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  1. Will like to see the bore checks. Going to increase tech to 4 hours so guys can pull heads?
  2. CC just needs 5 Hunsackers with 93 octane. Paint them a nice bright, obnoxious color of green so everyone knows what they are. Any team failing the sniff test will be required to fill their car, during the race, from the CC "test cans". Refusal=move to EC. Marked lap time increase due to the computer pulling timing trying to save motor?=move to EC
  3. Well, the protester better be supplying pics of what they think is the stock piston. And be able to prove it.
  4. Well, that's the thing. There is no compression rule, and can't be as they all vary, and decking blocks and shaving heads for comp is 100% legal. Is a flattop rebuilder piston in place of slightly dished going to get a guy tossed? Seems ripe for interpretation.
  5. So, concerning taking pictures of pistons on Saturday. Just what is going to be a pass/fail here? Not all rebuilder pistons look identical to factory. And saying that, who has pictures of all the stock pistons to compare?
  6. Thanks for the info. Pretty much clears that up with no other options other than a DQ. Even Smokey said big fuel tanks, along with big engines, were just chickenshit. That's not being creative at all.
  7. https://bfy.tw/QlME 1999 15.9 stock All others 16.9 stock.
  8. Nope. With a generous fill tube, as discussed/debated recently, 4 cans would easily go in if on fumes.
  9. Looks like cell should be 18.9 gal if it's a 1995 as shown on entry.
  10. Needs a couple more beers in front of him.
  11. Was as much a statement as a question. Seems odd since they apparently went over the cars closely yesterday. So far as measuring fuel cells, pics of pistons, protest for coils, etc. Would have only been able to be there for a few hours so wasn't worth the 6 hour round trip.
  12. Was legal yesterday but not today? https://speedhive.mylaps.com/Sessions/6051325
  13. Just checked the results and it shows winner DQ'd.
  14. They specifically say they are for endurance racing, and list most of the various series, with no mention of autocross so that is a good thing. 345/18 looks tasty. Likely an eye watering price as well as those sizes usually are.
  15. Well, the two "one month build" Boxsters ran well at Daytona, so they are already here. I get what you are saying and not doing it the easy way myself. But there are a lot of people out there where the "easy button" works a lot better for them than a year long build. I wasn't suggesting cars of that level. On the flip side there are cars in this series that have trouble passing the RA safety trucks. I get both sides of the discussion. 70% of the field doesn't want their junk turned into lawn art because some hot new thing shows up. On the flip side, the guy with
  16. And there are lots that are. And yes, some of them have fuel issues. The Cobalt SS turbo comes to mind. Seems to me that is the perfect car to match what CC wants. Cheap car, 4 banger. Oops... 310HP with a reflash..... And a small fuel tank. Proven very quick on road courses. Bet it would still be 600 points, or more, if ever added to the list. Laps down to start and extra pit stops. The list having cars up to 2019 is why I questioned why older rarely run cars were removed. An ATS 2.0T with paddle shifted 8 speed auto would likely be pretty quick
  17. Because people are not wired to start at a deficit. Do you know anyone that would build a car knowing they are going to start 5 or more laps down? There may be a few not many. Sure, one can make a 50 year old car competitive but not just anyone has the time, knowledge or frankly wants to work that hard to do so. I'm guessing there are far far more people that would like to do as the Boxster team did. Buy a car a month before Daytona and go be competitive. I typed a bunch more but thought better of it. I'll just continue to chuckle
  18. I think it will be necessary in the near future if more modern cars are let into the series. Can't expect a team to build a 2008 something or other that starts in a 5-10 lap hole just so a 30+ year old car has a chance to beat them.
  19. 1967 rules. Early TA was A/Sedan and B/Sedan as a pro class. The only difference between the two classes was the engine size limit. I think it was the following year in '68 that the 5 liter cars were allowed one inch wider wheels up to 8" from 7" on the 2.0's, but they also had a 2800 lb weight minimum while the under 2 class had no minimum other than what was claimed on the FIA paperwork. The only thing superior with the 5 liter class was the engine size. The 2.0 cars were obviously lighter as they were smaller cars. Alfa's, Cortina's, 911's ran early TA. So yeah, ear
  20. Early Trans Am had two classes. Under 2 liter and 5 liter. I'm sure Horst Kwech and Jochen Rindt counted their wins even though they couldn't run with Donohue or Parnelli. I mention early TA is CC is actually kinda similar.
  21. So basically build to whatever lap time a Miata or E30 can run. Is that at Gingerman or Daytona?
  22. And that is the point. So many call the class wins participation trophies. Well, when you have to slow the other guy down so you can win..... eta-Not just V8's. Don't forget the Altima.
  23. The refusal by many to recognize classes is why there is so much angst about cars like SuperVette, Cobra's and others. Guess what, a V8 sportscar is going to be faster than a 30 year old hairdresser car or yuppiemobile at many (most?) tracks short of castrating them with points while giving freebies to everyone else. Artificially creating "competition". A couple Boxster's with 3 weeks prep time kicked ass at Daytona and likely would have won if not for a late stop to fix a loose suspension component. How are you going to slow them down with points? With classes you don'
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