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  1. That Mazda was us....sorry just saw this post. Just to be clear, we did not have a clear hose. I'm not sure where that came from, but it is false. Our filler hose was the stock hose to the stock tank. Hose and tank were completely unmodified. It is true that the hose failed though, a catastrophic failure you could say....but it was all OEM equipment. @Wittenauer Racing and @DRVOLKS we did have an issue with the exhaust. The exhaust came loose during the race and we removed everything back of the turbo down pipe. Our theory is that the exhaust under the car heated/pressurized the tank and that pressure caused the hose to fail. In hindsight, we should have had a better firewall between the trunk (where the hose was) and the drivers compartment. Glad that is now a rule and hope it prevents something like this from happening again. If you, or anyone, have questions or want to talk about it feel free to reach out to me. Happy to do what I can to help make anyone safer. As for my brother, his recovery has gone well. Thank you for for the well wishes. He had several surgeries last fall/winter but he's getting back to normal, or as normal as possible. He's been back working full time for the past few months. He's not sky diving again yet, but he's been back to the wind tunnel to build strength. And what I think is the coolest part, he's scheduled to get back in a race car this weekend running my dads vintage 55 Chevy Sportsman at Dominion Raceway. We're pretty excited for that. I'm also planning to build a new car this winter for us to make a triumphant return to Thompson next fall. So if anyone has a line on a cheap, rust free NA Miata, send them my way!
  2. Yes, this. We got our Sampson stuff 3 years ago, and its going strong. Road racing, oval racing, convoying down the highway.....I love it. Its all programmed and simple plug and play. Something to be said for that. Also, its easy to expand if you want/need more crew radios. We came across a couple Boafeng radios and used CHIRP to program the channels. You also get a ChampCar discount, so bonus.
  3. All problems CAN be solved with a spreadsheet! Get out of here with your blasphemy!
  4. Right. I only pulled from the google doc earlier in the thread so just looking at entries and champ eligible vs. not. Also, I'm just hacking this together during lulls at work. So if something looks off, don't anyone freak out. I'm just some schmuck having a slow day at work, none of this is official.
  5. I totally get it. Being on the board doesn't make data magically appear. If it doesn't exist, it doesn't exist. Same with digital log books, awesome idea. I always thought it would be nice to file your tech sheet/log book when you register for an event online. Maybe fill it out the first time each year, then simply have the option to update for each subsequent event. I do think actual log books should still be required at tech, and perhaps tech has a laptop to update as needed. I'm not a developer, but I can imagine implementing some of these things could be a bit tricky. And yes, I did a count of the makes. @Huggy did a sum of all "attended" races for those makes. Correct me if I'm wrong Huggy...thats at least how I got those numbers.
  6. I do wish we had the swap data. I would be very interested to see what percentage of cars that are even running swaps, and the comparison of lap times, finishes, DNF's, etc. vs. non-swapped cars. There's a lot of "noise" about swaps, the formula, blah blah blah.....With hard data, we could put those threads to bed right? Should that be green font?
  7. This is interesting...number and percent Championship Eligible by make. I pulled and pivoted the data from the google doc. Go Orange Yeller Revival! Holding it down for the Caddy's!
  8. And the shorts of whoever was in that Integra! They were either hyper alert or extremely lucky to not get cleaned out there.
  9. Its a good read. I like the last point too. I've certainly met a lot of good people in the short time I've been involved.
  10. The turbo should bump you to B class though, no? It bumped a 1.6 Miata to B at Thompson this year.
  11. VIR North was probably the longest, and some elevation changes. Clear communication on every part of the track. Road America might require a better antenna, but I don't think they are that much more expensive. I think you could have reasonable success though. You may have some trouble in the carousel and the kink. I did buy a couple Baofeng radios off Amazon for crew members ,and programmed them to the channels included with my purchase from Sampson. I do agree with his comment on the mic though. A bad mic is just as, if not more frustrating than no mic. Its a big nut to spend, I know. But the system I got could not have been easier to set up, it was literally plug and play. In less than an hour we were driving around my neighborhood pretending we were in Smokey and the Bandit (hence the Snowman handle).
  12. I started here - https://www.sampsonracing.com/The-Expert-5watt-Package-for-2way-driver-to-crew-p/the-expert.htm It's on sale for $500. We use this with an antenna ($57) and get excellent coverage on track. Good service too. I think they give a ChampCar discount too.
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