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  1. Thanks for more logical thinking - oh, coming from a team that chose a fuel starved car and KNEW they would have to make up laps in order to be competitive. Wow! It CAN be done... Go figure..... The thing is its not a Lap or Two for an Engine Oil cooler its 2 or 4 in a 24. Add in Trans and Diff you at 6 or 12!
  2. I have only ran the S2000 for 2 hours in 40 degree weather so far but I am pretty sure that it does not NEED a cooler but I will like to add one just to keep it safe.
  3. In the end the Rule Book for 2020 will be black and white, coolers or not there are work around for everything. Like mounting an oil filter relocation in the Trunk and running Hard lines to it increasing oil capacity and cooling in the lines itself. 0 Points
  4. I will speak to the build of the car only, The build wasn't to the "spirt of the rules" but was legal in black and white. Anyone could have replicated the engine setup in the car or the car entirely. I took their rulebook and used every loophole I could find to give me an advantage. We had a clear advantage over the field because of this. This year after that they finally closed the loopholes I had used but created new ones. Too add to that I feel for Champ I chose a car that also has multiple advantages in the rule set, But a cooler is not one of them. A cooler will not make the car any faster only cost less to run. But the cheapest way for me to make sure the engine doesn't get damaged was to not run at all! (like we chose for Champ Road Atlanta)
  5. I feel that the VPi is Fair at 500, In my opinion reliability should not be included in the VPI. If it was the S2000 should be 475 because it has a weak diff and needs to be upgraded
  6. I choose a 500 Point car #WeDidntChooseYourCar
  7. The two reasons I pulled out of the race at RA 1. Car was untested so far 2. Didn't have time to come up with a work around oil cooler (re-purpose or Something other) Like I said before I plan to make a 12 an (3/4 inch) Oil filter relocation in the truck. This will cost $500 ish to do and solve my oil cooling problem. Or I could just buy this kit and be done for $100 - https://www.ebay.com/itm/Universal-10-Row-AN10-Engine-Oil-Cooler-Black-Filter-Adapter-Kit-For-Japan-Car/352146317696?epid=12016996751&hash=item51fd8e6180:g:qPoAAOSw1JVaIgD2
  8. I would be curious to see how many of the top ten cars from each race actually took points for coolers. Also while there may be some $4500 cars 95% of them are not actually competitive. Realistically Competitive Champ cars seem to be around 10-15k in build cost, the S2000 I built falls into that as well.
  9. But under the rule set coolers are allowed, just penalized. How is making coolers 0 Points less cost effective? It costs the same $ wise if it is 20 points or 0 points.
  10. On an unrelated Note, I see you are in Freehold NJ. I am also From freehold Area (Colts Neck) and Shops in Howell!
  11. So cheap cars is Champs Goal? Why allow performance mods at all then? Stock cars with coolers would be the cheapest thing! Adding coolers does not increase cost, Obviously there are hundreds of cars running in champ without them already.
  12. With the free Points Motec ECU you could program a lower limiter for that portion of the track based on distance traveled since start finish. Thats what some pro teams at Thunderhill do to avoid sound.
  13. Im pretty sure all of them do, its just that most people do not.
  14. They do, now if you go off track its much easier to tear a line or a rock put a hole in our cooler core! Coolers actually make cars less reliable and should be Negative Points!
  15. Also I wouldn't be apposed to treating it like pulleys- Pulleys, engine accessory, non-OE: 5 pts for one pulley, 10 pts for multiple pulleys Coolers Coolers (engine, Trans, diff) , non-OE: 5 pts for one Cooler 10 pts for multiple Coolers. I will gladly give up 1 lap in an 8 hour or 2 In a 24 hour for coolers. Right now Giving up 6 in a 8 and 12 in a 24 is almost insurmountable .
  16. I personally would gladly have YOUR car be faster if it means less money/time I spend on MINE.
  17. My plan is to run a Remote oil filter with Giant 12 an (3/4 inch) aluminum hard lines and put the filter in the trunk. This should solve my oil cooling problem but I shouldnt have to do it in the first place.
  18. Can win races? Yes. But at the cost of the engine usually. In the end it seems the members are 50/50 on this. Its up to the board to decide if they want to keep the old rule set of having people push their engines to the point of failure because its "endurance racing" or if they want to move forward into a real "ChampCar Endurance Series". Please show me ANY rule set other than Champs that adds point for coolers. From Am to Pro racing one thing remains.
  19. Point being there car shows coolers are not NEEDED but do help in reliability and therefor cost. I’m willing to run my s2000 to the point of blowing it for 1-2 races but I can’t do that for 4-5 races. Cost adds up too quick.
  20. From what I remembered KRSD ran daytona with a car without and with coolers. The car without coolers won. The only difference it pegged the oil temp gauge reducing life of motor.
  21. But it is one of the biggest makes so it affects the most people. How many of those 10 races have you finished top 5? Also would a cooler enabled you to come in top 5 more often or would it have just supplemented what you have already done?
  22. We try to remove them before they blow and sell them for $3500. About 4 races or a 100 hours. $300 ish per race for the engine, which is way cheaper than what champ would be.
  23. So you are essentially putting junkyard engines in correct? If I’m spending the time to put a motor into my RACE car I’m going to at least go through is and re gasket ect. All ads up.
  24. @Bill Strong can you setup a google form where we can submit our vote on each of the petitions?
  25. Take the S2000 out and let’s do an e36 or sc300. Engine is around 2000 for both cars for a good one. Trans is 500 and diff is 500. All would be fine in an enduro with proper cooling but without will need to be rebuilt every race to ensure reliability. Of course you could “send it” and hope for the best but just our cost to get to the event, consumables and entry fee was around 5000. By adding coolers drivetrain and rebuild can be extremely reduced. For prospective we run $4500 engines in our mustangs brand new from Ford
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