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  1. Racer28173

    Driver's Championship

    Absolutely not!!! Anything that puts me at risk of having to drive the same car as @Wyatt is unacceptable. I am still recovering from the last time that happened.
  2. Racer28173

    Fire Suppression, what ya got

    OK - this is from the SFI site. This definitely suggests that a SFI rated fire system is only good for 6 years 2.7 On Board Fire Suppression Systems shall be inspected for recertification at least every two years after the date of original certification or as specified by the certifying manufacturer. When a unit is determined to be acceptable for continued service, a new conformance label marked with the inspection date shall be used. In-field recertification is permitted, but ONLY by the original manufacturer or its authorized agent. Mailing of certification labels to customers is strictly prohibited. Systems shall have a maximum field service life of 6 years from the original date of installation. At the end of the 6-year period, all systems must be returned to the manufacturer or a certified recycling service center for lawful disassembly, recycling and decommissioning. No system may be refilled more than 6 times during its 6- year field service life. Here's some info from lifeline's site: Lifeline AFFF Fire Bottle Service & Recertification is required for Lifeline fire systems every two years, or whenever they have been triggered. We provide factory-trained recharging services to ensure the utmost safety in your car's Lifeline fire-suppression system. Bottles that are 10 years of age or older cannot be serviced Bottles that are 4 years past the label service date can no longer be charged From firebottleracing.com We are able to re-certify a system as long as the manufacturing date is less than six(6) years of age. This date can be found in the bottom left hand corner of the sticker on the front of the bottle(Figure #1)(Figure #2). Recharging a system would be the same rules, anything older than six(6) years would no longer be good for a recharge or an update. Look at all pictures below.
  3. Racer28173

    Fire Suppression, what ya got

    I may have misinterpreted what "maximum field service life" means - I'm not sure if the 6 years is the useful life or the time between certifications. The rule is up in the top of this thread. It goes into effect in 2020. EDIT: I didn't misinterpret it. See next post
  4. Racer28173

    Fire Suppression, what ya got

    With the maximum service life of 6 years (for SFI systems), I would think a lot of people will be due for replacement when this rule kicks in. Any system installed before 2014 that was SFI (with or without the sticker) will have hit the end of the 6 years when 2020 gets here. (I may be misinterpreting what "maximum field service life" means though)
  5. I know most of you are focused on the moving spoiler, but I kept thinking “he’s gone more than two laps - how come he hasn’t stopped for gas?”
  6. There was an orange D-class car at WGI running active aero. It was slow, but that seemed to be driver related (awful lines)
  7. Racer28173

    Charlotte Championship?? (NOT an official event thread)

    I know it is early, but only 3 cars on the list so far. The race at WGI a month later already has 12 cars......
  8. Watch the rear-view cam on this one....
  9. ^^^^^ plus, I always thought that the reason an organization uses midnight is that almost no one is at work at that hour. Doing it during the daytime "discriminates" against some of the folks that have jobs that don't let them sit at a computer while at work (yes - such jobs DO exist)
  10. Racer28173

    Instructor/Driver Seeking Team

    Impressive bio, and quite detailed. Probably the only thing missing is height and weight (just approximate, but can be helpful for assessing car fit)
  11. So back to the positives...... If you ever loved Indycar, the museum in the infield is awesome. Come a day early and check it out. The town itself has a decent downtown restaurant and bar scene that is easy to get in and out of (and usually isn’t too hard to find parking in). Overall, it is a relatively easy city to get around in.
  12. Racer28173

    Live Streaming

    Based on a recent conversation with Bill, I don’t think they are using “3rd party” feeds anymore for the broadcasts. They are just using his setups. You could email him to confirm.
  13. Another view of the oil-down crash of Sunday's race. Nate's car had a better close-up, but I figure this one is good for illustrating what the cars that stayed out of trouble did....
  14. Cone Crushers is a blue and orange Porsche 944 that was running with a LED light bar (on for some of the stints) and was blowing so much oil out of the back of it that you could see it on your windshield
  15. Watch my mirror in this one. The Cone Crushers car had been taking some odd lines before I passed him. You can see a Miata go past him and then get tagged (and almost spun). The Cone Car had at least a full car width to his left - I have no idea why he felt the need to try to wreck the Miata (which was easily in view when he hit him). I talked to the Miata driver after the stint and he was PISSED. After seeing the video, I don't blame him. It was a heck of a save he made to keep it mostly on the track.