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  1. It looks like you are using last years post to get drivers again for this year? If so, I recommend that you delete your Feb and Mar 2018 posts where you say the seats are filled. Not everyone will realize you recycled the post and some may stop reading when they get to the posts mentioned. Sounds like a nice car - hope you have a good race!
  2. Racer28173

    2019 Official Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta 14-Hour

    I’m guessing here but I think the lap average of the field is about 10 seconds per lap faster than the “early” days, with half of that because the cars are faster and half of that because the talent level is higher (many of the same people, but substantially more experienced). That is a notable difference in speed (and the number of cars that will blow by a complete newbie per lap). It is very sensible to try to get some track laps in before the green these days.
  3. Racer28173

    2019 Official Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta 14-Hour

    My recollection is that newbies are always allowed in the test sessions With that being said, I would encourage the following: make sure they have studied up on what the flags mean. I think Bill posted a thread on that so use the search function to find it. Have your car and drivers ready early so you can roll as soon as the track goes green. It will be emptiest at that time and safer as a result Do they have any track experience at all? HPDE?
  4. Still a pretty short list of people signed up for this. Is it too late to change the championship to a race that people seem to want to drive in? Like maybe Watkins Glen? It has a lot more entries already, and the Charlotte race is sooner. I hate to see the championship have so few cars. I guess it is good for the teams that go because they won’t have as much competition, but are you really the champion if half of the good cars didn’t come?
  5. Wouldn’t you want it around JSK’s pit space?
  6. Racer28173

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    It is a co-marketing thing between Viagra and Hankook. Just working on the final press release: “If your hard-on tires or you’re hard on tires, we’ve got you covered!”
  7. Racer28173

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    Wow. That is something I never noticed on your car. Will definitely want to check it out this spring at R America
  8. Racer28173

    Ordering the New Number Panels

    This is ENDURANCE racing. I’m thinking it will be Viagra.
  9. Racer28173

    What happened to your ChampCar today? - 2019

    https://www.topaz-usa.com/liquidtight/top-flex-1-tubing/hf11?returnurl=%2fliquidtight%2ftop-flex-1-tubing%2f the liquid tight conduit has a PVC outer jacket typically. I wonder if tech would say “that isn’t metal” if you used it. Even though it is metal inside. Note that this version is coated inside to make sure you don’t nick things that you pull through it.
  10. Racer28173


    The best part is all of those F1 cars passing him while he is being flat towed (or at least that is what it sounds like)
  11. Racer28173

    Sebring today

    Much cheaper than an ambulance ride. Shout out to Jamie for pointing this product out a while ago. Quantum Eye Multi-Level Carbon Monoxide (CO) Detector - 18-Month https://www.amazon.com/dp/B003UDAHIO/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_i_TO7mCbYMTSEWQ
  12. Racer28173

    Fuel cell rule change

    Make sure you use the special fire block version. The regular stuff burns easily and gives off toxins, from what I remember
  13. Racer28173

    Sebring today

    I didn't get to watch the broadcast. What happened to the T-Bird? Also, what happened to the 427 (Good bad and ugly)?
  14. Racer28173

    Sebring today

    Have watched a fair bit of this video. Is it me, or are there WAY LESS rolling chicanes in this race? At the fall Road America race, there were at least a couple of cars that I lapped every ten laps or so. It seems like everyone out there is making at least reasonable pace.......
  15. Racer28173

    2019 Official Michelin Raceway Road Atlanta 14-Hour

    This is the track that MOST needs that in-car flagging system that is being developed. The locations of some of the flag stations are awful. I think the racing will get a lot better here when that system gets fully deployed.