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  1. Hi Tom, I'd forgotten about this ad and to be honest that I even had this stuff laying around. I got given the run around by a couple of timewasters a few years ago so parked the sale mentally. Let me know if you're interested. I can dig the parts out if you want them.
  2. Anyone out there looking for an engine for an OBD2 328is? I need to find a new home for one that I pulled from a spares car. Assume it's a 200k mile engine., the engine would not crank so I've not had it running. Comes with Engine Harness, Water Pump, Cooling Fan, AC Compressor, Power Steering Pump, Alternator etc etc...and the auto-box bolted to the back of it. $200 - Asheville, NC.
  3. Impressive price too! Thanks, I'll get one ordered.
  4. Hi Paul, I don't suppose you have a link handy for the Electric Tongue Jack?
  5. I can't do this when hitched up to the truck. I can when not hitched up but it launches the trailer front (when empty) upwards as the car rolls in. I guess I have a fat race car! I think I need to add blocks of some kind to the bottom of the drop door so it sits up a few inches from the ground...and then add a longer hinged board to lengthen the ramp and reduce the angle.
  6. Already some seeing some really great ideas coming in. Definitely looks like E-Track and the folding tire rack are the way forward. Please, keep them coming. hopefully sharing this info is helpful to many people.
  7. Hi folks, I recently upgraded from a flat bed to an older enclosed trailer - Road Atlanta snowmaggeden was the last straw! It is basically a blank canvas for us to set up as a dedicated racing trailer so I'm looking for cool mod ideas that essentially make going racing easier in terms of having all the gear staged and ready to go. The only issue with the new trailer so far is that the car is very close to grounding out on the bottom of the door as it's driven in/out. It's a the typical set up of drop-door and short hinged board to reduce the ramp angle. It seems like I
  8. Edit again: Ireland Engineering lowering springs and brand new braided brake hoses.
  9. SOLD SOLD SOLD Alas I am reluctantly putting my 1987 BMW E30 "Stoic" up for sale. It's been a fantastic car for me and my team who have run it in 2 Lemons events this past season. We ran it for 3 days at CMP in April and then just last week for 3 days at Road Atlanta. It has been incredibly reliable and a tonne of fun. We finished both races and it's an E30...so an absolute blast to drive. Throughout the 2 weekends we lost only 1hr at CMP with a broken 31yr old engine mount. - Running the ETA engine which is much more lively than you might thin
  10. Calling all E30 M20 B25 runners... I have an "885" Cylinder Head...It's an '89 cast and machined part - as new off the shelf. Valve seats are there (covered in original factory grease)...but no valves, camshaft etc have ever been sub-assembled into to it. I also have a used M20 B25 Intake...Plenum, Injectors, Fuel Pressure Reg are there (the whole thing is filthy)....and a used fan, cowl and fan clutch. Thought I'd try here first before posting on ebay...would much prefer they get put on a Champ E30. Tough to price the Head since I can only find
  11. Thanks for the pointers everyone. I got lucky via this thread...Justin at RVA Graphics & Wraps gave me a great deal on some used TRs so in terms of wheels and rubber we are sorted for our first event. ...if only the car was anywhere near ready..!
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