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  1. Right now I'm helping my dad out with his vintage sportsman after running it this past season. He help me a ton with the Miata, so I feel I have to repay the favor. I've always had a love for E36's so I think I might head that direction. I've always loved the shape of them, they just suck me in. I can't NOT have a car though. The garage looks so empty....its so sad.
  2. Hey everyone. We've decided to go in another direction, so I have a bunch of Miata stuff looking for a new home. I'd like to keep it in the ChampCar family if possible, so I'm posting here first and will post out to FB and CL next week. I know there are some Miata teams around Connecticut, so don't be shy. Message me through here so I know you came from ChampCar. Below is a list of the the big stuff. I have some pictures of some things and can take pics of anything you want to see. For reference, the car was a 1993 1.6 Miata. 4.3 Torsen Diff with axles and driveshaft. Purchased from Alex Todd at SNS Mazda Parts. Came off a 2000 Miata, roughly 130K miles. We never raced this unit. We had a 3.9 and never got to swap it in. The 3.9 unit is gone. - $800 4 Konig Dial In 15x7 with Maxxis VR-1 205-50-15. These are sticker tires purchased summer of 2018. Mounted but never even scuffed. Two wheels are brand new, two were used in two ChampCar races. One has some scuffing from contact, but structurally sound, no cracking or anything. $400 4 Konig Dial In 15x9 with Maxxis VR-1 245-45-15. Two tires were run for about 3 hours, two tires are pretty shot and likely need to be replaced. Wheels have 3 hours of use on them. I'm basically just selling the wheels. $350 4 generic wheels 15x7 with Cooper street tires on them. Lots of tread left. $150 Racing Beat tubular front sway bar (support blocks and bolts included) - $100 Racing Beat rear sway bar - $75 2 front Bilstein shocks with Ground Control Coil Overs (550lb). Two races and 3 track days on them. $150 Mandrel Bending Solutions Spec Miata exhaust. $150 Hood with 3 light bars, Singular Hood Louvers and generic hood louvers. All bracing was cut out, headlight covers pop-rivited to hood and rattle canned black. $150 Drive and Passenger Fender (red). Small dent on driver fender, but both in great shape. $50 each Front Bumper (red). Paint is a little faded and some scratches on the bottom, but overall good shape. $50 Front Lip. Brand new, never mounted. $40 1.8 Front calipers and brackets w/ Hawk pads and stainless lines. Will also include all my spare calipers, rotors and pads from my 1.6 brakes if you want them. - $75 Brake Master Cylinder. Used 3 hours. Will include FM master cylinder brace. $50 De-powered steering rack. Bought rebuilt from Alex Todd at SNS Mazda Parts. Never installed on the car (it was our next project). $150 CSF 42mm Two Row Racing Radiator and ALL misc hoses. Will include radiator seal plate too. $150 Aluminum Switch Panel. Custom made and well built. $40 TDR Oil Catch Can. Used for 3 hours. $50 Tow Hooks $25 1.6 engine with Garret 2560 Turbo, Transmission. Turbo is installed and everything is still bolted together as when it came of the track. Details on what this includes below. - $1,750 Engine has roughly 75k miles on it. Coolant re-route kit is installed. 550 injectors. TPS upgrade. Knock sensor. With Turbo it made roughly 160hp on the tune we ran. Lost dyno sheet over the last year though, so you can take that comment for what you think its worth. Garret 2560 Turbo, manifold and down pipe all came from FM and still mounted. Includes FM heat shield and PTP Turbo Blanket. Coolant and oil lines installed. Literally everything the way it came off the track. Includes FM intercooler and piping as well. Intercooler and piping were disassembled to get the motor out of the car. Transmission has roughly 75k miles on it. Includes flywheel and clutch (obviously) and stainless steel cluctch line. I have a few bins of other misc. spares and parts as well (alternator, bump stops, hood pins, tow hooks, etc). If you need/want something not listed or have a question send me a message and I'll see what I got. Jay Dee
  3. Ours had power steering. Yours drove so much better, I got a de-powered rack the weekend after Nelson. Better feel with out it. My car felt numb in comparison.
