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  1. For those who bought one there, do they run on the large side or the small side? Thanks
  2. Yes - passing under white is legal. The white flag is advising you that there is a slower car ahead of you on track. Other tracks often show white a couple of stations before you get to the car (or car being flat towed) and then a yellow for the corner that it is nearest to.
  3. I doubt my explanation is universal, but I was one of the PUYs on Saturday: I watched lots of hours of the runoffs and faithfully marked a map with all of the corner stations and then memorized them. On race day, I discovered that we only had about half as many as they did. That totally threw me, because I found myself looking for stations that didn't exist, but with the challenge of learning a new track and fighting off 100+ cars, I didn't successfully "remap" until I got out of the car. So I did a pass in a location that I thought was one of the un-manned locations and then saw yellow out of the corner of my eye after the pass was over. As far as contact goes, we just had too many cars and too many people learning a new track on Saturday. Normally, if you go to Daytona or Atlanta or one of those sold-out races, at least half of the drivers know the track and the best places to pass (and where to watch mirrors for dive-bombs). On Saturday, almost everyone was a "virgin" and so there was a lot of trial and error. Also, the track isn't at all like Road America were there are millions of good places to get by someone. On Sunday, that excuse goes away. The car count was down and almost everyone was familiar with the track. I wasn't driving at the peak of the mayhem (just after the peak), but I saw some pretty questionable moves in terms of dive-bombs. Turn 11 was really bad for that. I had at least one car do a "Hail Mary" and force me to abort turn-in because their line went straight through my car (and they were still more than 2 car lengths BEHIND me but carrying so much speed that I knew they'd hit me if I didn't yield).
  4. Walked and Walked and WALKED the hallowed ground if you were pitted near pit out. This was a true endurance race for the crew - walking a mile in 90+ heat pulling a wagon with 100 lbs of gas every two hours. I have blisters on my feet from all of the walking. Someone on our team commented that they were as tired as they had been at the VIR 24....
  5. So........ are we running the Indy GP course or the SCCA course? I swear I’ve seen both statements. And both track maps are in the supps
  6. I think he meant that you should drop out of the race but bring the car and see if you can get some help with it from drivers and wrenches that are at the track.
  7. I am very against this. Just parallel stack (double park) instead. If you do the angle out as another guy is coming into the next stall, he will hit you. He sees you go toward the pit wall and the LAST thing he is thinking is that you are going to suddenly come back out again. Bad way to lose the front right corner of your car
  8. Will be awesome to see him in that Michelin Man suit! Edit: @Doc I’m making stuff up. We all learned in 2005 that Michelin and Indy don’t go together!
  9. @zack_280 I have a lot of respect for you but this post suggests you have been drinking more than usual. An MR2 cheating?? Why would they do that? They start with what, 5000 points to play with? They can put any mod on that they want. Roger Penske once told me, "If I raced ChampCar, I'd field an MR2" (use green font liberally throughout the above post)
  10. Bummer - I was looking forward to seeing what sort of laps you could do it that E30. Rumor has it that you drove one of those once.
  11. ^^^^^^ have to agree on the hot pulls thing. The yellows at WGI make it a little like this year’s Indy races at Detroit where it was all about who happened to hit the yellows correctly. You don’t win races at Road America because you get lucky. You win there because you are fast.
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