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  1. If you can't beat 'em, dilute the entire field with clones. And I've got a motor for this literally sitting on the floor with no express purpose.
  2. PM sent. [Why do I do these things to myself?!?]
  3. This race I was renting from Mark Cummings in the Red A1 Pawn ZX2 Ford Escort. We managed an 8th place finish Saturday, and I'm pretty sure would have snagged a class win if there had been one, maybe two more laps in the race. And I just got to throw this out there: Mad props to Mark Cummings, aka meangeneracing. Anyone who thinks they must spend $10k+ to have a competitive Chumpcar needs to take a long look at what he's got and reconsider. He is, IMHO, the original, true spirit of Chumpcar (you know, before all the jerks in BMW's started showing up, present company and myself excluded, of course). I had an awesome time, and I'll be renting from him again.
  4. Folding table for your gear. No, not for those pizzas. Not for your laptop. Not for your collection of bobble heads. Just for gear. Now where's my gloves?
  5. Edit, we broke the motor in the #53 car (spun bearing) racing in Joey Todd's series and had this car (#35) on hand as a backup last weekend, proceeded then to race this car for 13 hours, won a set of tires and drove it home on the street. After that performance, I'm feeling less strongly about selling her, but still just as broke, and now I have a motor to fix in the twin car.
  6. I'll throw in an unmolested (minor cosmetic crack) e30 dash if you want to make a spec e30 out of it.
  7. *****SOLD!***** Location: Evansville, IN Just 5 grand could buy you a: 1990 BMW 325is, titled, registered, insured for street use in Indiana. Still has turn signals, horn, and wipers. Caged and tech'ed by both Chump and the fruit series. M20 motor is junkyard fresh with under 7 hours of race time, new rocker arms, new timing belt and tensioner, looked over closely inside and found to be too clean to bother with full rebuild. 2 Grote 63J21 LED floods in stock housing (MSRP:$395.95, *EACH*) Innovate wideband and gauge Corbeau FX1-wide seat (largish person friendly) (MSRP: $424.99) S.P.A MFM400-S Fire suppression ($325 Chump pricing) Motorsport hardware long wheel studs($5.64 X 20 = $112.80) Wired transponder (~$400 on eBay, if you're lucky) polycarb side and rear glass 3" exhaust with spiral insert and cheese grater, measured at 97db, 50ft WFO 5+k full song. And of course, all the other requisite safety stuff. Delivered on 14" OEM bottlecap rims with tires guaranteed to hold air long enough to get off the trailer. For 15" red painted aluminum rims and cast-off race tires good enough for track days or a sprint add $500. Delivered on good street duty brake pads. For barely used Porterfield R4 racing pads add $200. Good race car, but I've got 2 other e30 race cars and a V8 Ford Escort science experiment, and well, I'm broke. I could use the money. I doubt you can build a car nearly this nice for my asking price, so $5k is FIRM. May negotiate only if I get to keep my seat, transponder, and Grote lights, but otherwise I'm going to need five grand to let go of the original Monkey Car. Mail me direct for quicker response lambkeymotorghini at gmail dot com. May be able to arrange delivery for actual towing expense.
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