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  1. I've run both ST 43 and ST 45. They are very similar. ST 45 have more cold temperature bite. Once warm they are very similar to ST 43, but last longer. My other drivers commented that the brakes felt the same between the two pad types. From what I've heard ST 47 last similar to ST 43, but have way more bite. Hope to try them out later this year.
  2. Great info. Out of curiosity did anyone fail with mufflers?
  3. Bill Strong recommended the battery tender LI batteries a few years back. I took his advise and picked one up. The battery has worked like a champ in the ~100hrs of racing with it. Noted: I run it in the passenger compartment. https://www.batterytender.com/
  4. We run two cars. One with power steering; FWD, 2600lbs dry, & 285 front tires. One with manual steering; FWD 1900lbs dry, & 245 front tires. The larger car we tested without power steering and it is drivable for a sprint race; 20 minutes. It was hard work but doable for large guys. The biggest issue was that if you lost the car in a slide it was unrecoverable. The wheel would tear out of your hands regardless of driver size. For an endurance race it was out of the questions. If you plan to run a manual, test it from a recoverability perspective. High effort i
  5. It is worth noting that if FIA & SFI certified fuel cells now expire for Champcar this is: a) the only item that expires that isn't explicitly noted in the rule book. b) a change in enforcement of existing rules for champcar. c) a divergence from other amateur series such as WRL, LuckyDog, SCCA, & NASA. My preference would be to not diverge from other similar amateur series, but if we do then I think it needs to be a cognizant choice by the board and the tac and clearly documented. This looks like rule creep and has a high cost associated with it.
  6. I have a few questions on this list. Specifically items 1 & 3 are new to me. 1. Remove your ESS fire bottle so it can be weighed before you get into line. Is this a thing? Are we pulling fire bottles and weighing them and then reinstalling? Is this for every tech or just annual? I get valid dates, but IMO this is a little silly. We are more likely to introduce failure in the system pulling and reinstalling. If the gauge is green and dates are correct why are we pulling and weighing? 3. Have your fuel cell SFI/FIA nomenclature viewable, and or the certif
  7. Excellent feedback; thank you. Any idea how the DWS work in warmer very wet weather compared to RE71s. RE71s seems to work really well in the wet, but only ok in monsoon like conditions.
  8. I've run RS4s in this weather. They are less than optimal. I've also run RE71s same comment, although they make a good dry and rain tire and are faster than RS4s in all conditions. Just wear badly in the dry. The point was it would be good to know the lap time improvement between the tire types in wet, very wet, and wet & cold. Right now I'd just be guessing for half the tires I mentioned.
  9. I figure these would be good for near and subzero racing. The standard extreme contacts are great for rain. https://www.tirerack.com/tires/tires.jsp?tireMake=Continental&tireModel=ExtremeContact DWS 06&partnum=445YR9DWS06 If I was made of money and had the resources I'd run a test between the Conti DWS, Conti Extreme Contacts, RE71s, and RS4 in cold and poor weather conditions.
  10. My ECU is a learning variety and currently it resets after every pit stop. Is there anyway to legally keep power to the ECU so it doesn't reset after every pit stop?
  11. Bill, the living document should include total races and total top 5 or top 10 placings. Doing so will be useful for future VPI discussions. A MOV counter would also be useful. ie how many MOV laps for 1st place finishers. Again for easy reference for VPI discussions.
  12. 1/2 and 3/4 in your chart are gurney flap options. I must have missed it, but what do +35 and +40 represent?
  13. Aero is about right. The optimum setup is 60 points and very hard to do. (Splitter, air dam, side skirts, flat bottom, rear diffuser, spoiler setup for drag reduction). Near maximum down force with lower drag. Adding a wing instead of a spoiler above can maximize down force at the expense of drag. Unless you have GBU power I don't think it would be beneficial. A wing is the easy button for rear grip, but it needs to be balanced with a good front splitter. Which is now typically 20 points with air dam and/or diffusers. It also adds drag unlike the diffuser. So it is sel
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