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  1. This is all I can find for my very niche car (which I might actually finish building this year): These are the only options I have found ranging from not available to $1030 and not available. Looks like C&R for me! In all honesty I feel like it would be good to just make the rule as follows: <=$300 radiator - 0 points >$300 radiator - 30 points ...or just go back to the old rule
  2. Picture of exhaust manifold and steering box. Steering box looks like something like this: https://www.topflightautomotive.com/products/borgeson-universal-1967-1982-chevrolet-corvette-performance-steering-box-conversion-kit-small-block/
  3. Unfortunately the Conquest that I acquired from a Lemons team and was prepping for this race had an engine failure and won't be making it, so we're dusting off our old Volvo 960 that now has shiftable gears. The Conquest will have to make its debut at a later date.
  4. I don't think Daytona is a good barometer for deciding points increases. It is literally the extreme end of average speed for Champcar tracks. Also, no mention of the car that lead nearly half the race before it retired? Some other notes: 1. Attrition rate was really high 2. The rain was beneficial to the car that won 3. I would be very impressed to see any Champcar go 10/10ths or even 9/10ths for 14 hours straight around Daytona and hold together thanks to Champcars stance on reliability items.
  5. I did a write-up about seat sliders in my now dormant build thread back when I was doing research for each part I selected.
  6. According to the guy that wrote the GRM article, Falken has tweaked the tires after GRM's testing to exhibit better wear characteristics. I'll believe it when I see it. I'm still interested to try it since they have two of the most interesting sizes on the market, 245/40-R15 and 275/40-R17 the latter of which are exclusive to Falken out of the 200TW tires. They are also cheaper than the Hankooks in most sizes. They might wear better in a larger size and on a wider wheel (GRM's test was a 225/45-R17 on a 17x7) I don't know why we need another tire that does what t
  7. The new Falken RT660 is going to come in 245/40-R15. https://www.falkentire.com/tires/passenger-car-tires/azenis-rt660-tire GRM just released their testing and it matched the RE-71R in autocross, was a bit slower on track, and actually wore a little worse (225/45-R17 on a ND Miata) They are usually cheaper than the top dogs from Bridgestone, BFG, and Yokohama, so they may be a compelling option.
  8. On average Compound 1 saw a 13% increase in cornering stiffness and Compound 2 saw a 11% increase in cornering stiffness from the wider wheel. The graph is at 4 different pressures (separated at the dotted lines). The optimal pressure appeared to be between the first and second pressure depending on how much downforce/how heavy the vehicle is. At the two lowest pressures, Compound 1 and 2 both saw a 19% increase in cornering stiffness from the wider wheel. One thing to note is that these are slick tires and may behave a bit differently than the 200TW tires we use.
  9. Classified Interestingly, compound 1's peak lateral coefficient of friction increased on the +1" wheel, but compound 2's peak lateral coefficient of friction decreased on the +1" wheel.
  10. It's all about corning stiffness, which is the slope of the linear portion of the lateral force vs slip angle response of the tire. Stretching the tire over a wider wheel (up to a point) will improve the cornering stiffness of the tire. It may also increase the peak grip of the tire, but it will most noticeably improve the transient response. This is why the driver may comment on better steering response and turn-in characteristics with the same tire on a wider wheel. Here is some real world tire data from my college years comparing the cornering stiffnes
  11. They can just plywood up the opening for minimum points increase and use a rearview camera. There is no rule that you need a rear window, just an interior mirror, even if it is not looking at anything. Can anyone in this thread tell me how much laptime this fastback is worth? I popped it into the old laptime simulator and even if its a 5% improvement in vehicle Cd over a standard hardtop (pretty optimistic I think) it would be worth 0.1 to 0.3 seconds per lap, which they are taking some points for. All I see here is a cheaper way ($$$ money) of making a miata
  12. I'm looking for a seat (2 stints) at Watkins Glen in May. I can be there for Friday practice and help crew during the race. I will have a current Champcar gear tech sticker, so I'm all ready to go! Racing resume available on request. I've raced with GWR and their super fast E30, the SlowNerd/ScribeWorks Volvo 960, the Van Buren Boys Altima, and the Team Infinity Sharkcar. I also have a NASA comp license (provisional at the moment) as I race in Spec Miata as well. Here is my stint with GWR from our win at Watkins Glen last year:
  13. My guess is that you were using light bars? My understanding is that max lumens are measured close to the light source. HID and LED projectors/drive lamps do a much better job of projecting the light to much further distances than LED light bars. Light bars are more designed for offroading at relatively low speeds to ours and for blinding people while you tailgate them in your bro-dozer. Look at the light output plots on Hella's website to get a better idea of what I'm talking about. http://www.myhellalights.com/ The FF200's are expensive but are the best lights I've d
  14. I know you want to do it through tuning, but I think your best bet is a restrictor. If implemented well, it can speed up intake air velocity at low RPM's giving your more low-end torque and only reduce peak horsepower. Can be as simple as a plate between the throttle body and intake manifold (see spec miata restrictors). Just get an extra gasket, an aluminum plate, and a hole saw and try it out. Maybe bring a few sizes to the dyno and see which one gets you where you want. To make it easier to hot swap restictors you can remove the two studs that are usually used on the intake manifold to t
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