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  1. Car is looking amazing. I’m sure you thought of this but just in case you somehow missed it: make sure you take out the OEM steering lock mechanism
  2. Nice looking car! GLWS. Most of us in the series know you, but your target market includes newbies. Maybe post the location of the car and a few lap times at the tracks you’ve run at?
  3. Based on what I’ve seen of that generation Jag, do you start with the base points of the Jag or the base points of the rollback it is riding on? 😂
  4. That’s what happens when I use race hero. Is it Hero or Monitor that is doing that for you?
  5. I think what he meant was that back when they raced on them, some of the roads were dirt. Some were gravel, and some were pavement. The map gives the road type.
  6. This isn’t for everyone, but I found it fascinating to look up the old street course route on google and drive it once. The hill back down to the lake, that they raced down with drum brakes, will give you huge respect for our predecessors. http://grandprixfestival.com/map.html
  7. Sometimes it takes a while for reality to set in............ IN TWO MONTHS WE WILL BE RACING AT INDY!!!!!!! Is there anyone, among all of us, that would have ten years ago predicted that? In 2009, if you had said “dude, in ten years one of the following will happen: you will either race at Indy or re-marry your ex-wife” I would have said “well that’s gonna suck...” Thank you Champ!!!
  8. Is there a zero missing? 0.065”? Your car has a beast of a cage from the photos. If I ever decide I want to crash, I want to be in your car!
  9. How much extra do I have to pay for Johan to NOT look at my data? 😆
  10. Beautiful job by your driver. Passed a lot of top teams in that restart.
  11. Yeah. Definitely a wicked push. Almost got the wall one turn earlier (probably would have been a good thing if he had - might have been less damage) I’m glad you didn’t get collected by one of the cars behind you. Seemed like two whizzed by immediately after the hit.
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