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  1. I hate to sell my race car but work and home just don't allow me to have time to race. So I'm putting the car up for sale. IF you are interested let me know it will sell as a package only will not separate. Here is the list of parts and car. 95 VW Cabrio Legal in multiple racing organizations. The car as it sits is a 350 point car. Log books for Chump and NASA PTE Race gear 3 race suits sizes M-XL Nomex underwear Socks, Shoes and gloves Hans Devise Two current helmets one Med on Large both are equipped with radios connections Spare Motor Two Spare transmission Two extra sets of Wheels and Tires. Set of wheels on car are Enkei RFP1 light weight wheels. One spare set are the same wheels with new tires never been on the ground. The last set are stock VW wheels 14" with new tires that have never been on the ground. Set of new half shafts 5 totes of spare parts. Includes new rotors, Wheel bearings, Electrical parts, Full set of extra spindles, Engine parts, Oil, Filters and more Cool shirt system in the car. Includes large, XL and XXl shirts Have a OBD2 plug to read out to the Tablet in the car. Includes transponder The car has a full containment seat, Current belts, on boards fire system and new window net. Radio system with radio for car and Crew chief. Four fuel jugs. Car is a blast to drive. Will run easy for a two hour stint on a tank of gas. If your looking to get champcar racing this is a complete set up for someone to begin racing. Price is $7000 the two sets of wheels and tires are $3000 alone. Car is priced to sell. I'm located in Iowa if you are interested in the car give me a call 913-553-9082 Would be happy to send pics if interested.
  2. Congrats my son was in the military also. enjoy your time. racing can wait.
  3. Bill are you planning on doing a live feed for the Harris Hill Race?


  4. Not sure if I have been looking in the wrong place but I will try to see if I can get an answer on this forum, I want to get a question cleared up. When I look up the VPI for my car it isn’t listed. My car is a 1995 Cabrio. It is built on the MK3 platform which is the same as the Golf and Rabbit. They do list a Cabriolet which is built off the MK1 Platform and is completely different than the Cabrio. Should I be using the Point Value for the 1995 MK3 Golf/ Rabbit? Thank you for clarifying this for me.
  5. I'm sure this has been asked before. Is there a way to find out how many cars are entered at a particular race?
  6. 2016 Team Update: We have entered our first race. We will be running the 14hr race at the Iowa speedway. May run more after July. Mamma say I have a wedding to pay for and pay attention to before we do anymore racing. We will race one more for sure but would like to run two. Car is up on jack stand in the garage getting some maintenance work right now. New tires are ready to be mounted so we can have spares. All we need now is a set of brake pads and rotors and we should be ready to race. Look forward to our first chump outing.
  7. Was wondering if there was any meet and greets planned for the Des Moines area before the Iowa Race? We will be running the race but thought it might be nice to meet some of the local teams. Jeff Meeker
  8. For all of those you considering renting this driver a ride. YOUR TO LATE! he has been snatched up to drive the Meeker Motorsports Cabrio. Looking forward to an awesome weekend of racing.
  9. Art we are a new team to chump car. We have bought a car out of the east region. How do we reserve a number? I would like to see if we can reserve the number 32?  If not we have entered a race with the number 532.



    Jeff Meeker

  10. Thanks Everyone all good information. We will probably start chep and invest more if we need more information. thanks Again
  11. New team looking for help. What does everyone use for camera systems? Does your camera systems connect via the web and can you see live in car video? What is everyone using for lap times and data? again can you see this real time in the pits via the web? Thanks for the input from all.
  12. A friend and myself attended the race both days. The track seemed to be pretty tight in the corners. We were both impressed with the car control through the entire event. Great racing both days. Met a lot of nice people. We will be racing chump next year and look forward to meeting more of the Chump racing family. We met the guys from the 257 team and they had a lot of nice things to say about the central division drivers. Looking forward to next year!
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