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  1. Welcome to Champ. It isn’t clear if you are looking to join a team or looking to run with various teams as a renter (renters still wrench on many teams). Or both/either. I recommend that you go through all of the postings where people are looking for drivers and respond to them. When I did a post like this 4 - 5 years ago, I didn’t get much in the way of a response. I ended up having to do what I just recommended. See you at the track.
  2. Not sure if you are kidding, but if any of the top 9 finishes 2nd and you win, they are still the champion. I would say that puts your odds of getting the big trophy well below 10% EDIT. Based on @Snake reply, I see that you aren’t kidding. That’s why I support the winner take all proposal. I agree with @JDChristianson that we don’t do enough races for it to be a classic season championship, so winner takes all makes sense. A little bit like super cross - how you do in the initial race sets your gate position for the main, but everyone who makes the main can win.
  3. I think I remember someone saying that they assume that the car may be stored outdoors (because in places like So Cal that isn’t as crazy as it sounds) and they assume there is no glass or roof to prevent full sun exposure. Once you make those assumptions, you can see where a belt or window net wouldn’t last very long. If that is indeed the assumptions that they are making, then I personally think it should be discretion rather than rule. I’ve rented in a lot of cars and have seen plenty of things that the car owner could have spent money on that would have made a much bigger difference than replacing a net that was a few years old. My favorite was the seat that broke through the holes in the rusted floor pan during my stint and was only retained by the belts...... (yes, I pitted)
  4. I imagine a 3rd reason Champ does it the way they do is it probably makes their liability insurance MUCH cheaper (which lowers the cost of entry).
  5. I have to watch it on my computer rather than my phone. I keep thinking I see yellow again after the disabled car (S5 or 6), but it may be a yellow rain jacket on the flagger. If so, my apology!
  6. I think you stopped watching too early. Flags were out for three more corners and he made two more passes.
  7. LOL. Your computer must be out of green ink..... 🤣 That is some pretty egregious PUY?
  8. To recap the info provided and underscore the best advice: Five minute minimum if you take fuel. No minimum if you come in to pull a fender off a tire or change an exhausted driver. When you stop at the pit out stop sign, you just say “no fuel” and they release you without waiting for the timer to expire. All that being said, a wise team doing their first race just ignores all of that and takes whatever time is required. Check the oil. Look at the tires to see if they are wearing funny. Make sure the lugs are torqued. On certain cars, check the wheel bearing tightness. Look for fluids dripping under the car. Etc. etc. So many new teams blow their cars up in the first race because they think they are racing and rush the stops. The first race is to learn where your car needs attention (I.e. it burns a lot of oil, or it keeps backing out the nut on the bearings), not to really race. It is a high intensity test day that happens to occur while other people are racing. If you adopt that philosophy, you will almost assuredly finish much higher than if you try to be in the race. You will run in lower positions in the first half of the race, but will run much longer in the race and that is the key to endurance racing. And you will be a lot happier too. Too many first time teams blow up, break, or wreck before all of the drivers get a stint because they are trying too hard. Make your sole objective “to still be running at the checker” and you will have a much better chance of the whole team having some fun. Once you have finished a race, THEN start worrying about your pit times. Welcome to Champ!
  9. Just hoping all of the bad weather gets out of the way now.
  10. ^^^^^^^ thanks for the detailed report. I was watching the feed in your car when you had your turn 1 “event”. It was clear that the driver was incredibly focused on the mirror. At the time, I was thinking he must have been looking at a pursuing car in the mirror, but never saw any indications of contact when I played it back a couple of times. Now it makes sense.
  11. Make it a standing start and we can eliminate even more fuel burn (as cars run into the guy that stalled) In all seriousness though, maybe do a pace lap 3 wide for photos and videos and then drop back into single file. As much coolness as a three wide start would be, I think we’d risk a big pileup. Wait it a minute. Bill used green font. Not sure how I missed that. DOH!
  12. The widening of the radius would seem to be "I'm not slowed down enough for this turn - Oh Cr@p!" As far as being "surprised" by the E30 - the car was there the whole time. The E30 was out as wide as could reasonably be expected. From all indications, the camaro over-drove the entry to the corner, ran out of room, locked it up in a place where you would normally be neutral throttle if you were on a sensible line, and hit the BMW. Hopefully an apology was delivered.
  13. Thank you for confirming the procedure, since the BCCR doesn’t have any restrictions stated.
  14. The BCCR doesn’t specifically prohibit doing work on a car in impound. Because of the early closing time of the track, I assume we will be allowed to change brakes and do other work during impound....
  15. That is a good one. I also like Becks. St Pauli has a good one as well. All of those are much better than O’Douls. My local beer superstore had an “IPA” with no alcohol but it was out of stock. Will be interesting to try that one. Before the bashing starts: yes, I drink real beer too.
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