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  1. Whatever rig you get. Replace the ground clamp with a good one. Maybe even run 2. That's what I do. Replaced the factory one and added another. Basically you just doubled the length of your ground cable. Nice to know you have 2 solid grounds. The factory clamps on most are el cheapos. Change it out from the get go and you'll have a spare in a pinch if something happens to the good one. The Miller 211 is a nice machine. I have one,but find it a pain to dial in where I like it. Hobart line is very good. The Everlast is a good machine for the money.
  2. $300 for shipping now. Free shipping on orders of $2000.00 or more.
  3. Thanks! I am my own worst critic. I think I do okay. Lots of angle changing,for good long(sort of) welds. Good practice.
  4. Thanks! Wiping it down to finish welded is about 3 hours. Maximum recommended dosage is 2 after that it gets harder to see straight.
  5. Welding practice while consuming the recommended Covid-19 anti-viral Heineken medication.
  6. I think you need to check your seat mounts or sliders or however that seat is mounted. Watch how much it moves. I have watched much of this video. It is moving with all drivers. Not trying to be a jerk. I think it is something that should be brought to your teams attention.I appears the seat is mounted on a slider. Not sure if it is as solid as it should be. Watch the video at double speed between 2 hours and 2 hours and 5 minutes. Looks kind of scary to me. Again just an observation.
  7. I ordered mine! Great deal for sure. PS: Techno glitch. Payment resent.
  8. Watt chew gonna be driven? Do tell....................................
  9. I have never seen nor heard of the REAR wheel bearings being disassembled and repacked. The link you provided shows a front wheel bearing hub assembly disassembly and repack.Seen and done that many times. Never the rears. Just remove and replace. PS: Surfed around a little. So I guess the rears can be taken apart and repacked. Like I said never seen it or done it. Learn something new everyday...................
  10. How exactly are you disassembling the Timkin rear wheel bearing? My understanding is it is not disassemblable. If that is even a word!
  11. Well a West Coast Miata series just announced their tire sponsor...................................................Hankook! RS4 225/45-15 is the spec tire. Not sure how Hankook is going to keep up with the demand of the Canine Series as well as SSC and the already taxed demand by ChampCar Miata guys.
  12. Hey not to be a jerk. I was watching the in car stuff for the event. Something is up with the seat or mounts in the Danger Racing car. It was moving side to side WAY too much! Is on sliders? Something is not right there. Might want to have them or you look into it. Again, just see something that might be a safety issue and want to point it out.
  13. What? She's got 2 knees. You can sit in for the second one! Good choice Ben! Hoping for a speedy recovery. Remember,you need to be patient too! Long recovery road ahead. It will test you!
  14. Man o man! Elbows up and belts pulled tight! That was some great driving. Mikiel was keeping it in the mix and capitalizing on the mistakes. Jamie was flogging his horse too! What a battle with the 227. Good clean racing that makes the breakdowns that much more disappointing. Thanks for posting so we can all enjoy it. Thanks to the drivers too. That was a 2 beer show right there! I just wish I could drive like that.
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