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  1. You're right @Hurljohn. I saw some of the shenanigans when I first started following ChampCar, and I agree its moved in the right direction. Lots of good people, running the club and the members, and that's why I'm trying to get back. I miss the comradery between teams at endurance races. From my point of view though, it seems harsh to punish a platform based on one teams performance. Now, I'm admittedly bias in this situation as I'm trying to build an NC. But I've seen several platforms get attacked because one team did well....at least on the forums (I don't know what happens behind the curtain). I didn't think it was fair to those teams when it happened either though. I've always been of the mentality that I need to improve my car/skill if I got beat instead of rules lawyering/lobbying...whatever you wanna call it. Thanks for the info everyone. I'm gonna go back to the sidelines for now and just watch.
  2. I'm not interested in EC. I like the idea of competing against 40 cars, not turning laps that don't count in my opinion. The car is gutted and everything I didn't need was sold off or trashed. I'm about to have a cage built, so I'm already knee deep in it and not turning back. Just a matter of where do I go from here. I want to go ChampCar, so hopefully it works out. Thanks @Jer.
  3. I'm building an NC now to race next year and although these NC threads have been educational, they are a little unnerving. Before I get too deep into the build and parts, do we have any idea when updated VPI's and/or the BCCR will be released for next year? I finally have the money to build this car but I can't afford to waste it.
  4. I have some left over parts from our NA Miata that never sold. Went with a NC for the new build so I can't use them, and need money. Obviously I'd prefer to stay local, but willing to ship most of it. Racing Beat tubular front sway bar - $100 Racing Beat rear sway bar - $75 Coolant Re-route - $100 De-powered steering rack. Freshly rebuilt by SNS Mazda Parts, never installed - $150 SuperMiata 1.6 flywheel. 4 hours on it at most, its in great shape. - $200 Mandrel Bending Solutions spec Miata exhaust - $100 5spd transmission from 1.6 (local pickup only please) - $150
  5. @DuncanDana, are spectators allowed or drivers/crew only?
  6. Every race I've done with ChampCar, I've been told to watch out for that car One team I raced with, I asked what I need to know about the car, race, strategy....and watch out for that car was the first thing I was told.
  7. Thanks @Rapido and everyone for putting this on. I know we’d all rather be at the real track, but that was a fun time and a great distraction from the mess going on in the world. See you at the next one!
  8. Yeah...I screwed up. A new V2 is going up now open to 62.
  9. Another practice session is going up now if anyone is interested. ChampCar Daytona Practice
  10. Glad you found it man! We'll have a few more this week. This Porsche is a different animal that what we usually run.
  11. Practice session is up if anyone is interested. 4hr session so feel free to drop in. ChampCar Daytona Practice
  12. Team Name: Nein Shiza Autosport Red Number: 529 Class: Cayman Driver 1: Jay Dee Callahan Driver 2: John Eddowes Driver 3: Mattew Roca2 Team Name: Nein Shiza Autosport #Green Number: 729 Class: Cayman Driver 1: Andrew Anderson Driver 2: Greg Zenhye Driver 3: Nick Peterson Team Name: Nein Shiza Autosport Black Number: 51 Class: Miata Driver 1: Travis Wallace2 Driver 2: Bobby LaDou Driver 3: Reginald Greenfield Will this be under the ChampCar league sessions and my teammates need to join? Or is this going to be a hosted iRacing session we need a password for? Also, we'll be hosting some practice sessions throughout the week to tune up. Mostly after 7pm eastern, and named something obvious like ChampCar Daytona or something.
  13. Still room for sign ups? Nein Shiza Autosport might have 2-3 teams interested if there is still room.
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