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  1. Thank you R3R!!! We really appreciate that!! Same to you guys, fast and predictable = fun, close and safe racing. Also neglected to congratulate Ludicrous. Amazing sweep of the weekend! Fast and well driven car. It was a pleasure being garage neighbors of the Parts Badger Miata and Premium Dudes. Felt bad for the Parts Badger guys. That car was flying Friday and then a motor swap with minimal track time after all that hard work on Saturday Hope next event goes better!
  2. Drunken Squirrel had an amazing return to ChampCar. After the wreck that bent the "original" rusty cougar in Pittsburgh a few years ago a few things fell in line and we ended up building a new car with a Coyote 5.0 Drivetrain swap. We ran a few races with some other series on our home tracks of NJMP and Summit. So at the moment we are running EC in Champ. Our weekend started out interesting as when we opened the trailer after the 13 hour haul, the car had shifted and front left tire had fallen off the ramps. We are using an ex-late model trailer and the tires only touch about half on either side. After stacking a few wheels up under the car we where able to jack it up and get it back on the ramps with minimal fanfare. From there the weekend went about like clockwork. We had 6 drivers, so we all filtered through a few times in the rain on the practice day to learn the place. Day 1 the car was flawless and we finished 3rd "overall" and 1st in EC. Day 2 we had some clutch issues halfway through the day. Cam Benty graciously stepped aside, gave up his stint to save us a pit stop. We ended up 1st "overall" and had an amazing run with some of the other EC cars. Matt Connolly Motorsports and the Cayman were running us down as we were down to just 3rd gear for the last 45 minutes, think we ended up all on the same lap. It was good to be back with ChampCar and nice to meet the Central region racers and the staff. Thank you again to ChampCar and huge thank you to the Road America staff and EV workers!!!! This is my new favorite track. …
  3. Amazing event!! And yes RA doing hot pulls is amazing!!!!!!! Makes for great racing, keeps the flow of the race the whole day and driver stints equal. Amazing track and amazing staff there! Just finished a 13 hour ride home. Will post more tomorrow. Great return to Champcar for our team.
  4. 13+ Hour drive and a mountain of crap. Heading out tomorrow night. See everyone in 'Sconsin..... Public service announcement - For those not from Wisconsin. If you are looking for a drinking fountain ask for the "Bubbler......."
  5. Yes, we will be there in AER / EC form for now. We have a new class D "big fox body" car in the works. But that is pretty far down the road still. Looking forward to running with champcar and all our old racing friends again!!!!
  6. I pulled this drivetrain a few years ago. 2.0 SOHC and manual trans. It has sat in the weather for the past year. Motor ran when pulled, but who knows now. Clutch/release bearing was shot. If someone could use it for their champ car let me know and save it from the shredder. Located in Central Pennsylvania.
  7. We did run one race with AER in the rusty car. They do have an appearance rule that we didn't meet (although I'm not sure why that car is beautiful). 😀 We didn't "leave" chump because of rules. The rusty car got bent badly in the rain at Pittsburgh a few years back. In a perfect crap storm that off-season we were gifted a complete coyote 5.0 drivetrain. So the original rusty car is still sitting waiting for a front clip or maybe just a new body, the old chassis is very tired with lots of cracks. We figure that car has over 25K track miles. Meanwhile we built a "new" 88 cougar with the coyote running gear and have run a few races with the "other guys." We are hoping to make a chump race this year in EC. The whole team has had tons of family things, life, kids etc. going on that have reduced racing time. But we are still out there and still Chumpy guys.
  8. Has anyone heard about the 83-88 Turbo Coupe or 89-95 Super Coupe not being on the list?
  9. The Rusty Cougar runs/needs the explorer engine as well.
  10. Hi Adam. We are not running AMP or VIR but I am in Harrisburg and can try to help. Send me a PM. Matt
  11. One other thank you I feel is in order is to the track. All the staff were very friendly and the safety crew doing hot pulls was awesome!!! I can't wait to go back to Lime Rock.
  12. Rob, your #556 car was consistently fast throughout the weekend and didn't have any issues. You guys did a really good job. I saw many of your forum posts but that was the first time I saw the car in action. I hope you are considering going to Calabogie and Mosport. Thanks! Whenever we got around either of your cars we knew it was gonna be some fun racing! Its always the most fun to have a car or team that you can battle with respectfully for laps on end. Unfortunately, when I was in the car it seemed we were usually on the other side of the track. I did enjoy watching you guys battle our other driver! We will not be at Calabogie or Mosport. I think we are doing Pitt race and that's it. Rob, it was great to race and pit with you this past weekend! Looking forward to doing it again in Pittsburgh. Sorry about the busted windshield.......
  13. Glad to hear it is fixable. It looked pretty hammered the second time. Did you get "help" or did something break for the second wreck?
  14. Actually it was what I feel has become a typical race in the northeast.... Great chump staff, awesome racing, and a great group of racers to run with. Lime Rock is a freaking awesome place. New pavement in the pits and new showers make a great place even better. As a team we had an awesome weekend. 1st on Thursday, and 3rds the next two days. We had some great battles throughout the weekend. Will get some more videos up as soon as possible. We had a new driver this weekend, and we had a great time with him!!
  15. Here is how I do it......... >https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mstlmPrkFlI If your brakes are balanced in the dry then anything you can do to cut down on the rear brakes in the wet would be good. As shown above.
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