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  1. Big thanks to the Champcar staff, track staff, and volunteers for another great weekend of racing! It was my first time visiting and racing at Road America and what an amazing facility! Definitely one of my new favorites. After racing with @Slugworks Paul at Indy in the Altima I kept asking him if he was going to take it to Road America knowing it would be strong there. We had a great battle with JSK all day on Saturday until they ran out of brakes and had to retire the car. I was in the car last and was expecting a fierce battle with the Round3 #601 Boxter with the super fast Riley Camero approaching from behind but the Camero had engine issues and the Boxter had the aforementioned wheel stud issue so we ended up taking the win by a bit over two laps. I started race on Sunday at the back of the train and three laps down and was able to work my way through the field and pass the leading and always fast Rbank CRX driven by @skierman64. I ran the 1:47.7 while trying to stay ahead him to try to catch a caution to get a lap back. We got the caution right at 2 hours and after seeing the incident I made the call to pit immediately and not wait for the safety car to pick up the leader. We were able to get a lap back on Rbank, but JSK made the same call and we only just stayed ahead of them. Seeing how the caution was handled in hindsight, it might have been better to stay out one more lap and get in and out of the pits before they closed it the second time. Ultimately it didn't effect our eventual 3rd place finish due to JSK and Round3 running flawless races on Sunday. Now to hibernate until my Sebring racing vacation in December.
  2. I dont really care how many tires people use, but it could make the strategy more interesting if you are penalized for taking tires. At the 24hr of LeMans they used to require fueling be done separate of tire changes, so teams would focus on tire life to maximize their overall pace. Now they changed it so you can fuel and change tires, so no one stretches their tires as long and they wouldn't at all if they didn't have tire allocations. That's part of the reason I think the racing in IMSA is pretty bad unless there are a lot of cautions. No one is ever on alternate tire strategies so no one can really pass on just raw pace. With that said, maybe having 2-3 minutes added to the minimum pit stop time if more than one tire is changed. This makes it so you aren't penalized if you have a flat. Adding the 2-3 minutes means you will lose about a lap every time you change tires. You might be able to make that up, but it will add another layer to the strategy.
  3. Please no spec tire or banned tires. It will have countless unintended consequences. One tire is never the answer for every car/track/time of the year. At Watkins Glen we tried the 245/40-R15 BFG Rival S1.5 on the GWR E30 and they were amazing! 1.7G through the chute! I almost passed out the first time I went through there. They even lasted for 7 hours with life to spare! At the VIR 24 we used the same tires and they were absolute garbage. The balance switched from pretty neutral to oversteer with no changes to setup. It was so bad that one of our drivers put the car in the wall during the morning warm-up. The higher track temperature was most likely the problem. The tires would only last about 4-6 hours too. If you want a limited prep series with a spec tire, just do Spec Miata. I just started racing with NASA and my Toyo RR's last 2-3 race weekends and I get money towards new ones if I place well. Only catch is I need to bring 3-4 sets of tires with varying levels of heat cycles and tread depth to have the best tire for the conditions. Still a 5-6 second gap per lap at regional races between first and last. How is that possible if the cars are the same!?!?!?
  4. No, it's still pretty far from that. I've found myself with less time and motivation than when I started the project, so I've turned to being a renter this year. I also have recently acquired a Spec Miata, so that doesn't help. Maybe next year... Yes it is!
  5. Acid dipping works great! Its pretty pricey though. Depends on how much you value your time (and health sometimes, those stray wires from those wire wheels can do some damage!) I was lucky enough to have the cheapest option I could find within 500 miles from me only 15 minutes from my house. Lost 26lbs when weighing the chassis before and after, but I imagine ~10lbs will go back on with paint. Makes finding spot welds much easier. Also makes welding on the chassis much easier and safer.
  6. I had a blast driving @Slugworks Paul's new datsun. It was fun being in a power car over a handling car for the first time in my Champcar racing "career". The Altima was ridiculous on the straights, but struggled to keep up with the BMW's and Miata's through the twisty bits. Getting 6th on the car's debut race was impressive to say the least. I had some fun battles including racing with my friend Denny when he was driving the Crank Yankers E30 on Sunday. I managed to pass him and the Premium dudes E30 before the brake pedal went to the floor as I was coming in for our last pit stop, I wanted to take it easy on the brakes, but I also wanted to try to stay ahead of Premium Dudes to try to catch a FCY to get a lap back. Fortunately Paul's crew did an amazing job changing both sets of rear pads and one caliper and got us out to salvage a 16th on Sunday. I didn't have any issues with aggressive driving during my stints. Seemed consistent with most other races I've done. The unfamiliarity of the track definitely led to some strange racing lines, but you just had to keep that in mind when making moves. Like others, I had problems with the inconsistent and lazy flagging all weekend. Overall I was impressed how well Champcar ran the event and I'd love to have another go at it next year.
  7. I've run 245/40R15 RS4's on 15x10's as high as 42 psi hot with no noticeable (by an amateur) loss of grip but improved tire life on a camber limited car (MacPherson front, solid rear) Car weight is ~3000 with driver.
  8. This might be a little early, but I'm looking for a seat (1-2 stints) for the Sebring Double 7 in December. I can be there both days and help crew as well. I just so happen to find myself in the area December 26-30, so I thought I might as well do a race there and check it off my bucket list. Flights are already booked and I have a current Champcar gear tech sticker, so I'm all ready to go! Racing resume available on request. I've raced most recently with the GWR guys and their E30 and the SlowNerd/ScribeWorks Volvo 960. I will also be racing with Slugworks at Indy. Here is my stint with GWR from our win at Watkins Glen, which was my first time racing at the Glen:
  9. That was changed this year. All previous years that I've been racing in Champ in the East region they would just glue a class ABCD winner plaque to the overall podium trophy. I think in either the west or central they were handing out class trophies in addition to overall and some teams asked if they could do that everywhere, so they did. I really don't see what the problem is here.