  4. If it was a sweet deal on Amazon, perhaps it was their aging stock they were selling at a discounted rate. I feel like that would, or at least should, be mentioned in the listing though. I did find this on the SFI tags though.... SFI Transitioning to New Labels for Driver Restraints and Window Nets/Roll Cage Nets for 2017 In 2017, SFI Foundation, Inc. (SFI) changed the way its labels for Driver Restraints, Window Nets, and Roll Cage Nets are dated. SFI implemented a New Label design which removed the punched-out month/year date of manufacture and instead incorporated a single expiration date pre-printed on the label. This system will eliminate the need for punch-dating of labels and aims to facilitate technical inspection of dated products in the field. New Labels started to be used after January 1, 2017. An example of the new label (right), next to the old label (left) for comparison, is shown above. The new labels are used for the following SFI products: Driver Restraints: SFI Specs 16.1, 16.2, 16.5, and 16.6 Window Nets: SFI Spec 27.1 Roll Cage Nets: SFI Spec 37.1 Labels will come out in 6-month segments per the chart shown above. These certified items may still be used for 2 years, the service life has not changed. Be aware that product manufacturers are allowed to use the discontinued punch-date style labels (above left) until their existing supply runs out. Therefore, you may see the old-style labels on Driver Restraints and Window Nets/Roll Cage Nets for a while. Restraints or Nets with the old label may also still be used until they expire, which is 2 years from the date of manufacture punched on the tag. Some parts are not legal for use in California or other states with similar laws/regulations
  5. They didn't really melt, they simply crumbled and broke apart. The tubing and fittings just shattered apart from the bottle, all through the cockpit. The bottle was directly over top of the source of the fire, so perhaps that was a contributing factor? But yeah, he pulled the handle and no relief. We plan to put steel ones in the next car.
  6. We're all good @mender. I truly understand where you're coming from. That's part of why I said it was my opinion it would have helped, as I'm certainly not an expert. There are multiple ways to solve every problem. Good intentions don't always yield proper results. One of the benefits to having such an involved member base, is that the issues can be discussed and reviewed when needed. Personal experience just happens to make me a strong proponent of this one.
  7. Thanks for the well wishes @mcoppola. It was a tough road, but he's doing really well now. He was actually supposed to race our vintage sportsman over the weekend, but the power steering box failed on one of his practice runs and they didn't have a spare (pic from the weekend below). We're working on a build now for Thompson 2020. Being at the track that week, and seeing the smooth operators of Visceral Racing Group, really rejuvenated him. He's been applying the pressure on me to build another car about every day hahaha. I'm 100% with you on "cover everything" rules. And I've questioned them too, Flagtronics included. Money and time are major barriers to entry in motorsports, so I totally understand when people take issue with anything that eats into one or both. ChampCar, BoD, Tech....they're in a tough spot. While I don't always agree, I do think they're operating with the best intentions. Sometimes its difficult to save people from themselves, and you piss a lot of people off. @hcsi99 happy to talk. I'll send you a message.
  8. We likely brought this on. Our filler hose burst and allowed fuel to spill. My brother was badly burned and very lucky to survive. With a better barrier, I believe the fire would have been contained, at least long enough to get him out of the car with minor to no injuries. Mender, I have a lot of respect for you and think you have great insight into most issues. In my opinion though, this wasn't a "concerned citizen committee" making stuff up to coddle a generation (my words on the coddling comment, not yours). It was a real life issue/accident that played out on track at a ChampCar event. So I'm happy to be the source of inconvenience to every team in ChampCar if it reduces the risk of another family going through the hell we did over the last year. I'd give my left arm to give him 10, even 5 more seconds to get out. Drivers, fuel and fire are the three most dangerous things in our sport. In my opinion, its best to keep the three separate whenever possible.
  9. Super light and in our experience, very strong. 15x7 to 15x9..price increases with size obviously. I feel like there is a joke there, but I'll leave that to someone else. 😎 https://www.good-win-racing.com/Mazda-Performance-Part/61-1393.html
  10. Konig Dial In. The 15x7 weigh less than 11lbs, and in my experience very strong. https://www.good-win-racing.com/Mazda-Performance-Part/61-1390.html
  11. I had a blast racing with everyone this weekend. Thanks to ChampCar, the staff and all the volunteers for putting on a great race. A big thanks to Visceral Racing for having me on the team this weekend. @Ronh911 and @hardwolf, you guys were great. I really appreciated all the guidance and tips, and I learned a lot from you guys. It was so exciting to get a win, and a huge redemption weekend for me after a tough year last year. Its crazy the difference a year makes. From the tragedy of last year to a win this year was very gratifying. It means a lot that you guys would even give me the chance. @shutupracing, sorry you guys had trouble. That car was really fast, you guys were moving. Pleasure sharing the track with you. Mostly Motorsports, you guys were awesome too. Great guys to talk to and great guys to race against. I had battles with someone in that car during both my stints. I didn't catch his name, but whoever was the second to last guy in the car (Reilly maybe?), I had a blast racing with him. I learned a ton following him and great talking with him after the race. The most fun I've had racing. Already can't wait for this race next year.
  12. Love my Zamp. It fits great. When I get another helmet it will be another Zamp, just maybe a lighter model.
  13. Thanks @DuncanDana. Really looking forward to this one!
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