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  1. I see "SD Faces" decided to show up. So much for easy points for the rest of the field.
  2. shutupracing

    1990 BMW E30

    Sent you a personal message.
  3. shutupracing

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    Also....that's an open diff. Sooooooo
  4. shutupracing

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    That is odd. I ran the same search and when you then drill into the model (click the hyperlink). It states only 3.73 and not 4.10. Maybe the cross reference search pulls from a more generic search so is pulling other models in? Really not sure.
  5. shutupracing

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    Agreed. That is what Phil's wording says. I fully agree with this. However, it may not be what Phil means. For the E30 it is not a big issue as final drive is the only real difference but if people start cherry picking parts from auto and manual cars we may go down a path we don't want to. All of a sudden people are running coolers (diff, trans, engine) that didn't come on theirs but came on the auto or manual, etc. Hell, Phil can't even take a consistent stance on this issue so I have a hard time leaving it at "Phil's wording".
  6. shutupracing

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    Not a manual. Alas, Champcar, where no one lets facts get in the way of a good time.
  7. shutupracing

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    Including the part about RealOEM allegedly saying something that it doesn't? 😂 There has not been one credible source shown to champcar. Not one. Never will be. FWIW I also don't really have an issue with a 4.10 being free. I do have issue with Champcar cherry picking sources, cherry picking rules, being inconsistent, NOT being transparent, etc...
  8. shutupracing

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    BRO, My argument is there are no credible sources showing that a 4.10 was an option. Attached are screenshots of realoem and automobile-catalog. Both show 3.73 with no optional 4.10 listed. I can't really tell if you're dense because you want to be or....
  9. shutupracing

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    No need to get defensive. No one's going to take your 4.10 away. Simply saying from my years of experience living on the earth I've never seen an E30 325i optioned with a 4.10. And I don't consider a user page (similar to wiki) to be a credible source. I don't think people are posting false information on purpose, it's more a case of people don't know what they don't know. For example a lot of things were options in Europe that weren't here. Has that information been separated out or is it all being lumped together? the e30zone website is a UK based site.....FWIW. This harkens back to the days when people made craigslist ads of the cars they wanted to run listed at super low prices just go show the cost was less than $500.
  10. shutupracing

    Differentials - Ratios and LSD Clarification

    Where is the info stating it was available as an option? Or is this a friend of a friend told me type of deal?
  11. Yes. This is news to me. Thankfully it's not news to anyone else. What official BMW document shows that a 4.10 was available as an option on a manual transmission car?
  12. TL:DR E30's can have 4.10's without additional points. Chumpcar; Where the rules are made up and the points don't matter!
  13. shutupracing

    CHAMPCAR @ Pocono

    We would consider it. I've heard oval to infield transitions are rough, but cannot speak from experience.
  14. shutupracing

    Official - 2018 National Championship at NCM

    It's not unheard of, Chump Faces won the central region chumpionship last year by nearly 30 minutes, although in this race I believe you would be correct. But I also agree with Enginerd that the penalty should be a bit more definitive, as in a bump to EC. No one that I'm aware of cares about EC results, especially in this race.
  15. shutupracing

    Top car picks for 2018

    Never let facts get in the way of a good story!