  10. I'm only trying to convince everyone it doesn't work so everyone takes their aero off thier cars to give us more clean air for our aero 😉 Joking aside, the aero on the GWR car is worth a few seconds a lap in clean air, but you don't get many clean laps in a packed Champcar race.
  11. This is deja vu from Troy's points based class petition and the discussions that came out of it. I'll just reiterate what I said there with some tweaks: 1. I do not think we need to incentivize teams to build slower cars, it will only exacerbate to growing speed differentials we are seeing today. 2. Increased tire width can save you money due to the wider tire having more heat capacity which can improve tire life if you are overheating your stock-width tires. Yes you could just go slower, but who at the front of even a limited prep class will do that? Wider tires is one of the easiest ways to improve your car (low hanging fruit = accessible to everyone) New tire compounds that come out every few years are one of the main contributes to speed creep. 3. I don't think aero is as effective in Champcar as people think it is, but it ends up being a scapegoat for speed creep over and over again. Its main use is to give amateur drivers like myself more confidence in high speed corners, which is usually where the most laptime can be found. The trade-off is reduced top speed, which can make it very hard to run fast laps in traffic. Champcars do not have enough horsepower to take advantage of crazy time-attack style aero. There is a reason those cars have and need 1000hp. Aero can also be very cheap due to plywood being very cheap. There are a lot more cheap wing options on the market now. 4. The thing that isn't talked about enough is the tried and true driver mod. Here is a really good blog post about the value of the driver: http://farnorthracing.com/autocross_secrets3.html. It is about autocross, but it also applies here. A lot of the speed creep we have seen is just due to better driving. Every race I've done so far I have improved my fastest lap. Some of that is car tweaks, but a lot of it is confidence. You don't need giant car haulers, paid crew, and $50,000 cars to win in Champcar, and I have no issues with teams having any of those things. I've been crewing and driving for GWR for around four years now. That car is primarily built by two guys in a two car garage with the help of friends, a Hobart MIG welder, and a lot of beers. Our win at the Glen recently did not involve any pro drivers, paid crew, race fuel, or engine swaps. Chris and Will have been trying to win the Glen for 5 years and they finally got there through a lot of small changes that make the car reliable and very easy to drive at the limit. No matter what you do, a team that is brand new to motorsports will not be able show up and fight for the win their first time out. Its one of those things you have to learn by doing. That might have been possible 10 years ago, but everyone was new to it back then.
  12. We didn't need Misha to win on Saturday! 😉 Misha didn't get to the track until Sunday. He drove 1st stint and last "stint" on Sunday.
  13. Last weekend had its ups and downs, but overall it was awesome! This is my first time racing at the Glen and it is now one of my favorites. I was first stint in the GWR E30 starting around 20th place, I was able to pick through the field up to 2nd before the first safety car, which brought me back in sight of the Partsbadger car. At the next safety car I found myself directly behind Partsbadger. I was able to make the right choice in traffic on the restart and found myself in the lead! After the next safety car I had some clean air and was able set a 2:14.5, which stood as our fastest lap until Misha's time attack session at the end of Sunday. Patrick, Chris, and Will all drove flawlessly and we were able to pit under caution for two of our three stops. In hindsight, we could have made one or two better strategy calls, but this was the closest to a perfect race as we have ever run since I've been on the team. With that said, we still needed some help from our competitors to pull it off. Visceral's two fuel stop strategy looked like it was going to be impossible to beat until they weren't able to catch a yellow for their last stop and they had their 5th gear issue. The Tuttle cars were just absurdly fast all race and if the 107 wouldn't have had their transmission issue on their last pit stop, they would have won. On Sunday, Misha started and got us ahead of the non-EC leader in an attempt to get our penalty lap back, but the safety car picked up the EC leader on the second caution. He then got passed by the Tuttle car on the restart and we found ourselves right behind them for the next safety car, still a lap down. I drove second and on my second lap of my stint, the black fox body spun in front of me in the middle of the bus stop. I went wide to avoid him but lost control of the car when I hit the outside curbing. Right as I gathered it up, the mustang finished its spin by hitting our left-rear wheel, which bent the trailing arm. It look us around 4 hours to replace it, so we sent Patrick and Misha out for some time attack laps at the end of the race. I was glad to see that the car was still super fast after our repairs. Thanks to all of the Champcar and Watkins Glen staff for putting on such an awesome event!
  14. I don't mind racing with the EC cars. My biggest problem related to EC cars at the Glen was the pace car inconsistently picking up either the overall leader (EC car) or the non-EC leader. We were trying to make up our penalty lap from Saturday and passed the non-EC leader, but the pace car picked up the overall leader so we didn't get the lap back. Also, when the pace car would pick up the non-EC leader, the EC cars would get free laps, further confusing the situation. The -100 laps might solve this issue as there is no confusion who the leader is.
  15. @turbogrill I believe BW has a smaller one than that, the 6258. However, it looks like you would stay in the center of the map you posted if you stopped being a wimp and turned that hypothetical boost up 😋 I personally love MHI (Mitsubishi) turbos as the best bang for the buck If you pick up a used Evo VIII or IX turbo, you will have nearly all of the goodies of the EFR except the integrated BPV and they are journal bearing vs ball bearing. It may also be a better size for what you are looking for. You can find compressor maps for a lot of Mitsubishi turbos on the web.
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