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  1. BDG

    FWD wheel and tire dimensions

    FWIW, 15x9's and 225s were made to fit on our Integra. Spacers and rolled fenders and you're good to go. All the "you need more hp for wider tires" thing is only very slightly true. I benchmarked 15x7.5 195's back to back with 15x9 and 225 on my 115whp Miata during a time trial weekend and lost precisely 2kph speed on the back straight. And went 1.5 seconds faster consistently.
  2. What penalty does a pit manoeuvre pull these days? Edit: And yes, very curious to see the results too, if only to see how far back you get pushed down the field for vehicular assault.
  3. BDG

    Kill Switch Recommendations

    Had two of those crap out on me. Moved to a Cole Hersee 4 post with the large 3/8 terminals on all 4 posts for this season.
  4. I do prefer general priniciple to blatant self interest.
  5. Because your request is one of a huge number of "This is so unfair because my car needs xxxx to be competitive." and this is swiftly turning into the race series that many of us either escaped, or wanted no part of in the first place as the allowances and subsequent changes and further allowances in order to rebalance, OR permit the NEXT guy with some reason HE can't embrace the allowance fully with his obscure choice of car, blooms the ruleset into... well the same crap everyone else has.
  6. If we post a bunch first about how awesomely fast and consistent we are, then we can say it's a bad idea?
  7. Yeah, I guess my 13.2 gallons is all I'm relying on. Maybe show your skill at the above instead of bitching and requesting things be changed to suit you better?
  8. You know we're racing right? If it affects you it DOES affect me.
  9. BDG

    Adjustable Shocks

    "No, you can't have it." is a perfectly reasonable response.
  10. BDG

    2018 petitions

    Well, it does have the effect of raising the price of using race fuel to a bunch more gascans filled with pumpgas that you subquently fill your support vehicles from.
  11. Rental driver wanted for SMP! We're closing in on making our final prep for the May 5th/6th season opener at Shannonville. Think it's fair to say we're a solid mid field team with some improvements for this (our third) year. There's a seat available for $1,800 in our 2000 Integra for the weekend all in for a driver that has decent experience, the right attitude, fits in well with us and has all the required gear. We'd rather do without than shoehorn someone in, so don't be offended if we decline, but also don't be afraid to ask either; we're an approachable bunch. Email barry dot greenaway at gmail dot com if you're interested. Look on teh Faceybooks for Reluctant Permission Racing if you want some background reading.
  12. BDG


    The Real Housewives of Washington DC is one of the most watched shows in Canada I'll have you know! Right behind Pennsylvania Ave Island
  13. BDG

    2018 petitions

    Meehhh, you'd need to be a bit of a ponce to have an issue with rotary guys premixing some oil.
  14. BDG

    2018 petitions

    Was directed at the person(s) asking for them. Sure hope you're not considering them as a mandate for "reduced spillage". We dont need to spending a few grand in a dry break system and all new $400 cans because you saw something shiny. And don't kid yourself that an "allowance" is an "option". We are racing, and having only 30 secs of your 5 min stops devoted to fuel is a massive advantage. Edit: When folks show up with Expensive Crud that isnt legal, perhaps put them in a non classified class instead of opening it up to all and driving costs up further? You could even call it something like... I dunno... Expensive Crud class? Would need an abbreviation of some sort so the stickers fit on the car. Any suggestions?