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  1. Oh wow...that's awesome. From what I've seen, the RV industry seems to be doing well. I read that there was a 30% increase in RV shipments from last year recently. People want to be in their own little getaways rather than a resort or hotel room.
  2. Right...there is a 1.5 multiplier. We've been running mostly 7 and 8 hour races this year so forgot about that.
  3. The LT1s were a bit more pricey than the Mustangs/Cobra, but we felt a bit more comfortable with the Mustang build so stuck with it. As with any of the V8's, the F-bodies are going to take a penalty every single race of at least 20 points or 2 laps based on fuel capacity. This is why I disagree vehemently with these supposed "artificially low" VPI claims made by some for the American V8 cars. At Sebring next week, we will take a two pit stop penalty, equal to FOUR laps or FORTY points of VPI. But to some, that's not enough.
  4. It's unfortunate, but was great to spend some time hanging out with you guys on Saturday evening at the track! It was a busy weekend for Crowd Control Racing and seemed like nonstop go. Aside from @MoparBoyy, we haven't been to Road America. After a 20 hour tow up, we were delighted to arrive to cold, wet, miserable weather. Friday was rainy and wet, but we've obviously raced in rain and snow so we took out the car for testing and to get familiarized with the track. By late afternoon, the track was drying and I jumped in the car after @Snake around 4:30. Getting out of the car, he
  5. IMO it's just because nobody has built a very serious car and been able to put together a solid team and roster of drivers. I know of a Gen 4 out there that could very well be out there winning races, but most times it's about more than just the car. EDIT: A perfect example of the superiority of the Gen 4 platform is NASA CMC. It restricts all cars down, benefitting the Mustangs. It gives the Mustangs a number of parts and mods that it does not give to F-bodies (headers, cam, panhard). But in the end performance is similar.
  6. Why isn't everybody racing and winning with SN95 Mustangs?
  7. Even the LT1 F-bodies are stout. They outclass our Cobra with ease. 285 hp vs. 240 hp Aluminum heads vs. cast iron SLA front suspension vs. modified McPherson strut Factory panhard bar vs. 4-link Quadrabind T56 (with double-overdrive and more aggressive gearing) vs. T5 Same fuel capacity Similar curb weight We were seriously looking at multiple Gen 4 F-bodies, but they are much harder to work on (engine is mostly under the cowl, challenging exhaust) and we felt more comfortable with the Mustang. But they absolutely outperform any Mustang fro
  8. Ahhh...got it. IMO, that's a pretty minimal time penalty. With no real limit on people over the wall, teams can have runners ready to go with tires for the far side of the car. And the wall side of the car is literally a few feet away, so it might cost 3-5 seconds/tire. Somebody is simply going to hand me the tire over the wall and I'm going to slap it on and hit it with a gun (I don't support the hand tool part). I'd be surprised if this costs teams more than 15-20 seconds on a 2-tire stop and 30-40 seconds on a 4-tire stop.
  9. You're saying the set on the car plus another set, correct? This would be at total of 8 tires for a race up to 14 hours according to my suggestion. IMO, this really limits the big outliers at this point, of which there are only two teams of which I am aware. It also gives high hp FWD cars the ability to run multiple sets of fronts when they burn them up on rough tracks like Nelsons or PBIR (which was very hard on tires). I personally don't agree with the hand tool requirement (assuming you are excluding battery operated tools). If we're limiting the amount of tires used, then who c
  10. The only reasonable recommendation that I made was to limit total tires allowed during a race. Here is where I made that suggestion. Admittedly, it also still has flaws and could be exploited.
  11. Which is why I'm really against an onerous tire rule. I know there are cars out there like the JSK Maxima that are very hard on fronts. And even though as a competitor some of these proposed tire rules/limitations/whatever might benefit us (or more accurately, won't hurt us as much as others), I think rules that are going to more negatively impact certain platforms don't work.
  12. Unlike the other races we have done post-COVID, there is not a link for the waivers. Unless otherwise updated, I believe these are provided at the front gate at the base of the bridge to the paddock. There are no weekend memberships. These have been eliminated all year at every event we've raced. Unlike some tracks, Sebring has a very liberal policy with pit vehicles and would not expect that to change. Also, there is limited power in the paddock, and in particular lighting and hookups on the concrete are very limited. You should bring a generator if you need this at your tra
  13. You're not supposed to be able to build a combo that wasn't available from the factory or OE. But again, based on the history I would not be surprised.
  14. It would be pretty amazing to find out that one could run a 26 gallon '78 or later C3 and use ANY head (and cam, trans, etc.?) from ANY C3 on it for no points. But for some reason, I wouldn't even be surprised.
  15. The 882 heads are junk compared to what's on that car now. And they had a reputation for cracking, which might pose a problem in endurance racing. They are so not even in the league of the heads on that car now they aren't even worth using as canopy weights.
  16. Yeah, the testing day stickers were ridiculous. Our car had been out 4 times and they turned me away and I had to go sit in the paddock for 15 minutes until we got a new one.
  17. I haven't done the math but the back of napkin answer is that in a 160 lap race it takes a ~1.9 second average lap time to account for each additional fuel stop. We would stop at 2:00, 4:05 and 6:10. The GBU car would stop at 1:00, 2:05, 3:10, 4:15, 5:20, 6:25 and 7:30. They'd need a 7.6 second/lap average advantage to counter the additional fuel stops. I have no idea what their mean lap data is but suspect they are faster than they are showing. None of this accounts for FCY, weather, etc. which is huge in strategy and winning a race.
  18. I missed the races that we win by 5 laps. We already take 2 extra pit stops in a 14 hour race, which is already at least a 4-lap penalty. But I think message being sent it pretty clear and we hear it, especially when after being targeted for the past 2 years we are the only Mustang that gets an increase. Of course, there can't be other cars on the podium. Must maintain the status quo, and it's been getting shaken up lately so time to restore it.
  19. lololol...I guess TAC's calculator only figured that the '94-'95 Cobra needed to be raised. Not any other Mustangs. And of course the only SN95 Mustang to ever be on the podium in the series. Ever. That's a pretty transparent statement and message heard loud and clear, BOD and TAC.
  20. I really don't care about the performance advantage of a starter somebody uses to start their race car. And as I stated, a pound or two isn't a concern to me. I would rather see people use a better starter to avoid 3 guys trying to bump start a car out of the box on a busy pit road.
  21. I don't know where you got 14# but the stock starter on all '92 and up 5.0's is an 8.5# OE mini-starter. Maybe if you're talking about old, '80's and earlier SBC's, but I don't think many starters over the last 20+ years weighed 20#. Again, I don't see a starter as an issue. An alternator has a number of benefits including a different pulley, so IMO that should be points. Clearly there is a reason to get out the pitchforks with the nonsense that's occurred over the last few months, but IMO this isn't one of those issues.
  22. I don't really have a problem with the starters, as they don't offer any performance advantage whatsoever aside from a little bit of weight savings. And weight reduction is free, sooo....
  23. Just so everybody is aware of this provision of the BCCR, which we used in 2018. 5.2.3. Appeals: The Technical Inspector’s ruling may be appealed to the Event Director. The Event Director’s ruling is final for that event. You may appeal for future races to the ChampCar Board of Directors at Board@champcar.org.
  24. Wasn't it you that told your tale of hard work and learning in over FIFTY RACES before you won a race? So you spent YEARS, and thousands of hours building your car, racing it, revising it and learning "just to win a bit of metal and no money". And now you're lecturing people to stop taking it so seriously. Pot, meet kettle.
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