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  1. The FCY was handled exactly the way it was explained in the driver's meeting. The goal was to avoid cars everywhere on the track (i.e. keep them bunched up) so that they could safely deal with the issue. This procedure allowed us to avoid going Red like we did the previous day. We lost a LOT of track time under the Red - we lost less than half of that under the yellow and we avoided cars overheating and all of that annoyance. It was a great idea, and it was well executed. The treatment of all of the cars was fair. Anyone who pitted was held until the pack came back by, and they were added to the back of the pack. The teams that paid attention in the driver's meeting took the process into account in planning their pit strategy, and they ended up at the front of the pack after the yellow was over. They didn't get much of an advantage in terms of time, but they did get track position. The same sort of strategy is used at IndyCar races like Detroit - pit as soon as it goes yellow and you end up at the front when everyone cycles through. The bad part about pitting right away is that it messes up your fuel strategy, but if you want the track position you accept that compromise. Maybe we just need a rule that makes attendance at the Driver's Meeting mandatory?
  2. I added the bold. I agree with Rob. The video clip below is just one example. If I had been all of the way up on the red car, I might have hit the stationary car when the red car moved over. (Some would point out that I would have been beside the black car at that point and wouldn't have had the option, but even ignoring that fact I may not have SEEN the stopping car until it was too late) We've all seen the video of that happening at Daytona with a car stopped on track (and that wasn't even drafting - it was just a tight pack of cars). With an 8 hour race, you need to keep the risk low to finish.
  3. Was that supposed to be green font? Those seem like much higher numbers than the financials show.
  4. Since this thread may become the “talk about all of the candidates” thread (each candidate seems to have their own individual thread), I would like to make one remark: Temperament may be a more important characteristic in a BOD member than viewpoint on swaps, free stuff, etc. Being an effective board member in this type of organization requires the ability to listen to other points of view that you strongly oppose, and work towards compromises that are sometimes quite a ways off from your core beliefs. It also requires working just as hard for the people you don’t like as you do for the ones you like. And you are guaranteed to get all sorts of grief from some of the forum guys no matter WHAT you do. A person that will get wrapped around the axle about that last point won’t make good decisions in the long term. @Jer has been pretty impressive on the temperament issue, although if you dig long enough you can surely find where even he lost his patience with some ungrateful member. He is a good one to compare the current slate to. Just my 2 cents.
  5. I might need to say that twice. I honestly appreciate the stated objective of informing the electorate. But it got really confusing after that. In addition to Rob’s confusion: Green font normally means sarcasm in this forum. Is that what you meant with the green? Because they don’t seem like sarcastic remarks. Please edit the original post rather than answer me or Rob - I think that would be simpler. Thanks!
  6. Welcome! Had fun chasing your car but wondered how come it suddenly became easy to catch and pass. We had the same problem at Indy, so I feel your pain. Hope to see you back soon.
  7. Interesting timing to the schedule announcement. Isn't it 4 hours before the CC registration goes live?
  8. Yeah. The comments after it happened are hilarious.
  9. I’m glad you can laugh about it now. Because I’ve watched it twice and burst out laughing both times.
  10. I don’t think it was fuel load. In all of the other races at this track I’ve never had the car start loose and get better as fuel went down. If no one else had the problem, I’m going to blame it on the tire pressures.
  11. A question largely unrelated to the incident above: On Sunday during the second stint, was there something on the track in the last part of the carousel that was affecting grip? For the first hour of the stint, it seemed like our car kept wanting to slide out, starting right around the apex curbing. It seemed to get better in the second hour.
  12. Brad and team - really sorry to see this happen. Our car did almost the same thing four years ago (I think it went 50 feet further before hitting the wall). I hope the driver didn't get injured (he held that wheel the whole time)
  13. I can’t see it being the gas. The ether should have fired no problem. Are you sure the spark is coming at the correct time? I don’t know anything about BMWs but I can’t help but wonder if the spark is coming at the wrong time and that is why the ether won’t light
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