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  1. Technically, that would be considered a motor swap. What did you use as the starting weight and HP in the calculator?
  2. Does anyone know what the condition is of the bridge? A few years back, you couldn't drive anything heavy over it and so all transporters had to come in via the road that crosses the track (i.e. you couldn't get in or out once the race track went hot)
  3. I don’t trust the helmet in checked luggage. Like @Snake, I have a helmet bag (free from Discovery when I bought the helmet) and I put it under the seat in front of me or in the overhead. It is my “personal item”, not my carryon. I check my Hans and suit and shoes. I utilize the space in the helmet for battery packs and small electronics (but I like the suit idea too)
  4. No, I don’t have a hole in my cage. I don’t have a cage or a car. I rent from a lot of different teams and I like to understand the rules so that I know what to look at when I get into a “new” car. I had no recollection of ever seeing what I think of as a bushing on a net (a rubber donut), so thank you S of I for giving me the explanation.
  5. So what do you do if you already have a hole in the roll bar? And I still don’t understand the bushed part. What are you gaining from the outboard tab if you put it on an car that formerly had the hole?
  6. I looked at the latest BCCR and can't tell if the above would be points, no points, or not allowed. Does anyone have any insight to share?
  7. Valentines weekend with the ones you love...
  8. They have a tendency to make it look less dark than it really is
  9. Wow! Those were awful conditions and that rain light was a menace!!!
  10. First posting in this thread has a link to email Chisek questions like this one.
  11. I prefer the outer pit over the pro pit because of the novice risk with the pro pit. The video posted above shows why it is imperative to hug the grass from the apex of the last turn all of the way under the bridge if you plan to pit. That isn’t how the pros do it, but the risk of getting taken out isn’t worth the second saved by tracking out and then trying to come back across to the entry.
  12. I tried to GIVE away a fully running Mustang in the Champ forum and no one would take it. I guess you’ve identified why....
  13. Clarify the timing for me if you would. Did you mean ON January 10 as in 1/10/2020 or did you mean IN January ‘10 as in 1/2010? I assume the first, but the use of “in” may mean the second.
  14. Yeah. Indy was painful. In truth, it was caused more by the acoustics of the environment than the cars being a lot louder than before, but it certainly underscored the need for some limits.
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