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  1. Rule correction on the plastic value.

    So did anything ever happen with this, or we still need to pay 5x the amount for alu sheet instead of cheap plastic because we're all about affordable racing?
  2. Lift the drive wheels and spin them by hand works pretty good for identify open vs LSD.
  3. Canadian Racing Resources

    Great stuff. Now how long is the drive to COTA?
  4. Canadian Racing Resources

    Anyone got a resource of an insurance provider that will cover medical for Canadians in the US? As in, actually cover the racing part specifically.
  5. Carl's been around! He continues to sponsor my hangovers at every opportunity.
  6. Yeahhh... I rather hope we dont see any of those cars. That's way, way, way faster than we're used to dealing with in EC.
  7. So when do cars with metal tanks get a VPI reduction to reflect the new reality of balloned plastic tanks?
  8. Fuel Rule

    Why's there 11 pages of discussion for a new fuel rule if you can't (or won't) enforce the ones you have?
  9. Engine Swap

    Will figure it out, thanks for the feedback guys.
  10. Engine Swap

    That's the tricky part though. There's no allowance to do that either as the rule is written. If I follow it to the letter, any engine swap = start with ITR value. Pretty sure it wasn't the intent to add 200pts in vpi then 51pts in swap value to swap a stock 140hp B18B for a 170hp B18C1, but that's what it says. So back to emails and secret handshake time.
  11. Engine Swap

    Makes finishing in the top 30% that much sweeter. Or even valid at all I guess.
  12. Engine Swap

    Good to know. Personally, I'll make an effort to make our car legal.
  13. Engine Swap

    Which is what we do for sure. So just toss anything in it, write anything down and call it a day?
  14. Engine Swap

    Fair enough, but what constitutes "special"? The GSR is a special model too, or do we have to use that vpi as a base? If the latter, then I have to start at 400 pts plus 51 pts to swap in a B18C1 for example. I know the answer is "email tech". How do I know the car Ive got 5mins to look at in impound at the end of a race is legal?
  15. Engine Swap

    Ugh. This secret handshake rule system is really difficult to navigate.