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  1. This set up has been sold. Will be looking to join another team, Hopefully in Florida somewhere.
  2. There is a limited time to purchase just the car tires radio and parts should anyone not need the trailer. Please email me.
  3. Please give me a call. I have the 96 Miata / Trailer package in South Florida. I may have someone for the Trailer that is in SC. The car would be available.
  4. 1996 Chumpcar Miata with enclosed trailer with full race team set up with just about all you need to go racing. Miata 1.8, Spec Miata suspension, Sabelt race seat, Spark suede steering wheel, Race Capture system, Cool Suit set up, in-car radio with PTT, OMP 6 point harness, Helmet air, F1 style rain light, Mishimomo aluminum radio, 3 point extinguisher, 2 set of wheels and tires. Under 500 point car. The Trailer is a Pace Rally RT 24 enclosed with torsion suspension with new tires and wheels. AC, generator, refridgerator, side awning system, pop-up tent, rolling tool box, helmet drier, Pit Radio system with headsets, torsion hitch, power jack and more. Here is a full team set up ready to race.$12,500 for the set. Call 954-914-5038 or email to shelbygs@aol.com with Miata Chumpcar in subject line.
  5. Of course would rather see ya driving, but if you don't find a ride, you have a home here. Paul... would love to have you help out team Flailing Miata... Let me know either way...
  6. We have the Drivers all set for Sebring.. Crew members are still needed. Do you want to be a part of an endurance team? You do not have to have experience. just a a desire to have some fun around cars.
  7. Looking for crew members for Sebring in September for a 1.8 Miata team. Please get with us if you have any interest. We will have a large balcony suite with views of Hairpin Turn 7 for family and friends to watch from.
  8. It looks like you have lots of Chumpcar teams that have places for you guys. Great to see Chump fans willing to help out.. Please stop by today hi as well... Can always use the help if you have the extra time.. Our team should have a large balcony overlooking hairpin for Team family to watch from. Let me know if you'll have any family joining you in Sebring. MIATA - Flailing Miata/837
  9. I may have an open 4th seat in my Miata. Car has spec suspension 1.8. Just did Sebring on a track day, it ran 2:50's with rookie drivers. Driver fee is $800.
  10. We may have an opening for the September event. We have been able to set the driver fee at $800. We are also seeking people for pit crew with mechanic skills.
  11. In addition to the typical safety gear (Helmet; suit; gloves; shoes) the car is set up for IMSA helmet PPT radio; cool suit; helmet air if you have the helmet with air hook-up. Not really gear related, however, the car has a Race Capture system that will transmit car info back to the pits in real time.
  12. We have a driver that will be bringing some pit help, so it appears the cost will be under $900. Seeking one more to join.
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