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  1. Racer28173

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    Running Bulls - awesome work guys! Looks like the new Cobra from the inactiv stable is running well too.
  2. Racer28173

    Official 2018 Marathon Coach Sebring 14

    The race has close to 100 cars and is just a few days away, and the pre-race thread is less than a page? Is the internet broken? 🤣
  3. He is going for ultimate lightness. Only two lug nuts per wheel! With all of the parameters that are adjustable, he will only need 10 test days before a race to get it dialed in (he doesn’t have the simulator at the factory that the F1 boys have)
  4. These guys are offering a great package - that car has been killing it recently and the suite is the kind of luxury you don’t get in Champ. I havent driven with them yet, but I’ve known them a while now and they built a SAFE car, which is worth a lot. A few years back I twice had to walk away from seat time I paid for because I realized during my first stint that the car wasn’t safe (both of those teams are gone now thankfully). It is worth a few more bucks to get a quality car.
  5. What method was best for trimming it? And if you don't mind sharing, which vendor said it was "factory sized"? Thanks! Good luck at Sebring - I'll be watching you guys on Race Monitor!
  6. I've had an engine fire from oil getting on exhaust. My take is that the severity of oil and gas fires overlap (i.e. a BAD oil fire can be as bad as a pretty bad gas fire), but that the "typical" oil fire is less severe. On a lot of your oil fires, you are more thinking "how do I save the car". With your typical gas fire, you are almost always in the land of "screw the car - how do I save the driver?"
  7. Since we are on the topic of exhaust and gasoline, just a reminder to be careful about where you bring the exhaust out in relation to the fuel filler. A few years ago I saw a car that had a fueling inlet up high on the passenger side and the exhaust came out on that same side almost directly below it. Recipe for disaster - I couldn't believe it passed tech. You splash a bit of fuel swinging the jug into position and it lands on the hot exhaust pipe, fuel lights off and send flames up to the filler, the whole thing ignites (fuel going into tank and fuel in jug), you drop the 5 gallon jug instinctively, and then burn EVERYTHING including your drivers getting in and out.
  8. @snowman Firstly, I am sorry to read about your brother's awful injuries. I wasn't at the race, and just happened to trip over this in the forums. That fire shown in the video is scary big - he was lucky to get out of the car. I'm sure all of his military training helped him avoid panic and do what he needed to do. I'm glad your brother had a balaclava on - I'm sure that made a difference for his neck. When the dust has settled and you have some time, I'd like to hear some more about what you learned that can help the community become safer. What I mean by that is that I would be interested in knowing if he had a 3 layer suit or a single layer suit, what parts of his safety ecosystem held up 100% (i.e. no burns there) and what parts didn't. What kind of shoes and socks did he have, etc. Did he have a cool shirt on and did that make things worse (by maybe supplying a source of boiling water?) or better (by being another layer and a heat-sink). It may be too soon to be contemplating these questions, so forgive me if it is. I hope your brother recovers as quickly as can be expected. My sympathy to him and your entire family. You are living the nightmare that all racers fear.
  9. Racer28173

    "new" fueling rules

    As Huggy pointed out, there is a old definition of FULL and a new one.
  10. I agree with you 100%. The past actions/inactions of Chump/Champ have made the west a mess, and that isn't going to be fixed by flooding the market. There are always new people entering racing, and those new people won't have the baggage that was created with the old ones. We can slowly grow that market to be as strong as the east, but we have to be patient. Ultimately, we might even see some of the detractors come back but we can't expect that or even hope for that.
  11. Racer28173

    "new" fueling rules

    Don't you think they/we know that? Mike goes over a LOT of stuff that is in the rules before a race, because he knows that there is value in doing it. @chip was just pointing out that it is surprising this NEW requirement wasn't mentioned. @Huggyis not an idiot. @chip is not an idiot either. I know that you are new to Marketing, but the standard definition of Marketing roles doesn't typically include "make your best and most loyal customers look/feel like idiots". I can't help but wonder if you have a background in IT......
  12. Racer28173

    "new" fueling rules

    https://www.discoveryparts.com/auto-racing-fire-resistant-balaclava/3715-g-force-one-layer-fitted-balaclava-one-eye-g-force-4113.html https://www.discoveryparts.com/auto-racing-fire-resistant-socks/3695-g-force-sfi-certified-fire-resistant-auto-racing-nomex-socks-g-force-4150.html
  13. Racer28173

    "new" fueling rules

    You weren't the only team that missed that. THANK YOU for posting this. I always read the supps before a race, but when you are reading stuff that you have read 10-20 times before, it is easy to say "yada yada yada" and not notice small changes. It would be nice if those types of evolutions were flagged with something like "UPDATED" when they were changed, to draw you in a bit.
  14. So I can say I drove in the Indy ~500!!