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  1. to the top for updated price. Get it before it goes under a cover and in storage.
  2. Had a buyer but backed out due to sudden lack of funds. Up to the top.
  3. Added more pictures of the interior. Currently has RaceCapture Pro 2 and ShiftX2 RGB Sequential Shift Light that can be included for additional $350. Originally $650. Will get some of the underside tomorrow.
  4. The center part of the stock swaybar was sleeved with a piece of pipe to increase stiffness at the cost of metal instead of points for aftermarket bar. I will try and get a picture but its under the front plastic cover. Radiator was closed out with all aluminum tape to keep water temps down but some of that came loose at a wet race so was replaced with gorilla tape. Might look silly but significantly improves water temps for summer races. Car just has some light surface rust from sitting under a cover outside for a bit at my new house while i was making room for it. No structural rust but I will try and get some pictures of the underside this weekend. Car has no passenger seat but one could be added if battery box was moved to trunk or under the hood. Seat would have to be closes to dash than driver side do to cage shape but has a normal door bar on that side. Can come with prop tube shown or the well worn 2x1 stick that we normally take to races. Let me know if you have other questions. Added more details about spare package. Also car comes wired for Racecapture Pro 2 datalogger and can include unit for extra price.
  5. Selling my Champcar and WRL GP3 Miata to fund the build of a new yet undecided car for next season. Car started life as a Chumpcar hence the lack of parts like rear bumper but under the fun look is a well refined Champcar/WRL car. Car is a 94 1.8 Miata with the following modifications XIDA Race Coilover Suspension (1 event) Bilstein yellow sport shocks w Flyin Miata Springs (Off car but can be swapped easily) Thickened stock front swaybar Supermiata rear sway bar Energy Suspension control arm bushing kit (1 event) All new upper and lower control arms every corner (1 event) All four wheel bearings (1 event) Supermiata extended lower balljoint (1 event) NB sport front brake caliper/rotors with DTC70 Pads New rear brake calipers DTC30 pads Head coolant reroute Aluminum radiator Kirkey containment seat NB torsen lsd with KIA sportage 4.7FD Tall person cage and 1.5" floor drop fits drivers 6'3" with ease Extensive chassis light weighting (2080lbs race weight) Car is ready to race with exception on normal reprep, oil/filter etc. Asking price is $7200 OBO for the car as is on one of 3 sets of wheels and used tires. Willing to negotiate price delivered to areas in the Midwest. Also comes with full set of spare arms, spare rotors/calipers/pads and spare trans. Spares List Set of front and rear rotors Set of front pads (DTC60) Set of rear pads (DTC30) Set of front calipers (non sport size) Set of rear calipers (need rebuild) Pair front upper control arms Pair front lower control arms Pair rear lower control arms Pair rear upper control arms Pair of front hubs Spark plug wire set Spark plugs Bilstein Yellows with FM spring cut one link 5spd transmission (unknown condition from junkyard) Rear differential cover/carrier with broken ear (good core for welded Passenger side 2 part axle (good used) Driver side 2 part axle (broken outer boot needs rebuild) Garage fabed fuel catch pan fits around rear tire Price is $7100 OBO with all spare or $6100 OBO without Xidas Coilovers and on Bilstein Yellows [Imgur](https://i.imgur.com/6fUdE5t.jpg)
  6. Willing to bring to the WRL Road Atlanta race on April 7th-8th?
  7. From what I have heard they are similar to the Star Spec v2 but a bit down on speed. If those were cheap like the 615k+ I would consider those too.
  8. I'm sure the Autox guys would love it but even at the cheaper price most teams can't afford 2 sets of tires in a weekend.
  9. Have you read that somewhere of was that just word of mouth at the first few races?
  10. Now that there has been a few races this season I wanted to know if anyone has branched out and tried some of the new tires on the market. More specifically I was looking at the Hankook RS4 and the Falken 615k+. We currently run V2 Star Specs in 205/50/15 on our Miata but the current sale on the 615k+ has us intrigued. I know that the old 615k was lacking on grip but lasted a long time. My only concern is that the new tire might overshoot the compound and end up being something like the RE71R. Also considering going to a wider tire later this year when a new engine goes in so interested in the RS4.
  11. I work in engine department for a major OEM and this looks like the common strategy of changing the oil weight to improve FE. I wouldn't be surprised if the bearing clearances etc were the same but because the base engine is not a "performance" model it has an easier durability criteria. This extra durability headroom allows them to change the oil to a lower weight to improve CAFE rating. You can also see this in some global market cars that have higher viscosity rating for Euro market because they don't have to worry about CAFE. That being said I think a 5W or 10W would help with cold wear in normal summer temperatures.
  12. Most other series that police turbos use inlet restrictors because they are simple and easy to police using a go no go gauge. That allows for easy checking at tech and more importantly easy check during impound. Working out the rules for size would take some engineering but not something that hasn't been figured out before. Honestly I think easiest thing would be to go back to the old rule and make them non-existent except for stock applications.
  13. I think the concerning part about the turbo change is not as much about outright competitiveness it is safety. One of the reasons that the engine swap rule was changed was the closing speed from the fastest cars on the slowest. Even if a car DNF's half way through the race it can still make 400+hp for some time and I can't imagine the crashes that could result from that considering the other cars on the track at the same time.
  14. Remember that one time with this was a thread about rules changes lol
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