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  1. Cool deal. Impounds have certainly gotten a lot more entertaining!
  2. That is what we have found. 245 is just too much stress on suspension. 225 on a stretched wheel works ok, when measured over time.
  3. Any chance you want to speak to the claim of a 2.5 engine instead of a 2.3.....honestly I know we have placed above other teams that have massaged rules, but curious if you could put this claim to rest. We have protested and are 100% in our outcome, and I do not want to have to have to do it again....not at all implying there is anything nefarious going on...just transparency as seems someone close to the situation has an issue.
  4. yep.....actually we went 2s faster on 225's at Road America...That was average times btw, I do not focus on ftd....Gingerman will be an even better test for us to really analyze data. I can only assume that at some point the amount of HP provided by the vehicle to drive the increase in friction comes into play in similar way to drag vs. hp. 225's on 9's just seem to work well for our hp number. Also, wear is identical if not better with the 225s, more uniformity.
  5. Wish we had points for better hubs....245's seemed to make them an every other race consumable. Yes, I know they are only 2.5 pts.(lobbied against that to no avail), but the car is running the same lap times or better. And not one of us whiny drivers have complained yet!
  6. We've had one fuse blow in 8 years....ground issue. Like Rob said, stuff moves.
  7. Very noticeable the ability of the hot driver, I am assuming he was in the car clicking fast laps at the end of the day on Saturday? We had fun watching him go through the 1-2-3 complex. Since the tech forms are digital now, does CC allow a team captain to view a past submitted form if they request it? If not, I almost feel like they should, at least for transparency sake when something like this is bought up.
  8. Same here, they seem to like the stretch.
  9. Seems like common sense prevails...but this is racing so that goes out the window. Thanks for posting Roy!
  10. Maybe a debut at the new track in the Ozarks? High Plains? Or, why not got to Mosport and help out our friends that have lost out on all the fun?
  11. I will say this race was a lot of fun...we didn't have the cars respond now we wanted., but we had pace. Whoever was in the beer money car in the 2md stint, I Really tried to be in your mirror before my pass in 5..... in saw you get loose on the exit. It was not an intentional push, i assumed we saw each other. I love seeing your car on track it is so much fun to run against.
  12. Did we also not forget that the free brake petition was by a now board member that is custom making these kits for e30's that was not legal under the 2x rule? Sometimes making hard decisions that are controversial test those of us that we elect to be leaders.. I know I will remember this latest meeting when it comes to voting next cycle.
  13. Mike! Glad you're back! See you this weekend at Autobahn!
  14. Take some clear packing tape on both sides, can sometimes help to stop the spread.
  15. Can't wait to tuttlefy the miata.... glad you got it sold.
  16. $50ish Brembo blank flat rotors all day! We even turn them and continue on....laptimes say brakes work ok. Sorry that happened to you.
  17. Hey, we at least check things like fuel capacity and stroke now...if only we could admit that used plastic realtor signs are plastic and not "flimsy" plastic so should be charged less pts. per sq/ft.....I give the pass on that as a growing pain of the series enforcing rules as written and not as argued.
  18. Agreed, but if fronts are allowed for 10 pts. One would think you could argue and possibly get a similar valuation.
  19. Can you make it a "bolt on subframe" then argue it should have a 10 pt value like a "bolt on tubular front subframe/k member"? "bolt on" is not defined as something bought off the shelf in the rule book that I am aware of.
  20. Don't scratch yourself with your gloves on after working with fiberglass......
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