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  1. Been a busy year. Curvy Road Racing took off for 2019, not that it impacted anyone but we love racing and the people we have meet in ChampCar are great. Well we are coming back with some changes to our car. We were a blue/silver BMW 325. Well we went orange/black and are looking to get back to having fun at VIR in March.
  2. 09Gt


    that could be alot of cash down the tubes
  3. 09Gt


    Good information, thanks What is your car?
  4. 09Gt


    So have any of you goes gone the MAXXIS route.. If you have, how does it compare the the R-S4
  5. 09Gt


    Thanks LuckyKidd for the offer, I will think about. Looking to be going to VIR for March race so we will be doing something soon. We have a set left which 2 have flat spots, it sucks that no one has a way to true them up and remove the flat spots.. Are Dunlap III's a comparable tire to R-S4?
  6. Hey Guys, Looking into Tires, so many choices . We ran R-S4 - 245/40ZR17. We are needing to replace them As many of you are finding, they are out of stock. What has been your back up tire of choice. Thanks, Nick
  7. Yeah, BIG BIG Thanks for that.... I was driving when that happened... I tried to find all you guys after my stint. We got those issues figured out with a complete fuel pump/fuel cll rebuild. That was our 1st race with that car BIG BIG Thanks again for th L O N G Push See ya at VIR!!!
  8. Curvy Road Racing Here!! We had an AWESOME Time in Charlotte.. It was a good race for us... Hope to see you all at VIR 24
  9. Will be racing at Charlotte and was wondering if the teams will have garage access on Friday night and is it pre-assigned or a 1st come, 1st get Nick Curvey Road Racing
  10. Curvy Road Racing is in as of now... Finishing up an engine rebuild looking forward to it
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