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  1. There is both a 2020 and a 2021 tech desk ticket for 5pts each. The 2022 BCCR isn't out. The board meeting last month went over petitions for the 2022 race year. Ball joints were petitioned back to 10 points each for 2022. It isn't published any where yet. I know because I watched the meeting.
  2. The VQ35 has about 20hp but 40ftlbs (or 20% more torque). The Nissan also has 3 more gallons of fuel. Both are a significant advantage on the J30 Accord. The TL type S motor is match for the VQ35, but it'll be seriously fuel limited at a large track. That all said the J30 Accord can definitely be very competitive. I built one for a reason. Just don't expect to out drag a VQ35 Altima down a straight. The VQ35 isn't that "much faster" then the Accord, but in my experience it is faster on high speed tracks. Torque is king.
  3. I did mean Nissan VQ35. The J35 is a good match for the VQ35. The J30 lack the torque of the other two.
  4. I had hoped the same for the rear bar. 20 points there is painful. If you make it work let me know... I switched to the flash pro after pulling out all the ABS, traction control, and sway control. I've been told pulling all the sensor off works too. Turning off didn't "fully" work. For the LSD go with the OE TL type S. It can be installed in the OE transmission or get yourself a TL transmission. CL works in a pinch but has complications so just pull its LSD and install in it your OE case. Fuel time depends on the track. I got ~1 hr 50 minutes at Road America which tends to be fuel heavy. Having raced a couple Nissan VQ35s, they definitely out pull the J30. Specifically out of the hole. Another 40+ftlbs of torque really helps right out of the corner. For outright pace the nissan VQ35 with its power and tank size is the right car. It is the new SC300. IMO it should be the same number of points as the TL type S. ie same hp with 3 gallons more fuel vs lsd. Both should be around 500 points. That is a different discussion.... If the TL type S had a larger fuel tank or was 500 points I would lean toward it. At 520 I don't think it makes up the 2 laps vs a well prepped Accord. It will also be fuel limited at more tracks.
  5. Roger, you of course are correct; the TL Type S has the 286hp J35 for 520 points. The motor is legal in the series. I should have been more specific an 03 to 07 accord with that motor swapped is not class legal. It is EC at 2628 points. The TL is also a good option at 520 points. It is very similar to the Nissan VQ35 but only has a 17.1 gallon tank vs 20. It does come out of the box with beefier sway bars, 4 piston brakes, and a LSD.
  6. The RL has a J35 with 60hp on the J30A4/A5. The J30 has good power, but the Nissan J35 and some of the V8s will walk it. Honda J35 is a very good match for those motors, but not Champcar legal. Good option for Luckydog or AER. I have one in my garage for such circumstances. The accord has an immobilizer that must be matched to the ECU and key. I haven't had issues with it yet. If you switch to a flashpro you'll need to have the immobilizer matched to the new ECU.
  7. I run an 05 J30. It is competitive. A few hints: Shock and spring options are poor. I had to be creative. Traction control needs to be completely disabled. Turning off doesn't fully work and will cook the rear brakes. I pulled the ABS. That caused the car to be too lock up prone. I then went full manual. Problem solved but smaller drivers don't like the brake effort. You'll want to run a LSD from a TL type S. 25 points. Otherwise most drivers will roast the inside tire on most turns. Enough front camber is hard to get. Roll center is poor. Ideally you need a large rear sway bar. I tried stiff rear springs but the back end was "skating". Fast setup but it would try to kill you from time to time. Big bar made it fast and safe. Lots of weight savings will get you down to about 2600lbs no driver or fuel with a beefy cage. Fuel tank takes fuel well for 15 gallons. Then it is slow. Listed at 17.1 gallons, but it will take 18.5 over several minutes of fill time. I went to a fuel cell this year. Keep the power steering.
  8. The tech site isn't perfect, but I much prefer it to the chaos prior. All things considered they are doing a great job. I think the duct tape is a great idea. I'll have $50 in my pocket to protest your car when it falls off mid race. Not because I really care, but because having to read pages of whining makes me a jerk. PS Chris, please prioritize the posting of the March 8th tech ruling so this nonsense can be put to rest.
  9. FFS. The question was CLEARLY and RATIONALLY answered 2 pages ago. Build or buy a single element wing with the cord size to give you your required downforce, remove the second element and add a degree or two, or take an extra 10 points. If you spent the same effort on the wing as the message board your problem would be solved. I got screwed over by the 2022 ruling on extended ball joints. 20 points vs the current 10. I double checked with tech prior to making the change then dropped a grand on 2 sets so I had spares. All are paper weights in 2022 now. I am not on here page after page complaining. I'm busy solving my problem a different way. It is time to move on already!
  10. Crystal clear. Roy and Ray; thanks!
  11. I have acquired some slightly used RS3-R and RS3-RS from Round3Racing and hope to get some data on them in June. Round3Racing was very helpful and great to work with.
  12. https://www.eddiebauer.ca/p/82300191/maximus-2.0-duffel-90l?sp=1&color=Onyx&size=ONE SIZE
  13. If you go manual just make sure you can correct a spin, slide, or drift. Test it before racing.
  14. Few thoughts. 1. The VPI model is working well. The variety of cars winning is a clear indicator of that. There are a few small issues and a minority of loud dissenters but it is working well right now. 2. I do think fuel for points should be looked at and if added should be very expensive. It will be a bigger issue as newer cars with small tanks are added to the series. Already an issue for some cars. Neon comes to mind. I'd add Civic to that list if RBank wasn't so successful with their CRX. 3. I'm indifferent to how changes to the VPI or rule book are tracked, but they should be tracked and shared. Redline, revision log, tech article list, or some other method would be fine. It should be done. If you want one official document use a method different then redline. It is a standard best practice in documentation just like versioning and naming conventions. The compare versions above are a great example of what would be reasonable.
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