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  1. Few thoughts to add to the 15 pages of discussion. 1. EC isn't a class. There are no rules outside safety for them to meet. Allowing them to run with us is good for everyone, but the suggestion to add 100 laps is excellent as it clears up any issue with displayed standings [among the top cars]. 2. If an EC car doesn't like the 100 laps they can almost without exception run in a class with penalty laps based on tech assignment. Instead of 100 laps down they can be 10, 20, etc laps down based on classing. A 500 point car with reliability, suspension, and aero upgrades is typicalling going to be in the 10-25 range. 3. If someone can't be bothered to spend 1 hr doing one time paper work figuring out how their 1000+ hr build car fits within classing with penalty laps see point 1.
  2. My end game? Clarity. I don't want to spend thousands of dollars and showing up at a race with a car over 500 points because of an unclear rule. Interpretations of unclear rules are changing alot right now. At the Road America MANY teams had point totals changed from the past races. A stricter interpretation is fine, but it would be nice to know what that interpretation is before you show up to the track. The fact we have had two pages of discussion on a simple question suggests clarity is required. PS I've been a fortunate long time member that hasn't had to post much because you've been doing such a good job of increasing the bickering on the site. Thanks and keep up the good work. ;)
  3. Ironically we are back to my original question. Is adding a LSD and a ratio/FD outside your chassis generation 25 points, 50 points, or not allowed. I would lean towards 25 points based on the current rule set, but it really isn't clear.
  4. ABR-Glen I agree. A diff could or could not include final drive. I can argue it both ways, but would lean towards non gearing related. Additionally, in a fwd car, the final drive is equivalent to the rear end gear ratios. Technically how the rule is written wouldn't allow a fwd ratio change even if available in the chassis generation. I'm sure the rule wouldn't be enforced that way, but that is how it is written. Really, I think this playing with free gear sets should be stopped and non oe gear ratios should be charged some point value. If you open the transmission you use points. That said, that isn't in the cards for 2019 so direction would be appreciated. Preferably public so everyone is playing off the same rulebook [interpretation].
  5. Open refers to free/ 0 points. It doesn't state other final drives not being allowed. Or certainly is not clear...
  6. ABR-Glen precisely. The current rule set does not explicitly cost [off chassis] final drive changes. My assumption is that under the current/2019 rules a new final drive outside the chassis generation would be considered a differential swap; 25 points. A LSD [from a car on the VPI list] is also considered a differential swap; 25 points. What happens if you do both? 50 points doesn't make sense as you aren't running two differentials... Which means in theory it would be 25 points for a differential change that includes both a [VPI List] LSD and [off chassis] final drive swap. I'd like confirmation on interpretation before finishing my 2019 plans. Thanks.
  7. The rule book has the following on final drives: Rear end gear ratios are open to all OEM differentials available for that year, make, and model or chassis generaton (excluding specialty high-performance models not listed on the VPI table). What is the points cost to running a different final drive then reflected above? Is that considered a different differential so 25 points? Or not allowed? In the event I wanted to run a LSD off a car on the VPI list and a different final drive is that still 25 points or something else? Thanks.
  8. The rule book seems pretty straight forward with the exception of the "race weight". Can we get an official clarification on it? Thank you.
  9. Having had brake failure at high plains I can understand that. However I haven't see that post. I searched and could not find free... Saw material or fixed value referenced. Could someone link it? I think having a linked sticky of interpretation would be very helpful.
  10. Phil posted that material costs on brake ducting is free? Or that ducting your brakes is no additional cost? Huge difference. One post is an exception to the material rule and one is an obvious clarification of the rules.
  11. You would learn to corner at speeds above what factory intended. A HPDE is of much greater value then a wing. Glad their word is law. You have heard it. Stop arguing.
  12. A HPDE is free and should solve your cornering issue. Not sure how you are going to deal with breaking [factory intended] 75mph, but I hear upgrades on undergarments are free too. Seriously though. You wonder why tech is careful about posting when someone incessantly agues when they disagree with any part. Tech is in a no win situation as they can't please everyone. No matter what they say they will get in a heated debate over it; no one has time for this crap. Let alone tech directors. Ask for clarification. If you don't like and feel strongly about it use the new petition process. If not let it go! If people spent as much time on their cars as bickering on this board they wouldn't be worried about a ruling so much. Our team was MAJORLY effected by a change from 2014 to 2015. We aren't bellyaching over it. We've moved on to what we can do with the rules as they are.
  13. Based on your experiences I would not run within 1000 rpm of my red line either. A better clutch or other engine enhancements won't help you. I would recommend a HPDE.
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