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  1. Why do the supps say that the test day is from 4:30pm to 6:00pm?
  2. Teams are running away with victories right now because they spent more than $100 for wheels. got it. See the above post. I can't believe people are busting Jcrists balls for not buying knockoff wheels. Don't people have better things to do? This is why I hate venturing onto the forums.
  3. Calm down, Grufton. Way more money is being spent in way more places. $400 wheels should be the least of your concerns.
  4. Yeah we got dinged for this and needless to say I was quite surprised. Used some free material from work and 30 minutes of my time to make a heat shield and it costs points. But I can shell out huge money to convert to a MAF for actual gains. Lmao but i didn’t argue because we have points available.
  5. FWIW I heard the announcers at the beginning of Saturday talk about how Boston Whiners won the 12hrs at Thompson in 2017. Actually, we won. Boston Whiners was EC. Not gonna lie, that kinda pissed me off. Another example of the confusion of EC not being in contention for the overall. I figured the announcers would have got that one right. Oh well.
  6. I like that the car in front of them when the crash happens is the one with the note on the back that says "Don't get riggity riggity wrecked"
  7. Agreed. Please expand. We got some grief in impound about our cell. Once they figured out we used displacement blocks tech was satisfied. Nothing about not being able to displace down to capacity.
  8. It's only in the garages. Don't think it reaches all the way down to the pits.
  9. Dana, Is it possible to send out a request that those who rent garages get the parking space behind their garage? This has been an issue in the past as the parking isn't well defined. Would be nice to be able to keep the trailer and all the stuff somewhat near the garage instead of half a mile away.
  10. I heard they are even going to run the kink at RA.
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