems running from an alternator otherwise....I suspect this is why the battery says "do not boost" ps..the weight savings was very significant...Mark
  10. mchurman

    Lithium battery

    our lithium battery exploded while the car was at idle..the battery had been drained down by leaving an accessory on and we boosted the car to get it going...after 10 minutes of idling...a literal..kaboom!!!.. smoke billowing everywhere and the battery doing a nuclear meltdown... my advice...if it ever gets seriously discharged...DO NOT use it until it has been fully or at least almost fully recharged by a charger designed for the job. not your alternator...Mark
  11. hey everyone...I just want to make a brief public apology to Mopar...general consensus is that I was an ass.... In hindsight, pun intended, I have to agree... sorry guys. Mark.
  12. You guys truly ran a great race...no mechanical issues, nô major offs and no infractions....plus you were getting faster and faster every lap....looking forward to seeing you at Calabogie...let's see if we can pit together again..Mark
  13. Big thanks to everyone for a great weekend....Awesome fireworks....Thanks Sal and Wendy for that...Special thanks to marshalls and corner workers for keeping us safe.... ANOTHER GREAT EVENT BY CHUMPCAR CANADA!!! Can't wait for our next race...
  14. Hey, can anyone verify the displacement of the Dodge EDZ engine? We were thinking of a MOPAR build and wondering what class we would run in... I believe this is the common dodge "2.4" which is used in the jeeps, dodge caravan, chrysler sebring etc, etc, I see a neon and a PT cruiser running in "B" class which is supposed to be less than 2.4 litres but I keep seeing the engine listed on the internet as 2429cc? Cheers