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  1. Implying that the kink, and/or other series hurt people is laughable. I can't believe you get paid for this s#*t.
  2. So now that we are so awesome that we can race at Indy and COTA can we convince Road America that we are ready for the kink? We would like to go, but at this point WRL is our only option since they run the kink.
  3. Thanks for being nice about it. Let me know the next event you're at and I'll make sure to get you a beer(s).
  4. Wouldn't be Champcar if they did that. Much more "fun" to "slip" it into the rules and see if anyone notices!
  5. Race Recap for us - First I'd like to congratulate Visceral on a commanding win. A great example of running fast and consistent for 12 hours. We came in with the goal to contend for the podium, with our eyes really set on the top rostrum. We had a good first two stints, running fast and clean. Even with "only" 30 some cars on track there weren't many open laps and navigating traffic quickly and efficiently was definitely key. About four hours in we were approximately 3 laps up on the field. Then one of our first time renters got in and was running a pretty good stint until a slightly optimistic move on #992. This contact caused us to lose a lower radiator hose which we did not have spare on hand to fix. This cost us about an hour till we were able to get back out there but by then the damage was done. We ended up packing up early so we could get home at a reasonable time. I'd like to apologize on behalf of our team for the contact with #992 (Millenial Motorsports). They were definitely an innocent party and hopefully we did not cause too much damage on their car. We try to run clean and pride ourselves on doing so, so needless to say we are disappointed to have been the instigator in the contact. Anyone from car #992 please send me a PM if you would like to discuss further. Hope to see everyone next year, although we are tempted to try a new track and go to Gingerman the week before. Thanks to Champcar officials and volunteers for another good event, as usual.
  6. I don’t even see a link to buy this equipment. What am I missing?
  7. Thanks Dana for getting it extended! Much appreciated!
  8. Don't go threatening them with a good time...
  9. Sounds like the hours have changed. Just gotta wait for @Bill Strong to update the supps.
  10. I think Dana is going to try to help and get this extended. 4:30-6:00pm hardly counts as a "test day". More like a "test hour and a half". Hopefully a few more cars sign up! This tends to be a fun event.
  11. Why do the supps say that the test day is from 4:30pm to 6:00pm?
  12. Teams are running away with victories right now because they spent more than $100 for wheels. got it. See the above post. I can't believe people are busting Jcrists balls for not buying knockoff wheels. Don't people have better things to do? This is why I hate venturing onto the forums.
  13. Calm down, Grufton. Way more money is being spent in way more places. $400 wheels should be the least of your concerns.
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