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  1. Bill, I for one really appreciate all the time you, Mike, Jay, the Board, and all the other staff and volunteers put into the series. The suggestions for those races (BIR, Highplains, Area27) isn't necessarily to add dates, but to add venues. If not in 2020 then in 2021. There is a HUGE gap in the map for races. Understandable based on previous turn outs, but you can't grow in those areas without any races. Most folks aren't crazy enough to tow 12 to 16hrs to their first race.
  2. Area27, BIR, and Devner would be great additions for the MIDWEST and NORTHWEST. Currently Salk Lake City (16hrs) and Road America (18hrs) are my shortest tows. At BIR I like running both courses, but either-way it would be nice to have back on the schedule. High Plains in Denver is a fun track. Area27 looks stunning. I'm looking to run 4 races next year so a little help on the logistics would be nice. re: shorter tows
  3. A one time $150 cost sounds like a great deal for what this offers. I suspect the concern is a future subscription requirement. If it ever becomes subscription based it is much less appealing. re: mylaps
  4. This is endurance racing, not sprint racing. There is no driver's championship. What is being said is that due to geographical, mechanical, and cost considerations many team cars won't make 5 races. Make it 3 or 4 races not 5. The argument really is immaterial; it will be self evident at the end of the year.
  5. Saskatchewan; 13 hr north of Denver. Brainerd is my shortest tow to a Champcar ran track; ~10 hours. I'm a big fan of HighPlains if you can get it on the schedule. Nice track and pretty drive through the mountains. A tire ban is IMO the wrong solution. Limiting the number of tires per race or limiting tire changes to non-fuel stops solves the issue.
  6. I've Raced Brainerd 4 times; 12 hr tow. I missed the 2018 Brainerd race after destroying 2 motors at NCM. Been to Denver; 12 hr tow. Go to RA every year; 16 hr tow. Did Indy this year, 24 hr tow, instead of Salt lake City. Hasting's doesn't work for our driver's schedules. Note: scheduling is nightmare, but you may want schedule midwest events outside harvest next year. The guys I race with sign up and show up when you run races... We run 2 or 3 a year which is our limit due to distance. Dropping thousand of dollars, taking 3 days off work, and driving half way across the continent for every race is what teams that are "truly invested" in the series do. We'd love to do more, but with races so far away, we can only afford so much time and money. I love Champcar and will run with you guys as long as possible, but the board keeps making it harder and more expensive to race not easier. Taking a petition that I in principle agree with (2 weekends worth of racing) and making it more onerous is just one example. The irony here is that I think what the board is trying to do is eliminate the big dollar teams coming in and winning the championship after 1 race weekend. I get that, but you'd be better off restricting exotics, swaps, & unlimited tire budgets. This rule just hurts the little teams. Hopefully if you've taken anything from my posts it is that the board needs to start looking after the little guys. We all like the legitimate status direction, but we can't afford the cost creep. The race world doesn't need another big budget series. I've said my piece and have now exceeded my annual posting limit. Back to the garage.
  7. JER, if the petition was for 2 weekends why did the Board stretch it 3? I think the person writing the petition and the board has forgotten about anyone racing outside the coasts. When you need to take 3 days [or more] off work to tow your car to a race making 3 or more weekends is very difficult. See the map below; 6 races in a 1800 mile diameter circle. Hopefully the 2020 schedule adds some North Central, North Western races, or changes this to a more reasonable requirement like 2 weekends in 12 months or 3 in 18 months. I think the concept of keeping the championship for regular racers is great, but impact of this rule and the schedule is that you need a ton of money or be located in the East Coast. Probably both.
  8. I hadn't thought of that. We have two cars and probably can't ever qualify with this rule. My team (and Ron E's) are probably the most exceptional cases being a few hours north of North Dakota and Montana, but anyone in the North Central is screwed with this rule. There just aren't enough races within reasonable towing distance. I'm taking 3 days off work to make the "close" 16 hr tow races.
  9. I'm definitely not a fan of the 5 race minimum to qualify. I would have prefered 4. With Brainerd out of the schedule the closest ChampCar track to me is 16 hours. With most races being double weekends I need to make atleast 3. All the new rules are making this sport more expensive. Flagtronic, 2500 swap, more races to qualify, etc... We should be going the opposite direction in regards to cost.
  10. There is a typo in the document. I believe this should say Intake Manifold: 25 points.
  11. Simple solution is to limit the number of tires per race weekend. 8 tires with a tread-wear of 200. Allows rain tires greater than 200 tread-wear. Or simply no more then 8 tires per weekend period.
  12. An A2 can be a 200hp motor with 50 points. Leaving 40 on the table.
  13. Civic SI had a 160 hp 2l k series. CRV had a 184hp 2.4l K series. Both would be good engine swap candidates. SI motor is 409 points in a 99 miata. CRV motor is 602 so less helpful.
  14. Few thoughts to add to the 15 pages of discussion. 1. EC isn't a class. There are no rules outside safety for them to meet. Allowing them to run with us is good for everyone, but the suggestion to add 100 laps is excellent as it clears up any issue with displayed standings [among the top cars]. 2. If an EC car doesn't like the 100 laps they can almost without exception run in a class with penalty laps based on tech assignment. Instead of 100 laps down they can be 10, 20, etc laps down based on classing. A 500 point car with reliability, suspension, and aero upgrades is typicalling going to be in the 10-25 range. 3. If someone can't be bothered to spend 1 hr doing one time paper work figuring out how their 1000+ hr build car fits within classing with penalty laps see point 1.
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