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  1. Mike, thank you for the years of service to the membership! You had a hard and often thankless job. Best of luck in all your future endeavors.
  2. I like that idea. Similar to NASA sprint rule modifier for power to weight for tires. The question is will the board be ok with that and who would determine what tire gets what penalty.
  3. So outside of a tire ban or a spec tire which we have already established is a no go by the board. What would solve this? If you don't have an answer then we are effectively throwing the baby out with the bath water. i.e. "If we can't limit tires to those with 24hr+ of wear then we won't slow down tire changes to eliminate $5k+ tire budgets either. That is effectively where we are without an alternative and opposition to these other tire change rules.
  4. I don't buy the argument slowing down tire changes doesn't solve the tire abuse issue. ie I don't see R3R or GBU changing a dozen tires by hand with those rules and not slowing down their pit stops significantly. I also don't buy the $400 tire cost per weekend statement with RS4s. RE71s when I ran them was an extra $500 in tires (an additional 2 front tires) so $1500 vs $1000 a weekend. That said, lets assume you are correct. If you can run a full day race without changing tires, what rule fixes the re71 issue? Outside of banning them which is off the table [per the bo
  5. Simple test: 1. Change two tires with a single hand tools without the 4 tires over the pit wall rule. 2. Change two tires with a single hand tools with the 4 tires over the put wall rule. 3. Change two tires with a single power tool without the 4 tires over the pit wall rule. 4. Change two tires with a single power tool with the 4 tires over the pit wall rule. Share the results. I think you will be surprised. An extra 15 seconds on each steps quickly adds up. I ran Lucky Dog (Canadian race) last month for the first time. They don't a
  6. Yes, that is exactly what I mean. It is the easiest to enforce and allows teams that need to change a tire for odd wear or an incident in a reasonable time. I've done almost 30 endurance races and have only once changed a tire because someone flat spotted the hell out of a tire. In the event I need to I have no problem doing it that one time by hand. Less chance of cross stripping or snapping off a stud. Limiting 2 tires per stop won't reduce tire usage. Most team with multiple sets are only changing 2 tires at a time. Limiting the number of tires in a race is a logis
  7. I'm not suggesting limiting the number of tires at a race; that is too hard to enforce. I'm suggesting only allowing 4 tires (including what is on the car) in the hot pit at a time. So you need to take the tire off and put it over the pit wall before you get another. Kind of like refueling. This slows down the speed of tire changes just like hand tools and results in a time penalty to change lots of tires.
  8. If we want to solve the problem we should clearly define it. Is it burning through multiple sets of tires or is it a tire that is too fast but lasts at least a race. I'm of the opinion that if you can run a tire for a whole race it is not a real problem for the series My concern is when teams runs multiple sets per race. I'm a heavy fwd car and I typically plan for new tires on the front every 8 to 12 hours race. My rears will last 2-3 races. RS4s might get me 16hrs on the fronts but the last two hours are marginal and I don't like changing tires during
  9. I think limiting swaps to bolt on changes is the only real fix.
  10. I think the last 3 posts demonstrate why the rule book is difficult. The board, tac, and tech staff can't win when no answer makes people happy. We can't rationally be complaining about a change of rules and then complain again when they switch back 24hrs latter.
  11. Agreed. If the car is still way too fast next year then you bump up the VPI a little more. This is what VPI is for and actually what caused this issue in the first place. re: 350 point drop in 1 year.
  12. I think you under estimate the changes they will have to do to be 500 points legal. I guess we will see in a few months. I could be mistaken, but the body kit seems to be the one item that hasn't been clearly addressed to me. It would resolve some of the tire concerns too. I run 285s so a 275 rule would affect me a little. 285 have helped with tire wear. I've never changed a tire in a race before. Hope to never need too. I get between 16 and 24 hours on a set of RS4s. Did GBU use 5k in tires at Road America? I haven't heard. Usually I am there, but the b
  13. Also less reliable with a 15 to 20% additional fuel burn for the same hp.
  14. True. GBU has been building excessively fast cars in Champcar since its inception. They just haven't been dominant as they were always fuel limited and drove car with a proper vpi.
  15. I concur. There are areas that could be changed with minimal impact to performance. 50 points easily. They are now a 550 car. Come January however they are a 700 point car. I am less convinced they can remove 150+points for minimum performance impact. I suspect they will just have a competitive car with 2hrs of fuel vs a dominant one.
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