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  1. My pleasure. There's more. If you want, message me an email address and I can send them to you.
  2. Saturday started damp, finished wet. Sunday started damp, finished dry. I was a spec.. oops, weekend member, here's a few shots from the weekend. Thanks to Carl Wener, Perry Performance and Champcar for putting this event on.
  3. I think you're getting your sediments mixed up with your sentiments. Forum mafia can relax, this is just one Canadian chirping at another.
  4. They put it in a convenient place for a Road car not necessarily a Race car.
  5. Yes, but the iceberg threat is severely diminished in the Great Lakes and the St Lawence Seaway.
  6. They got the trophy on Saturday at The Glen last year
  7. Wishful thinking! https://racer.com/2020/05/23/racers-not-among-pro-athletes-granted-us-entry-restriction-exceptions/
  8. Here's a snapshot of the Canadian Teams issues. Right here I'll mention that I'm the Canadian spectator ( thinking about volunteering) not a team. So , 20 days away from raceday, we're not sure that the race is happening or not. This last statement isn't a complaint, we all know decisions need to come first from N.Y. State, then from the track owners, then from Champcar. We Canadians have the additional need for decisions to be made by the U.S. and Canadian Federal Governments on the opening of the U.S.- Canada Border for non essential travel. That decision isn't scheduled to be made until May 21, 2 days before race day. On the chance that the race gets the green light from the U.S. groups involved and the Border is opened to recreational and tourism travel, we are more than likely going to have new guidelines to follow when we return from travel to the U.S. When travelling from State to State I'm pretty sure that you're not being tracked. As we use our passports to travel to the U.S., there is documented evidence of where we have been. If the two Federal governments decide that non essential travel comes with a 14 day self isolation or quarantine period, that seem like a lot to ask for a 2 day race event. I hope the race happens, but I have the feeling that I'll be watching it from home, online.
  9. My bad. I guess I should have collected all the facts before I spoke. I really hope this event can happen but I still feel that crossing the border for tourism and recreation is going to be an issue for a while.
  10. Not really a joke, more of a lost in translation sort of thing. I'm not sure that "soft feeling" is what they were going for in searching for words to describe their bake pads.
  11. I don't have a crystal ball and I'm not an analyst of any kind but Canadians seem to have been doing a good job at the social distancing and self isolation thing. The schedule at CTMP includes many things that are light on spectators if not actually devoid of spectators. In the interest of getting the economy lightly push started certain businesses (possibly CTMP) may be able to hold limited capacity events As mentioned in the article, the bigger problem will be with the border. Since Champcar is U.S. run with no Canadian organizers, if they can't get across the border, the event's not going to happen.
  12. The two Governments(U.S. &Canada) agreed to closed the border to non essential traffic at midnight on March 20th. Mike Pompeo said there would be a review in 30 days. We're probably looking at restrictions for a further 30 days which would put it at May 20th. That would be cutting kind of close for Canadian teams trying to make plans.
  13. Check "My Attachments" in your profile. There's an attachment quota bar at the top. If you're over or nearly over your limit, kick a few old ones out and get some space back.
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