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  1. @vtjballeng You have my support, and my sympathy. It is really tough to develop a great product that has to overcome a lot of technical and operational challenges when you have to fend off all of the tomatoes being thrown at you. Public Relations is a real challenge when the people you are trying to serve are the ones that seem most interested in seeing you fail. I hope you push through this tough chapter and get this thing across the finish line. I remember my first reaction to the internet. “Holy crap this is slow!! Why would I wait two minutes to download a catalog page when I have the catalog right here in my office?” I remember my first use of a HANS. “I can’t turn my head with this damn thing on!” Anyone looking at the state of flagging objectively knows that it is a mess. It is archaic. It is ripe for a technology overhaul. You are taking it in the right direction. Please persevere.
  2. That would actually be pretty cool. But too far away for me.
  3. Yeah. But Indy and COTA are permanent circuits. Circuit GV is a public park the rest of the year from what I’ve read (maybe I’m wrong).
  4. I agree that water on the pit lane is fine. Unless we plan to outlaw rain too.
  5. I think the ban is on FLEX conduit. Flex is the stuff that bends freely and doesn’t hold a specific position. The stuff you used, while flexible enough to bend, isn’t Flex.
  6. To build on one of the problems some others have mentioned, I do think a worst-case situation is a fully experienced sprint racer (who has no endurance experience) renting a seat. Sprint racers are used to a very high level of awareness from their fellow drivers. Many sprint racers see less than 4 passes in a race. When passing is that infrequent, it is extremely unusual for the car being passed to be surprised by the pass. In fact, when you watch YouTube of a typical SCCA sprint race, the car being passed often does substantial reactionary driving (aka blocking) in response to ththe car behind him. So you take a driver from that environment and put him in a race with large speed differentials and a healthy scoop of newbies. That driver assumes EVERY car he catches is aware of his presence (wrong) and assumes any driving off of the traditional line is either “letting him by” or “blocking”. Of course in many cases, it is neither. It is someone trying to find their way, and fully unaware that a pass is pending. The result often ends up being kind of like the situation where the squirrel is trying to “outsmart” the car coming down the road towards him.....
  7. @Originalsterm and @dogtired gave my biggest two reasons. And it wouldn’t be free, even if the other two reasons weren’t there. Radios cost money, and we don’t have extras sitting around.
  8. Someone write a petition. We shouldn’t be selectively following the rules. Fix the rules that are broken.
  9. Maybe I’m alone in this point of view, but I hope we don’t ever get to the point that we need spotters.
  10. Some of the variation in track preferences may be related to whether or not the pit stalls are concrete or asphalt. My understanding is that concrete is unharmed (but stained) by gas, but some types of asphalt are damaged by it
  11. @Chris M - sorry for your loss. Many of us have lost cars over the years, but few of us have lost them in such a ridiculous manner. I think @Chip does a great job of summing the important points up. Crash is 100% their fault though, even though you were on a non-traditional line for that part of the straight. The one thing that caused me to watch it over and over is the number of times that your driver looks in the left hand mirror. It seems like he is fully aware that the MCM car is there, or is incredulous and saying "can I trust my eyes?". But he looks multiple times. I think the lesson for those of us that look for a lesson in everything (that would be me), is that if you find yourself saying "are they really that crazy/stupid/drunk?", at some point you go with the answer "yes" and just try to ease out of their way. Similar to looking both ways at a green light on New Year's Eve.
  12. @Doc @Paulie Tiffany and many others. @Bill Strong Really AWESOME job on the race broadcast!!!! I was at home and watched at least 10 hours of it. Better every race that I watch. You guys had to have been exhausted. As a past participant (x2) in that race, it was funny to see how fried everyone was at the end (although a few people that got interviewed seemed reasonably fresh). Congrats to Huggins and VRG and the rest of the podium!!! and awesome to see an 81 year old on the B class podium.
  13. Don’t worry. No one knows who Nigel Tufnel is these days.
  14. I saw an Aston Martin clobber the wall at the end of the back straight at Road Atlanta during Petit Lemans a few years ago. Ice mode was the reported cause.
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