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  1. Don't see anything. I'd suggest Race Director also post in the race recap thread as well since it was a part of the race.
  2. Extremely sad news. I had limited in person interactions with him but they were memorable. He REALLY shined on the broadcasts. You never knew what he was gonna say and when it came out, it was usually entertaining. RIP Doc. Eternally setting FTD's now.
  3. That is actually hilarious as they've posted on this forum stating that it's always been 50. They can't keep their made rules straight.
  4. It's a pretty simple answer isn't it? Multiple rules were changed or attempted to be changed for 1 team.
  5. If a dry brake is slowing you down fueling you're doing it wrong.
  6. LOL @ no advantage. If you fill quicker you have more time to work on your car during the 5 min. Wanna change more tires? Now you have more time. Wanna change pads? Now you have more time. I don't care about the change, but lets be honest about what it allows.
  7. It was a good idea until Tech abused it and tried writing their own rule set for teams they like. It was/is being used as a backdoor way of creating rules. The IRS and alternators situations are perfect examples. Tech desk rulings were changed when certain teams inquired. I even wrote a petition to bring it to the BOD's attention as I saw what was going on.
  8. Track has updated their attendance policy... To Mask or Not to Mask? Like you we want face masks to go away – FOREVER. During your visit to Sebring in November, when hanging with your own group you do not need to wear masks. When venturing out for food, cocktails or to socialize with your long-lost Sebring family, we ask you to wear a mask so we can bring the 2021 Twelve Hour Classic back with full capacity. Tickets are back on sale NOW. Tickets are currently available ONLINE ONLY - any tickets purchased between now & November 11 will be "print at home" style. No new sales of tickets / parking passes will be mailed out for this event. www.sebringraceway.com Someone might wanna reach back out to the track.
  9. Bringing video evidence to a ED is not a protest unless you fill at paperwork and pay the $50. I don't believe that was done here correct? Therefore, would not apply since there was no protest. The ED has complete control and discretion during the race. IF a protest is filed, then the ED has a set of procedures/rules they must follow. The integrity of the race should be a priority of the series and it's employees, however that is accomplished.
  10. That is what is in the 626 and we've never had an issue with it. We order directly from Braille and they take care of us. They are good people and very supportive of amateur/grassroots racing along with all the pro stuff they do.
  11. This is actually hilarious and sad at the same time. I was with my friends 3300 mile 78 pace car in the hanger on Wed. I guess tech knows more than the manufacture and can reclassify cars. What a fracking joke.
  12. If you had video proof proving you didn't deserve a penalty would you want the ED to see that and give you your laps back? This works both ways. Don't pass under yellow and you don't have to worry.
  13. Supps is a waste of time, won't solve a thing. If they want to fix the issue they need to do something different than what they have been doing, it doesn't work.
  14. I had the same outlook then. But, I knew the only way that it would get the attention it deserved would be via petition. Still didn't work. I believe it was this meeting if someone cares to watch it.
  15. I wrote a petition 2 years ago.... it's still an issue. Maybe if the petition had been approved it'd wouldn't be.
  16. We're better than HAAS and Ferrari but who isn't this year?
  17. We will go back next year with another series.
  18. I'll blame the series and the lack of communication it has with its customers.
  19. Patience everyone. The guys at Riley are working as fast as they can writing the 2021 rulebook so they can turn it over to the series for publication.
  20. You'd add a bunch of weight to your car which you'd hate. That and you'd probably need 3 sets a day. They are the fastest 200TW tire ever but they are also the least reliable. I've seen them fail multiple times within a lap or 2. The you CANNOT touch a curb with them on your first lap and half and they are super pressure sensitive. If you get them in the window they are amazing but just won't last. You also cannot run them on banking.
  21. The ACR Kumhos are very different than all the other 720's. 2 sizes only, both 19s.
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