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  1. Probably true. Even if all they have in common is the engine block and name. As engine mods are still kind of expensive a small drop in VPI allowing reliability mods while denying horsepower should be workable however. Right now a pan, accusump and oil cooler puts it, 84-91 C4, over 500 with nothing else.
  2. 21.1 it appears. I'll guess the 4 banger gets a little better mileage as well.
  3. Been meaning to say, other than the leaky engine this seems like an awfully clean car to make into a race car. Will be a good looking car out on track.
  4. I'm pretty sure the 2nd and 3rd gen Camaros/60's Mustangs/the C3R/C4 Vettes etc are running distros. Kind of ridiculous they get banged 20 points for an ancient tech distributor/MSD box while ECU's are free.
  5. It does kind of appear the Terminator setup would be much easier with the LS style individual coils. Makes sense as it was basically designed for LS engines. It doesn't appear Holley has a kit, but rather the shop I linked above has made the harness to hook it up to the Term X. As far as coils and such, it'll be down 8 laps with a purchased road race pan so what's one more if it gets dinged for coils. Even if they are not aftermarket.
  6. As far as a wiring harness, I'd look at the Holley Terminator setup since it's going to be a race car. Not positive, but it SHOULD work. Contacting Holley should get the info needed. Just looked; https://eficonversions.com/blogs/holley-efi/holley-terminator-x-for-1992-1997-lt1-engines Should be simpler than trying to work with the factory harness, let alone finding a replacement. eta-Get well soon.
  7. A 1991 C4 had 245hp. As there is not an LS with equal or lesser power it would never be a 50 point swap. The swap would be based off the '91 HP, not the 96. Last I looked is a distributor change is still points. While ECU's and such are free. Ridiculous.
  8. What do people think of swap engines from cars that are not on the VPI list? I'm guessing those are fine while having an Explorer or Silverado on the VPI list is unacceptable. Per CC rules the only vehicles allowed to compete are those available in the US or Canada. Yet that doesn't apply to some swaps.
  9. It looks like a Champcar.... but nicer. I've always been curious how a 2002 STS with a manual swap would run. Comes down to if a guy could get 1000 pounds out of it. And it's wrong wheel drive.
  10. I know a guy that has one, only one I have seen out here in the sticks, but have no idea how they handle cranking up the boost. Saying that, diesels seem to take it a lot better than gassers do. I'd be more concerned about things like hubs, trans and such since it was never a performance car. I don't know anything about the Cruze Euro Cup but doing some research there might yield some answers concerning the weak points of the car in a racing environment. Thinking about changing rides already? Was hoping to hear good news from your test at Mont Treblanc (sp?)
  11. Yes, but I see they were available with manual if a guy wanted that. F40 6 speed. I was curious so did a quick search and found a guy that hit 181hp and 296lbs of torque at the wheels with a tune and emissions delete. Should pull around a relatively light little hooptie pretty well. Also, Fiero swap!
  12. 2010+ Chevy Cruze Diesel eta-Assume the +100 applies to turbo diesels as well, so it's actually 300vpi.
  13. What bolt pattern would have the most options for front drive? Loads of wheels in 5x4.75 but not FWD offsets.
  14. Posted to the forum or to the Champcar blog? I ask as I had to do a google search to find what was illegal on the Mercedes at Daytona.
  15. Scrolled back up and read what Huggins posted. The later grandfathered comments I took to mean as cars that had been run. Cool.
  16. So cars newer than 15 years that are on the VPI list, but have not been run by someone, are now EC?
  17. 5x120.65 (4.75") That's the "standard" bolt pattern GM has used since at least the 60's. (Large cars were 5x5) Gen 5 and up Camaros are 120 for some reason. Have heard of people using BMW wheels on Camaros with no problems. Have also heard they tend to loosen up.
  18. The fronts have an very short sidewall as well. 295/25/19's as I recall. Might that play into it?
  19. That's the sort of info I was looking for. Thanks. I'm kind of curious if the compounds may be different on the rear. The rears are much larger and it is easier to get large amounts of downforce on the rear, so theoretically one could use a slightly harder tire. Apparently the fronts on the ACR's are notorious for wearing very quickly, sometimes as little as one "track day", while the rears commonly go 3-4 times as long iirc.
  20. He has a 450 VPI car. 25 points is expensive when you only have 50 to play with.
  21. The 720 ACR's are 200 tw and as has been said numerous times; "CC will not ban a specific tire". 355's will fit on the front with the unlimited flares we are allowed. And parallel parking is not a concern. Supposedly the rears wear much much better than the fronts so on all four corners they may be workable. Prices are not as bad as other tires anywhere near that size.
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