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  1. See below. If you have the points to spend, you can add more go fast bits. If you're above 500, it still helps your relative speed as you don't have to make up laps. Yes, I plan (don't plan, but expect) on others "blowing up". But I don't hope for it. Why is it my problem that others can't make their car last when I can? People "blow up" for various different reasons. Some have nothing to do with accusump and reliability bits. Should those teams get a VPI points reduction because they can't build their car to last 8 hours? Different topic; what happened to your car at Pittr
  2. No need to be upset. But it is to your own advantage, and you need to recognize this. If an accusump is free, your car will be faster. Why do they need to be free? Nothing prevents anyone from adding these items to their car. I know we see this differently, but to me, finishing a race is part of the challenge. Teams must balance speed and reliability. Take away the need to address reliability using points and speed will drastically increase. Who has ever said this?
  3. This whole statement is flabbergasting. Part of endurance racing is making it to the finish line. That's literally part of the challenge. Our team strives on the fact that usually we are on/near the podium simply because our car stays together and is more reliable than all the cars around it. We are usually multiple seconds off the pace of the cars in front and behind us. But we don't (errr, try not to) make stupid mistakes and have made the car (fairly) reliable. Why don't we just have a one lap race? Surely all the cars can make it....meh.... Maybe it should be half a
  4. They'll end once all the weak points of an MR2 are addressed and the car can handle 400hp.
  5. What were you looking at? They always run fast tires. One was on Stones at Pitt and the other on Yoke's
  6. The issue is that this doesn't create any sort of parity. An E30 (or similar) would be stuck running Tiger Paws in 185/65R14 while some of these newer cars (boxster, mustang, miata) could be running real tire sizes that allow them to run sticky tires since there are more options.
  7. Just let it go. This guys still arguing about his pass under yellow and it's been weeks now.
  8. Wow these are excellent. Thanks for sharing. Can we use these? Who do we give credit to?
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