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  1. Bill, the living document should include total races and total top 5 or top 10 placings. Doing so will be useful for future VPI discussions. A MOV counter would also be useful. ie how many MOV laps for 1st place finishers. Again for easy reference for VPI discussions.
  2. 1/2 and 3/4 in your chart are gurney flap options. I must have missed it, but what do +35 and +40 represent?
  3. Aero is about right. The optimum setup is 60 points and very hard to do. (Splitter, air dam, side skirts, flat bottom, rear diffuser, spoiler setup for drag reduction). Near maximum down force with lower drag. Adding a wing instead of a spoiler above can maximize down force at the expense of drag. Unless you have GBU power I don't think it would be beneficial. A wing is the easy button for rear grip, but it needs to be balanced with a good front splitter. Which is now typically 20 points with air dam and/or diffusers. It also adds drag unlike the diffuser. So it is sel
  4. As long as everyone's aero is charged the same points I'm happy. The issue with the series is consistent points and rules enforcement, not everyone paying the same points. [I'm not throwing stones here; rules enforcement is hard in a series like this.] If aero is a big advantage folks can use points appropriately.
  5. Exhaust and intake manifold changes should always be points. Swap or no swap. VPI and swap points don't take into consideration performance changes swapping manifolds provide. Cutting, welding, and hammer blows are open.
  6. That's awesome. What was your secret? I haven't seen or heard of that type of success with a rotary before. The only type of car I've seen have more failures are the NA Neon's (DOHC motors and transmissions).
  7. This. My team has been successfully run turbo cars in endurance racing. An OE turbo car can be reliable but the fuel burn rate is 15 to 20% more for the same amount of HP. Converting a NA motor to a turbo has also worked for us, but the OE version was more reliable. A RX7 with a piston turbo motor swap might work well in Champcar; big tank. I love rotaries, but I haven't seen many run reliably with or without boost in endurance racing. In a series like Lucky Dog were you can drop in a 22 gallon fuel cell into any car it might be a solid option. I think a Turbo SRT4 wi
  8. I ditched ABS and went with a manual / no booster setup. The brakes modulation is fine now with ST43, but I'm looking at a more aggressive pad for some additional braking power. Some of the drivers didn't like the amount of force required to lock up. The ST48s might be the ticket. I may also play with my brake pedal ratio and master size. I'd like to find a happy medium for the crew.
  9. Sorry no experience with Carbotech. My brake pad experience may be of some use. Here it is: DTC60 - Moderately expensive. Great brake pads but last 1 weekend at most. 12-16hr of use depending on track. ST43 - Expensive. Last about 30 hours of racing. Easy on the rotors; 60+hrs on rotors. Very hard to modulate the brakes. ST45 - Expensive. Last more then 30 hours of racing. Easy on the rotors; 60+hrs on rotors. Easier to modulate but less braking then st43. I will be testing ST 48s next year.
  10. The best options for tire rules are 1 tire per stop as outlined above, tire stops are separate from fuel stops, or slowing down tire changes so there is a time penalty for changing tires. Anything else is just too difficult to enforce.
  11. The clothing budget for those teams is larger than my annual budget. Team Infinity laid it out pretty well above, but I'll elaborate. A 6 tire weekend is a high use event to us. That is running RE71s. There are a bunch of folks who think that is too many tires. I am ok either way, but more would be crazy as it re-enforces the idea to run more tires. 3 sets of tires, many people call RE71s their rain tires, would allow a team to burn off tires at 5hrs per set. Which is race tire territory. Lastly something not raised by Team Infinity, it woul
  12. Limiting an event to 3 sets / 12 tires is NOT going to solve 5k in tires. That would just codify the issue. I can't think of a worse rule.
  13. A GP3 Miata is a possible exception to the above. With Penske's they can move between WRL and Champcar without many of the large penalties associated with optimizing a suspension.
  14. My proposal is better because:: 1. it meets the intent of the rule by the board. re: OE sized clutches and lightened flywheels. 2. it has the benefit of not "forcing" folks to lighten oe flywheels which is within the rules for free but by damn dangerous. 3. it has the benefit of protecting those that went out and bought a flywheel based on the "finalized" rules. I strongly considered making a purchase as I would drop 17lbs moving from a dual mass to an al single mass flywheel. I couldn't justify the expense. I don't mind "not stock = points". The issu
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