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  1. Just let it go. This guys still arguing about his pass under yellow and it's been weeks now.
  2. Wow these are excellent. Thanks for sharing. Can we use these? Who do we give credit to?
  3. I get it. I really do. I just think allowing drivers to make their own decisions about who is/isn't creating a second pace car and then allowing them to pass UNDER YELLOW is asking for trouble and is a huge liability. not sure what the actual answer is.... Definitely appears to be something in the realm of just applying more pressure to race directors to deal harsher/more frequent black flag penalties for second pace cars. Which, frankly, appears to be how most people feel. It’s just unclear how to convince champcar to be more receptive to the idea.
  4. Passing under yellow is not the correct answer. Under any circumstance. I hate second pace cars as much as the next person. but passing under yellow? No. Just, no.
  5. I thought we were all sticking with the story that E30's have superior drivers... STAY ON SCRIPT!!!
  6. Per the email; Extra Temporary Crew Bands can be bought at registration with Laura for $20. I apologize about the conflicting information in the supplementals. Everyone will sign in at the gate, get picture taken, and get a weekend gate band. After that team captains can go see Laura before the race starts to get a ChampCar temporary crew band. EDIT: Even looking at this now. It's still slightly confusing. My understanding is as follows; Everyone, and that means everyone, needs to be registered with Champcar in order to gain access to the facility. In order
  7. Not all teams will be at the test day. Should be fine, just remember that the races are on the weekend!
  8. All fuel cells must have FIA-FT3 (or higher) or SFI-28.1 certification And frankly, why wouldn't you want a certified cell?
  9. FWIW I don't think he is talking about the race broadcasts.....
  10. Oops. We really weren’t paying too much attention it appears. Glad to hear that’s how it went down.
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