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  1. Summit is ok. Not as fun as most other tracks IMO, but it's close enough for us that we would probably be interested. Also depends greatly on the time of year...
  2. Quoted for emphasis. Doesn't necessarily need to be a swap of the 24hr as I know a lot of people like that event. But a 2 day event on the full course would be amazing. Until then, we will just do WRL at VIR.
  3. It was deleted erased accidentally. To be honest it's not very dramatic. Just hurts the ego. also....it's BLUE. 😆
  4. Uhhhh, what? lol Looks like he held his line just fine. Porsche couldn't go anywhere because GMS was slow and occupying the inside. Sometimes it's just how it goes. Can't believe this red E30 going off has become such a talking point.
  5. Sooooooo YOU'RE the guy doing lock-up divebombs in Bio at the start.... LOL. 😄
  6. How do I embed the video? Rollover Video I start the video a bit early. Sorry about that. I do continue the video up to the red flag as I felt our driver did a textbook job seeing the flag and coming to a controlled stop in sight of the flag.
  7. I hear ya. haha. We have plenty to fix as well... But it's hard to wait!!!
  8. I really don't care for mustangs, at all. But that thing is bada$$. Incredibly well thought out and executed car. Bravo. Edit: Also ridiculously fast. So cool
  9. We have video from directly behind. Will post It up when I have the time. two off and turned the wheel from what my memory tells me.
  10. It appears the gate should be open all night. Can anyone confirm?
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